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We are passionate about helping you create your dream wedding and everything leading up to your big day. We want to take some of the work out of your special day so you can spend more time enjoying and less time thinking, planning, and stressing.

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The DIY Rhinestone Starfish Bridal Headband

After so many years of barn and farm weddings (which we still love), it warms our hearts to watch the rise of by-the-sea weddings this year. Seaside, beach, tropical, and nautical weddings are beginning to have their moment and we’re thrilled to bring you some  sea-themed projects for your DIY big day with our friends from Totally Dazzled that are on trend and won’t kill your budget.

Today we’re creating a gorgeous headband embellished with rhinestone starfish, the perfect accessory for your beachy tresses.

This is a ridiculously easy project – and one that packs a lot of “wow” factor. Easy and awesome? What’s not to love, right?

What You’ll Need:

  • Flat metal headband, ours is from a dollar-type store.
  • Jeweler’s glue such as Dazzle Tac, E6000, or Aleene’s Jewelry and Metal Glue
  • Rhinestone sea stars from Totally Dazzled, various sizes*
  • Wire cutters for clipping the backs of non-flat back embellishments
  • Metal file or emery board for smoothing out burrs or edges from cutting embellishments
  • Toothpick for spreading glue
  • Newspaper for protecting your work table
  • Paper towels for wiping excess glue


Before you begin, please set up your work space in a well-ventilated area. E6000 and other epoxy/strong glues often release strong fumes. Nausea and dizziness and no fun. Be safe, friends!

1. Basically, you’ll just glue the rhinestones sea stars onto the headband. HOW COULD THIS BE ANY EASIER!? Ah, but it’s a little trickier than it sounds. The hardest part is arranging your beautiful little sea stars on the band; before you start gluing, play with placement a bit. You can do a full row from ear-to-ear or you can, like we’ve done here, arranged the stars in a cluster on one side of the band. It’s a chic look and looks fab with just about any hair style long or short.  To make this project easy, lay out your arrangement on a piece of paper before you glue so all you have to do is transfer from the paper to the band with no guesswork.



2. For this project, we used some rhinestone star fish that were not flat backs. They were pins or slides originally but a clip with a wire cutter transformed them into the beauties you see now. Use a metal file or an emery board to smooth out any rough edges from cutting.


3. The next hardest part (and it’s really not all that hard) is applying the stars to the band. Add a dollop of glue to the back of a rhinestone star fish/sea star and press it onto the metal band. Hold it in place for 60 seconds or until the glue starts to get grippy. Move on to the next; we overlapped each of the sea stars just a bit to give a more refined and luxe finish.


As for arrangement, we did began with one of the small starfish at the midpoint of the headband, added a few large starfish, and went smaller as we progressed toward the end of the headband. We left the last 1″ of the band uncovered.



4. Repeat until you’ve covered the band to your liking. That’s all there is to it!




For this project, I used the following Totally Dazzled products:





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An Important Update: The End of DIY Bride

Dear Friends,

When I began this site in 2002, it was with the sole intent to share the DIY ideas and templates I had created and accumulated with a few brides and grooms I had met online. DIY weddings were a rarity in those days – at least in wedding media – with few resources available to creative, budget-conscious couples who wanted to be hands-on participants in their own weddings. Oh, how things have changed!

13 years after the launch of DIY Bride, it has exceeded my humble expectations. Those initial few couples have turned into millions of visitors. My creations have turned into 3 books and special-edition magazines. I’ve been honored to appear in magazines, on TV, and in other websites to promote do-it-yourself projects as an affordable and exciting option to incorporate into weddings. That DIY is a wedding industry standard blows my mind and makes me infinitely proud of the work I and my team have contributed to make that happen over the years.

But now it is time for me to move on so that I may pursue other passions and interests outside of the wedding world. DIY Bride will cease publication on September 01, 2015. Blog archives available for as long as I own the site and it can be reasonably updated/maintained or until it is sold to another party. Comments will be frozen.

I want to thank all the people who make (and have helped make) DIY Bride a reality. Their role in this journey was what really made it all worth it. They are great people and they will all do great work wherever they go. I want to thank our supporters who believed in the business long before it became fashionable. I’m grateful for the community of partners, employees and clients that supported DIY Bride. It has been a joy to see the grow from dream to reality – and watch partner and client connections blossom into long-term, trusted relationships.

And most importantly, I want to thank you, dear readers, for coming along on this trip of a lifetime.

With love,

The 10 Things No One Tells You About Planning A Wedding

1. Your Family and Friends May Have Strong Reactions To Your Wedding Weddings tend to bring out weird emotions and reactions in family, friends, internet strangers, and even yourself. Nut up, buttercup, and don’t be afraid to set healthy boundaries about why, how, and with whom you get married.

2. Your Budget Is Not A Source Of Shame or Pride. Create a celebration within your financial means, make well-thought-out decisions about your spending, and, for the love of all things holy, don’t get into debt for your wedding. There is no set dollar amount that makes a wedding meaningful, fun, unique, or valid.

3. No One Cares About Your Wedding As Much As You Do. Act Accordingly. It’s ok if some people don’t give a crap about your dress or your napkins or your all organic localvore brunch served by glittered unicorns on plates of rainbows and puppy dog kisses. They still like and love you; weddings just aren’t the end-all-be-all of most people’s lives.

4. You’re Not A Princess. Save The Royalty-For-A-Day Fantasy For The Bedroom ‘Cos No One Is Worshiping Your Ass Out Here. Family, friends, and vendors are not indentured servants. They are not available to cater to your every whim or to be responsible for picking up the slack when things go awry on your end. Bridezilla behavior is the thing of TV shows and wedding culture lore but it not what’s acceptable when you’re dealing with real human beings.

5. Guests Deserve As Much Respect As Your Spouse. The second you send out your first invitation, the big day stops being all about you and becomes a shared event. Many guests will invest a great deal of time and money to attend your wedding; honor their time and commitment to be with you. Make sure they have adequate food and drink, a sheltered place to sit and relax, and a sincere desire for them to be there.

6. Pinterest Is The Devil And It Will Eat Your Soul. Log Out.

7. Wedding Planning Isn’t A Competition. Stop Trying To Top Everyone Else’s Experience. No one gets a medal for “teh most awesomest wedding evahr!” no matter how much DIY you do, which celebrity planner you get, how much you sacrificed to pay for all the things or how even blasé you were about the whole thing. There are no ribbons, no gold stars, no parades in your honor. At the end of the day, you get married. Life goes back to normal for everyone tomorrow.

8. The Wedding Industry Is Based On Bullshit. It’s Your Job To Shovel Through It. For the most part wedding vendors are pretty awesome people BUT they all exist to sell you a dream. It may or may not be your dream but it is guaranteed to be a dream that benefits them financially otherwise why would they be in business? Make sure the dream you’re buying is the one you want. Do the research. Ask questions. Get everything in writing.

9. It’s OK Seek Professional Help When You Want It Or Need It. (And You Will Need It.) Planning an event take a lot of organization, time, research, and effort. Unless you are some sort of alien being (if you are that alien being: welcome, new overlord!), it’s going to be nearly impossible to do everything by yo’self. There are wonderful, competent, and creative professionals in the industry who are willing to help you get the wedding you want at a price you can afford. Take advantage of their expertise. It’ll save your sanity, your budget, and a heap of time.

10. It’s Easy To Forget The Important Stuff. Don’t forget to love and communicate honestly with your partner, appreciate the help you’re given, laugh with your friends, and enjoy the process. You’re about to embark on a kick-ass journey of a lifetime. Enjoy it.

Jessica & Tyler’s Understated Glam Wedding

I don’t know about you but I’m soooo ready for fall weddings! (Don’t be mad, summer brides, we still love you!) I was so excited when Khris assigned this gorgeous wedding of Jessica and Tyler to me because it has everything I love: pumpkins, purple, glam, and a heaping dose of Southern charm. Can you believe Jessica designed and made nearly all of their details? So much talent, so much swoon-worthy details!

Jessica & Tyler

Rocky Mount Wedding and Events, Alabama

Event Date: October, 2014

Photographer:  Matt Mathews Photography//Event Venue:Rocky Mount Wedding and Events//Submitted via Two Bright Lights