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Cute & Easy Bridal Shower Cupcakes

Cute & Easy Bridal Shower Cupcakesfeatured

Show me a person who doesn’t like cupcakes and I’ll show you a mystery of the universe. Cupcakes are delicious! They’re delicate, small and tasty. Plus, since you can decorate them any way you like, they make a starling addition to any occasion — like, for example, a bridal shower. And you don’t have to Read more

Homemade Granola Bar Favors

Homemade Granola Bar Favorsfeatured

Who says an edible favor has to be candy or another unhealthy sweet? I have another breakfast inspired wedding favor that is also healthy. What I love about this granola bar recipe is that it has no added sugars. I make this almost weekly for a morning snack, and thought it would be easy to share with Read more