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Create A Custom Page Size In MS Word

Create A Custom Page Size In MS Wordfeatured

Notes: These instructions were made for Microsoft Word for Mac, 2011 Edition. Instructions for the PC are similar, but, of course, not the same. Instructions for PC-based Word (2007 and later are in [brackets]) next to the corresponding Mac-based ones below. For specific operating system and MS Word version, please see Microsoft’s documentation. Of all Read more

Lined Envelopes

Lined Envelopesfeatured

Ready to get a little wild? Well throw caution to the wind, erode all boundaries, unleash your inner rock star, and let’s decorate some wedding envelopes! Oh, not what you thought we were going to say? (And is that a bottle of tequila in your hand?). Perhaps it’s true — embellishing envelopes is not everybody’s Read more

DIY Invitation: Sewn Bridal Brunch Invite

DIY Invitation: Sewn Bridal Brunch Invitefeatured

When I think of a bridal brunch I envision vintage china, teacups, and embroidered napkins. This vision inspired me to create this DIY invitation with a hand-sewn flower. Materials: Paper Design Template Needle Thread Scissors Artist tape (or other adhesive that will allow you to remove without damaging the paper) Directions: Step 1: Create the printed Read more

Printable Engagement Party Invitation

Printable Engagement Party Invitationfeatured

It’s that time of year again where couples are getting engaged! What better way to show your excitement and support for them then by throwing them a wonderful engagement party!   Whether you are throwing an engagement party for someone or are organizing your own we have you set with a gorgeous printable wedding invitation. Read more