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Esther & Taylor’s Rustic LDS Wedding

Esther & Taylor’s Rustic LDS Weddingfeatured

One of the things I love most about our real weddings is that we get to experience so many expressions of faith and devotion through our brides and grooms. Though we don’t subscribe to any one religion or path of worship here, DIY Bride always welcome submissions that do include information about the couples’ faith/church/house Read more

Cristina & James’ Playful-Yet-Traditional Wedding

Cristina & James’ Playful-Yet-Traditional Weddingfeatured

Whenever I mention “traditional” weddings in the bridalsphere, there seems to be a collective groan – which is a pity! I’m not sure when “traditional” became code for outdated or frumpy but, goodness, can I attest that tradition can be just as stylish and modern as any other wedding style. Just take this bright and Read more

Sweet & Vintage Styled Shoot

Sweet & Vintage Styled Shootfeatured

I love styled shoots because they’re creative bite-sized bits of inspiration for you guys. This shoot, courtesy of   Kate Noelle Photography, combines vintage white elements with brilliant orchid and gold accents to make a perfect spring wedding shoot. White lace curtains were overlaid with gold glitter bunting in the background  and  the tablesscape is draped Read more

Sarah & Mike’s Relaxed Waterfront Wedding

Sarah & Mike’s Relaxed Waterfront Weddingfeatured

Sometimes it’s best just to let our couples tell us about their big day because we just can’t do it justice. This is one of those times.  So, let’s hear all about this stunning (and fun!) waterfront wedding. From Mike & Sarah: We could not have asked for a better week and a better wedding. Read more

Danielle & Matthew’s Vintage Glam Fall Wedding

Danielle & Matthew’s Vintage Glam Fall Weddingfeatured

We love Danielle and Matthew’s vintage-with-a-touch-of-glam wedding! First, it’s a fall wedding and, dang, do we love us some autumnal soirees. Second, just look at the gorgeous details Danielle created for the big day. And, last: look how happy these two are! What’s not to love? The details from photographer, Zen Photography: Danielle and Matthew Read more

Stephanie & Andrew’s Sweet and Traditional Fall Wedding

Stephanie & Andrew’s Sweet and Traditional Fall Weddingfeatured

With a nod to a more traditional-style wedding, Stephanie and Andrew created a sweet and beautiful day for themselves. According to photographer, Laura Elaine Photography , The DIY details for this wedding were extremely well done and present everywhere throughout the day. The following DIY details that were done by the bride, groom and their families: Read more

Jenn & Dan’s Quirky & Intimate Wedding

Jenn & Dan’s Quirky & Intimate Weddingfeatured

Not really into the big, extravagant wedding vibe, Jenn and Dan did their own thing and got married in the patio of an inn in Washington, DC. The result? A super-casual soiree for 48 guests that’s intimate and quirky. (Look how happy everyone is! So. much. joy.) [From the Bride] Dan and I are a Read more

Danielle & Mike’s Sweet & Elegant Wedding

Danielle & Mike’s Sweet & Elegant Weddingfeatured

Some couples incorporate vintage elements into their wedding because it’s on-trend while others, like Danielle and Mike, incorporate them because they bring them closer together with cherished memories and honor the loved ones who are with them only in spirit. The result is a deeply personal and often deeply spiritual wedding day. And isn’t that Read more

Madeleine & Ben’s Rustic-Elegant Fall Wedding

Madeleine & Ben’s Rustic-Elegant Fall Weddingfeatured

My first draft of this post in its entirety: “Oh, my sweet goodness! Madeleine’s dress!”.  But then I came to from my pretty wedding gown-induced stupor and am now presenting you with more superlatives to describe the gorgeous details from Madeleine and Ben’s Alabama wedding. What I love most about fall weddings is they so Read more