DIY Feather Bouquet

DIY Feather Bouquetfeatured

Today I’m sharing how to achieve a feather bouquet with just a few materials and a couple hours of free time.

What you’ll need:

  • At least 2 packages of craft feathers
  • Bouquet holder with round styrofoam top
  • 24 gauge wire
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pliers and wire cutters
  • Bling additions (optional)
Estimated cost: $26


*Note:  If you’d like the handle of your bouquet decorated, I would start with that.  The feathers will be kind of hard to work around once they’re all in place.

  1. To begin, insert feathers into the bottom part of the bouquet holder. Once you’ve got the bottom all filled in, set your project off to the side.  I set mine in a glass while I worked on the remaining steps.13 300x225 DIY Feather Bouquet 
  2. To make the feather blooms, hot glue two feathers so that they face each other (save your fingertips, let the glue cool a couple seconds first).  Once the glue has dried, wrap wire around the bottom of the feathers.24 225x300 DIY Feather Bouquet

    Continue to add feathers (approximately 6-8 more) using hot glue until you get something resembling a blooming flower, and once the glue dries, wrap a little wire around the bottom to help hold it all together.

    33 300x225 DIY Feather Bouquet43 225x300 DIY Feather Bouquet

  3. To add some bling to the bloom, simply put some hot glue in the middle of the bloom, stick the bling into the glue, and hold it until it dries.52 300x225 DIY Feather Bouquet

    Note:  If you think bloom is looking a little sparse, just add a few more feathers until it’s fuller.

  4. Next, take your bloom and push it straight into the styrofoam and fill in around the bloom with feathers covering the styrofoam.
  5. 61 225x300 DIY Feather Bouquet 71 300x225 DIY Feather Bouquet
  6. Continue steps 2-4 until you create the desired number of blooms (I did five), and fill your bouquet in until it’s nice and full.*Note:  I used a little hot glue for the feathers that didn’t readily push into the styrofoam.81 225x300 DIY Feather Bouquet
  7. Sit back and enjoy all your hard work!

9 225x300 DIY Feather Bouquet


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