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Ready to get a little wild? Well throw caution to the wind, erode all boundaries, unleash your inner rock star, and let’s decorate some wedding envelopes!

Oh, not what you thought we were going to say? (And is that a bottle of tequila in your hand?). Perhaps it’s true — embellishing envelopes is not everybody’s idea of living life on the edge, but that’s only because they’re going about it all wrong.

Envelopes are the perfect way to add a pop of the unexpected to your wedding. After all, when your guests receive your wedding invites they’ll expect a modest envelope with a sensible background. But instead – POW! – you’ll give them a flash of color and intensity. Now you understand. Good. Let’s get started…

Supplies for DIY envelope tutorial1 Lined Envelopes


  • Envelopes
  • Thin craft paper (in or matching your wedding colours)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper or cardstock


Step 1: Measure the width

Step 1 DIY envelope tutorial measure width1 Lined Envelopes

Using your ruler, measure the width of the envelope.

Step 2: Measure the depth

Step 2 DIY envelope tutorial measure depth1 Lined Envelopes


Starting just below the opening, measure the distance to the edge of the flap. In the example above this is 5 centimeters (or roughly 2 inches).

Step 3: Draw the base

Step 3 DIY envelope tutorial draw the base1 Lined Envelopes


Using the width and depth measurements that you just acquired, draw the base of the envelope on a piece of paper or cardstock.

Step 4: Draw the flap

Step 4 a DIY envelope tutorial trace flap1 Lined Envelopes


Step 4 b DIY envelope tutorial draw flap1 Lined Envelopes

Align the envelope with your drawing of the base, so that the top line is in line with the base of the flap and trace around it.

Step 5: Measure the border

Step 5 DIY envelope tutorial measure border1 Lined Envelopes


Measure the width of the lickable part on the envelope flap. Using your ruler, and your envelope as a guide, draw this border onto your envelope pattern

Step 6: Cut out the template

Step 6 DIY envelope tutorial cut out template1 Lined Envelopes


Follow the inside border line to cut out your pattern. Trim either side of the envelope base so that it can easily slide inside your envelope. Test it out once you have cut it to ensure that it is the correct size.

Step 7: Trace onto pretty paper  

Step 7 DIY envelope tutorial trace onto pretty paper1 Lined Envelopes

Using the cutout, draw the pattern onto the reverse side of your pretty paper and cut it out.

Step 8: Place in envelope

Step 8 DIY envelope tutorial place inside1 Lined Envelopes


Slide the pretty paper pattern into the envelope and align it so that the flap has an even border. Once you’re happy, fold the flap down to form a crease in the pretty paper. This will act as a guide.

Step 9: Glue flap down

Step 9 a DIY envelope tutorial apply glue1 Lined Envelopes


Step 9 b DIY envelope tutorial glue flap down1 Lined Envelopes


Paint a thin layer of glue on the flap of the envelope, then fold it over the pretty paper to stick it down. Using the back of the pencil, gently smooth it down and get rid of any air bubbles or creases.

Step 10: Repeat

Step 10 DIY envelope tutorial repeat1 Lined Envelopes


Repeat with your other envelopes until they all pop with colour.

You’re not really limited by anything here, so exercise a bit of reckless abandon and get creative with the paper!

End DIY envelope tutorial pretty envelopes1 Lined Envelopes

Main image DIY envelope tutorial1 Lined Envelopes


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