Collect Your Wedding Guests’ Photos With Togetherist

Once upon a time, like in the olde days when I got married, couples often provided guests with disposable cameras to take shots of the wedding and reception. The idea was guests would snap away and capture precious, candid moments that a pro photographer may have missed. After the big day, you’d take those cameras to a local film development counter and … get back hundreds of blurry shots of random stuff in exchange for all of our money. [True story: we did this and got back dozens pictures of a soda can taken by a very tipsy guest (hey, Matt!) who thought he was being funny.]

Sometimes guests might even bring their own film camera and promise to send copies of the excellent shots they bragged about having taken and, well, that rarely ever happened. The early 2000s were the Dark Ages of image sharing.

In this glorious age of digital awesomeness where every nearly guest over the age of 12 has a smart phone with a cool camera and is an expert amateur photographer, you don’t have to worry about paying to develop crummy pictures you don’t want.  You do, however, need a way to collect the shots you want that doesn’t require you scouring your family and friends’ social network accounts or go begging them to send you copies. That’s where our newest partner, Togetherist, comes in.


Togetherist makes it ridiculously easy for you to bring all of the digital pictures from your wedding guests into a single place. All you have to do is sign up for the service and pick a phone number where guests can send the shots. Your guests will be notified via text message where to send the images and the sent images will go directly into your account. There’s no downloading of apps or need to learn a new program; guests just send photos directly to your account number from their phones. Everyone knows how to do that, right? SO. EASY.


Plans start at $20 for a gallery of 100 images and, since you don’t have to print any image fro your photo collection you don’t want, this ends up being an inexpensive alternative to disposable cameras. (And more environmentally friendly, too!)




BONUS! The fine folks at Togetherist are offering the first 25 brides to use the code DIYBRIDE when signing up for an event $5 off their event. Just visit and sign up for an account. Create your first event and enter the code along with payment information.


Keep in touch with Togetherist at where they share tips and ideas on fun ways to use Togetherist during your big day, as well as future discounts.


Haydn & Wesley’s Sweet Southern Wedding

Southern weddings have hold a special place in our hearts and Haydn and Wesley’s big day is the definition of sweet and southern.

Local, hometown family and friends put on their cowboy boots and gathered in this Alabama barn to watch this union they all knew was meant to be. Held in a backyard, charming details are abundant:  hand-tied florals, a homemade wedding cake, and home-grown love and hospitality filled the air all day long.


Haydn & Wesley
Elberta Community Center, Alabama
Event Date: April 2014


Photographer:  Aislinn Kate Photography//Event Venue:Elberta Community Center//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Amy & Jon’s 4th of July Wedding Bash

While I like to think that all of our DIY couples are perfectly made for one another, it’s always thrilling to meet two people who are simply destined to be together – like Amy & Jon – no matter how long it takes. Their story made me cry (and I’m not a cryer) and it’s just so lovely to see how joyful they are on their wedding day.

In Amy’s words:

Jon and I were actually neighbors. He moved in 2 houses down when he was 17 and I was 14. We grew up on Hernando Beach and there were many nights that he would climb up on my Dads boat that was parked in the driveway under my window and try to talk me into sneaking out.

One cold night in February ended with him and a friend being chased down the road by my dad and brother and them swimming home just for trying to talk to me. I would sneak out of the house and jump on the back of his Harley and ride away in the night or cruise the beach in his Jeep and go watch the sunset.

When I was 16, I got into a car accident trying to sneak around and see him (since my parents forbid us to be together). I hit a tree at 15 MPH and lacerated my spleen. I had to be bay-flighted to a hospital an hour away and was in ICU for 4 days. My parents finally said, “ok, you almost died trying to be with him. You obviously love him.” After 2 years of sneaking around we were finally allowed to see each other.

Shortly after I was pregnant with my daughter. I had her when I was 17. We were both still so young and didn’t quite have the “family” thing down. At 17, I decided it would be better to raise my daughter on my own and I did so for 8 years. I always knew God had put Jon in my life for a reason, and at first I thought it was my daughter. But no matter what relationship I was in, it never felt right and I always thought of Jon.

Then one day, about 3 years ago, out of curiosity I found him on FB and sent him a message only to find out that he had been looking for us! We have been inseparable ever since.

We chose the 4th of July for our wedding day because we always had the best memories of sitting on top of roofs in Hernando Beach watching the fireworks. When I was 15 he gave me a firework called ‘Whistling Dixie’ and told me if he asked for it 10 years later I’d better have it….I still have it to this day.

Photographer Stephanie of Stephanie Dishman Photography fills us in on some of the details:

We ended up having A LOT of rain on Jon and Amy’s wedding day! They were supposed to have their ceremony outside in front of the barn, but when the rain didn’t show any signs of letting up, everything was moved to the upstairs of the bard (and boy was it hot!). As soon as the ceremony started, the sky opened up and was clear from then on out. We were even graced with a rainbow as soon as we started the formal photos. Jon and Amy really earned that rainbow! Despite the weather and the change of plans both

Amy and Jon were as cool and calm as could be. Their wedding was most certainly a DIY event. They made the favors, the photo booth, the guest book palate and even cooked all of the food served. Amy is a caterer and personal chef. Friends and family got in on the action too by helping with all the little touches, and Amy’s mom even did the flower arrangements.
It was such a wonderful day filled with lots of love and laughter!

Amy & Jon
4th of July Wedding Bash
Sweetfields Farm, Florida
Event Date: July 04, 2014


Photographer:  Stephanie Dishman Photography//Hair Stylist:7th Heaven Salon of Inverness//Pre Ceremony Location:Head & Heel Ranch//Second Shooter:Michelle C Miller Photography//Other Location: Sweetfields Farm//Band:The Bob Hope Band//Caterer: The Fresh Chef//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Add A Touch of Sparkle To Your Wedding With Totally Dazzled

One of our newest partners is Totally Dazzled, a brilliant company that offers gorgeous rhinestone products at wholesale prices. For those of you seeking to add a little (or a lot) of glam to your invitations or decor, you’re in for a treat!

We love how enthusiastic Totally Dazzled are to work with you, our do-it-yourself couples. They understand you’re on a budget and offer a wide variety of rhinestone embellishments that are affordable for most in our lovely DIY community.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect rhinestone brooches, ribbon buckles for your invites, stunning napkin rings, diamante buttons, or flatback crystals, Totally Dazzled has over a thousand choices to help you create the your oh-so-glam one-of-a-kind wedding.  And, if you need some inspiration, do check out their blog, where they share how to creatively incorporate their sparkly wares with some great tutorials.

Let’s talk pricing because, let’s face it, rhinestones can be kind of on the spendy side. We were very pleasantly surprised by Totally Dazzled’s pricing which is often better than other wholesale-to-the-public shops online. Rhinestone ribbon slide buckles, for example, start at $0.75 each and go up to $1.75 at the top end.  If you’ve shopped around for rhinestone buckles recently, you’ll know that’s a great deal.

All Totally Dazzled products ship out within 1 business day of purchase direct from the USA. And, rest assured dear readers, they provide their customers with an excellent return policy if they are unsatisfied for ANY reason.

We hope you enjoy browsing the Totally Dazzled catalog and we can’t wait to see the gorgeous creations you make with Totally Dazzled products!

Please do visit the Totally Dazzled Facebook Page and sign up for their newsletter for their latest news and offers.




Jenna & Jesse’s DIY Vintage Book Themed Wedding Day

This wedding, of Jenna and Jesse, is kind of making me re-think my own celebratory decisions like “Why didn’t I have a FERRIS WHEEL at my wedding!?”.  Seriously, how much awesome is that? Lots of awesome, I say!

There are so many wonderful details in this wedding and the love that Jenna and James have for one another shines through in every shot. The photographer, Tiffany J, has known Jenna since the day she was born which adds to how wonderfully personal and special this day is.

Tiffany J tell us: Jenna & her bridesmaids spent so much time making the day beautiful by handcrafting customized details to make their day special, personalized & memorable. Jenna & Jesse both love reading, so books were a key element in this beautiful October wedding.

About her wedding day, Jenna says:

My vision for the day was obviously vintage books & anything rustic. We wanted books to be incorporated as much as possible without it being ridiculous. One of the bridesmaids made the card box & the ring bearer boxes out of cardboard books. We made the “I’m here for the cake” sign, book page overlays & painted & distressed the mason jars. We made all of the paper fans & cut out the book page hearts that were on the aisle. We made the pillow covers, the paper book mark favors, the mason jars that had his parents candles in them and the place cards. We tried to do as much DIY as possible. The day of the wedding I was so excited to see all of the projects all come together. We had so many vision s & to see it all come together was amazing! It was exactly how I imagined it!! It was so emotional to see all of our hours of work, painting, folding & gluing pay off. All of the months before the wedding so many friends had complained that I could never hang out & was always too busy with the wedding. To see their faces when they saw everything was so funny to me…most of them came up to me & said they understood why I was so busy all the time.

It was so exciting to finally be married! We planned the wedding for over 2 years and it started to feel like it was never going to happen.

Jenna & Jesse
Calamigos Ranch Malibu, California
Event Date: Oct 03, 2014


Photographer:  Tiffany J Photography//Event Venue: Calamigos Ranch Malibu//Submitted via Two Bright Lights