Beca & Brian’s Contemporary Boston Wedding

Happy Wednesday, everyone! For those of you who love contemporary and city weddings, Beca and Brian’s big day is guaranteed to inspire all y’all.

Held in Boston’s Seaport District, Beca and Brian used the city’s stunning skyline as a backdrop to their gorgeous modern wedding. Here’s what photographer Deborah Zoe, had to say about the wedding:

Weddings come in all shape and sizes. And while most of my weekends are filled with beautiful and elaborate affairs, occasionally I’ll have the pleasure of witnessing something a bit more intimate. Just the couple, their closest family and friends, and their vows. And that’s just what happened when Beca and Brian tied the knot earlier this fall in Boston. Brian and Beca met and fell in love in Boston and so fittingly they chose to marry in the Seaport District. Brian’s dear friend and former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, officiated while the couple’s closest family and friends surrounded the pair. It was a beautiful moment to witness and a pleasure to be a part of such a special day for them. They chose to say their vows in front of the Moakley Federal Court House which also boasts an amazing view of Boston’s Harbor and Skyline. It was an amazingly beautiful fall day!

We couldn’t agree more!

Beca & Brian
Rowes Wharf, Massachusetts
Event Date: September, 2013


Photographer:  Deborah Zoe Photography//Other Location:Rowes Wharf//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jessica & Tony’s Polynesian Heritage and Vintage-Inspired Wedding

When couples incorporate elements of their cultures into their weddings, as Jessica and Tony have done, it’s magical. Showcasing one’s heritage and sharing in cultural rites and traditions is a deeply personal way to celebrate a union; as a guest, those kinds of weddings – the personal ones – are often the most memorable.

Mixing Jessica’s love of vintage and Tony’s Polynesian heritage created a gorgeous wedding day in the beautiful and rustic This is the Place State Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The photographers from Wish Photography had this to say about the day:

It was a beautiful day full of so many glorious emotions. Tony has Polynesian heritage and it was so great to see the two cultures mixed together in their own special way. They did a money dance where the guests would come and shower them with money. They had Polynesian entertainment and the guests also showered them with money to give to the bride and groom. I

The decor was beautiful, lots of vintage. Tones of blush, pinks and golds made the wedding perfect for Jessica.


Jessica and Tony Utah Wedding
This is the Place State Park, Utah
Event Date: May, 2014


Photographer:  Wish Photography//Other Location:This is the Place State Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Maren & Chris’ Classic Elegance Wedding

Happy Valentine’s Day, DIYers! Today we’re showcasing an absolutely gorgeous wedding that you’re going to oooh ‘n’ awwww over for weeks to come.  I’m going to step back and let the Q & A from photographers Viera Photographics tell you all about Maren and Chris’ big day.

Describe your DIY projects:

Maren: Where to begin?! 😉 All of the chalkboard signage, the save the dates, the invitation suite, the menus and individual place cards, the ‘wish you were here’ banner and photo collage at the wishing well, the labels sewn into the groomsmen’s ties, the cookie party favors (baked by a family friend), my mom’s homemade lemon bars at the dessert table, custom napkins at the bar and dessert table, the seating chart poster, the wine corks used as a sign-in book, the repurposed retro wood wall used as a backdrop for the ceremony (thank you dad!!), the custom jewelry charms designed into the corsages for the two mom’s corsages, the custom tie clips for the groom and dads, and the custom monogram and slideshow shown by the DJ.

How did each of you feel when you woke up on your wedding day?

Maren: Totally excited, but at the same time I couldn’t believe that after about 10 months of work that it was finally here. It seemed very surreal. Also some anxiety about getting everyone to hair and makeup bright and early! Oh, and tired from only getting about 5 hours of sleep!

Chris: Excited, tired, and anxious to help Maren’s dad with early morning set-up.

Recall something someone said to you on the day that has remained with you since then.

Maren: My mom hand-wrote notes and framed them, and then placed them in the ‘getting ready’ areas for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The notes, summarized, said not only how thankful and happy my parents were, but how important it was to them that we thanked each and every person along the way who has helped us all to get to this point. Basically, the note (addressed to the entire wedding party) said that, “If someone helped you in any way today, please thank them for all that they have done”. I feel it really brought a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness to the whole affair that was felt by all that attended.

What was the funniest thing that happened?

Maren: The one that will stick with me for a lifetime was someone else cutting our wedding cake! It was partially my fault- I remembered all of these details but forgot to bring our cake toppers, so our cake (since it was really small, just for the two of us to cut) looked like just another dessert on the dessert table. It made it unscathed until the perfect moment when I happened to walk by with the wedding planner just in time to see a guest pick up a cake-cutting knife and slice it! I yelled out “Oh nooooo, that’s our wedding caaaaaaaake!” like in slo-mo in a movie, but it was too late. My reaction made her jump in embarrassment, and she ended up flipping the cake off the stand into the wall! Fortunately, a family friend in the catering industry fixed it enough to be shown in photos, and neither my groom nor I are big fans of cake anyways. It was WELL worth it for the laughs we have had about it many times a day since! Probably one of the stand out best memories of the night, and a story for all of the years to come- we are actually really glad it happened!!! Another great one was a literal CANNON going off as we were trying to pose for our wedding party photos! You would think if the campus was going to send of a CANNON, they would let you know if advance? We thought we were under attack!!!!

What was the most emotional moment?

Maren: It was a toss up between the first look, when Chris (who swore he wouldn’t cry) turned around and just said over and over again “wow, babe, wow, I mean, WOW!!!” with tears in his eyes. It made all the work seem worth it. Also when I stood at the front of the aisle before the alter, holding on to my dad, having just gotten to walk to JOURNEY and hearing the pastor pray to open the ceremony and bless our marriage. Had to pull the tissues out of the cleavage for that one!

Chris: When Maren was walking down the aisle ( it was a really far walk) and I could see them the entire time coming towards me. It seemed to last an eternity. I was thinking of how emotional it must also be for Maren and her dad.


Maren & Chris
The Athenaeum Cal Tech, California
Event Date: October, 2013


Photographer:  Viera Photographics//Band: artdeco entertainment//Officiant:Beach Cities Community Church//Dress Designer: Calvin Klein//Makeup Artist:Designed Elegance//Equipment Rentals:Dolphin Rentals//DJ:Elev8 Entertainment//Invitation Designer:Maren Kelly Design//Floral Designer: Peony and Plum//Cake Designer: Sweet and Saucy Shop//Event Venue: The Athenaeum Cal Tech//Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Vera Wang//Wedding dress designer: Anna Maier- Ulla Maija Wedding shoes: Allen Schwartz Bridal veil: Occansey Designs

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Montage Photo Book Giveaway!

Yesterday we introduced you to the awesomeness that is Montage. Today we’re so excited to bring you the opportunity to win a FREE medium-size Montage Photo Book, valued at $70.00!  The giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older, and the prize winner will work directly with Montage for delivery.

How to enter? Just enter your name, email address, and a comment in the form below before 2/10/2015. Easy-peasy!

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Create Stunning Photo Books With Montage

For those of you who are newly engaged be warned: you will have approximately eleventy billion photo-taking events between now and your honeymoon. Your engagement, engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor(ette) parties, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and honeymoon are guaranteed to yield an extraordinary amount of photos from friends and family — in addition to the ones you snap on your own. Instead of letting all of these amazing memories languish on a hard drive or in the cloud somewhere, why not create beautifully bound photo albums that you can display in your home or even give as gifts? (Pro tip: Parents dig photo albums of their children.)

Great idea, right? The folks at digital-to-photo album experts, Mixbook, thought so too and have brought an easy way for you to create a modern, streamlined photo book with minimal hassle and price points that are within reach of almost everyone. The service is called Montage and it works like this:

1. You decide what images you’d like to include in a Montage book and upload them via the web application.

2. Choose one of Montage’s 13 pre-designed layouts or themes.



3. Montage will automatically sort and arrange the photos into perfectly sized and organized pages. The technology knows when your photos were taken and organizes them by date and importance. Seriously, they couldn’t have made the process more user-friendly and intuitive.

4. Preview your book. At this point, you don’t have to do anything – unless you want to swap out images, shuffle placement, edit text, or change a theme. Captions are limited to 120 words and only one text box per spread. The font choice, size, and alignment are predetermined by the theme.

5. Save and check out. The whole process of creating a wedding photo book takes about 15 minutes once you’ve selected your images and books ship in about 4 days. Seriously, they couldn’t have made the process more user-friendly and intuitive.


Let’s talk details:

Pricing starts at $39 for a small (6-inch) book. Medium (8.5-inch) is $59 and the large (12-inch) is $119. Albums are able to accommodate up to 180 photos and 70 pages. The small books would make great gifts to your bridesmaids, for example, or as thank you presents to your wedding party.  The larger books are perfect for gifts for parents or significant others or for your own mementos of the day.



Montage albums are made of quality eco-friendly leather binding and have fantastic lay-flat pages.

Lay flat pages detail. A nice touch!

Lay flat pages detail.  No fighting with the book to keep it open while you browse your photos.



The great folks at Montage are offering Free Shipping for DIY Bride readers. Just use this link to save some dough on an already awesome product.

Want to find out more about Montage? You can find them on Pinterest and Facebook. And stay tuned for a special giveaway for our DIY Bride community!