Swarovski Wedding Princess Comb

It’s no secret that we go weak in the knees over glittery, sparkly projects here at the DIY Bride offices. Among our favorite ways to bring in a bit of sparkle and romance is to add crystals and, of course, no mention of crystals is complete without giving a shout-out to Swarovski. If you’re not familiar, Swarovski® is the manufacturer of the world’s most-recognized and respected brands of crystals. Their products? Luxe. Gorgeous.

We’re excited to share this Wedding Princess Comb from the Love is in the Air by SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.


Click here to download instructions. (PDF FILE)


Katherine + Christopher

I’m always so intrigued when the weddings of people who work in the wedding industry make their way across my desk. Since they are constantly surrounded by weddings, my interest is piqued by what elements they select for their own special day. Katherine is a wedding photographer, and was very hands-on when creating the DIY decor elements of her wedding. Christopher and Katherine were married in the church where the groom is the pastor, and they built their ceremony and reception from the ground up – the favors, ceremony covering, tree bark tags, and signs were all made by the couple.



Location: Irvine, CA

Event Coordinator: button up events

Photography: Gavin Wade Photographers

Venue: Irvine Presbyterian Church

Caterer: Stone Fire Grill

Florals: Whimsey Florals

Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero

Makeup Artist: Adiana’s Salon


Kids Table Crayon Activity

We receive a lot of requests for activities and child-appropriate gifts for kids at weddings. Though we have a number of coloring/activity books in our downloads section, we’re always happy to share fun DIY things to keep the little ones occupied.  (As a mother of a 3 year old, these dilemmas are cropping up in my everyday life, too!)

From my favorite rubber stamping queen comes this super cute coloring book page and heart crayon project. I’m thinking this could also double as a “will you be my flower girl / ring bearer?” card or transformed into a save-the-date or valentine’s card with a more sophisticated rubber stamp design.


Supplies Needed

  • Crayons, assorted colors. Check out your local dollar-type stores for cheapy crayons or ask friends with kids to donate their broken ones to your worthy cause.
  • Muffin tin
  • Cupcake liners
  • Skewer or chopstick for stirring the crayon mix
  • Oven
  • Heart-shaped candy mold. (Or any shape you so desire.)
  • Rubber stamp with open artwork that can be colored
  • Permanent ink
  • 1 piece of white cardstock trimmed to 4″ x 5 1/4″
  • 1 piece of colored cardstock trimmed to 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″
  • Double-sided tape


1. Place cupcake liners into the muffin tin cavities.

2. Remove paper labels from crayons and break the sticks up into small chunks. Place the broken crayons into the muffin tins. It’s best to sort by color, otherwise the crayons will melt into each other and the results usually aren’t very pretty. You can do a single color or a color family (reds and pinks, for example) for best results. If you want to swirl colors, do that in the mold.

3. Place muffin tin into a 250 degree oven and bake the crayons, stirring occasionally, until melted which should be about 20 minutes.

4. Once your crayons have turned into liquid, you’re ready to pour the wax into the molds. You can use a spoon to ladle the wax into the mold cavities or you can carefully pick up one of the cupcake liners and pour from it into a mold. Careful here: the wax is HOT and will burn you. The wax also hardens quickly so move fast.



5. Put the full mold to the side to let the crayons cool and harden.

6. While your custom crayons are hardening, go ahead and make your cards. Using permanent ink (pigment or alcohol ink), stamp your image onto the piece of white cardstock. Adhere the stamped image onto the piece of colored cardstock using double-sided tape.

7. When your crayons are cool, pop them out of the mold and present them with your sweet little card. Voila!




Stephenie + Stephen

We have another fabulous engagement session this week, full of whimsy and romance. The story behind the inspiration for the shoot could not be sweeter, as the four year old twin daughters of Stephen and Stephenie chose the theme! Stephenie was dancing in a ballet company at the time, and they had been performing Alice in Wonderland. The girls decided that of course, Mommy should be Alice, and the shoot was born from there.





Location: Virginia

Photography: Rabiah Khwaja Gohar Photographer

Caitlin + Rob

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for being patient with our site’s switchover this weekend. As you can see, DIY Bride is looking all kinds of snazzy in its new outfit.

On this lovely Tuesday afternoon, we have the Lafayette engagement shoot of Caitlin and Rob. Childhood sweethearts who met through their church, they spent the afternoon with their photographer in different locations around the city. Using props anyone can find at home, they were able to create a set of photos that spoke to their affection for each other and expressed their personalities in a clean and modern way.


Location: Lafayette, LA

Photography: Catherine Guidry Photography