Becky + John’s Gorgeous Backyard Wedding at Strawberry Mansion

Having a strict budget was not an issue for our couple Becky + John. They are such a picturesque couple that they somehow managed to look so good and stylish no matter what they do. And apparently, that sense of style easily translated into their wedding as well. With a little help from their good friend and stylist Jessica Wohlers, Becky + John DIY most of the wedding themselves. Add a couple of props (tandem bike + parasol) and the talent behind Danielle Nowak Photography, you got some really amazing photos.

To stay within their limited budget, Becky + John and stylist friend Jessica got to work on their DIY projects. According to their photographer, “The flowers were donated only with a few bunches from local vendors, Jesse created a cascading effect with the flowers & candle lit mason jars wrapped in hemp for the table tops. She also handmade the veil, bouquet & boutonniere. Created the “Arbor” by a sculpted string, hanging candles & lights.”
Much congratulations to our gorgeous couple Becky + John!!!


Photographer: Danielle Nowak Photography//Wedding Date:05.18.2013//Personal Stylist: Jessica Wohlers//Reception Venue:Strawberry Mansion//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Grace + Eric’s St. Augustine Engagement Sesh

Grace + Eric chose the beautiful St. Augustine, Florida as their setting for the engagement session with Robert J Hill Photography. When you have a place naturally gorgeous and filled with so much history like St. Augustine, there is really not that much more that you need to do to make your photos look super romantic!


Photographer: Robert J Hill Photography//Engagement Shoot:09.28.2013//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Margo + Chris’ Beautiful Rustic Summer Engagement Session

This Summer engagement shoot by Daphne and Dean has got to have one of the most props I have ever seen. Margo + Chris have lots of gorgeous vintage pieces for their table decorations and big window panes hanging as one part of their backdrop in their beautiful engagement session. Check them out!


At the time of submission, Margo + Chris’ photography team Daphne and Dean told us that they’re prepping for their barn wedding. If they put in this much detail into their engagement shoot, I absolutely cannot wait to see what their wedding would be like!


Photographer: Daphne and Dean//Shoot Date:08.25.2013//Event Venue:The Dudley Farm//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Devon + Dusty’s Bright Yellow Wedding Weekend

If you could, how wonderful would it be to throw your wedding as a long weekend celebration, with your closest friends and family? Well, that’s exactly what Devon + Dusty did. They rented out the lovely House on the Hill for all the guests to stay, and their wedding was the final highlight of a fun weekend. What an awesome way to also allow all the guests to help chip in their labor of love for the couple as they help decorate the venue leading up to the wedding day!

Brought to us by the awesome Cory Ryan Photography, Devon + Dusty’s wedding had lots of bright yellows, fun, sweetness, and most of all, love. Our bride Devon looked just oh-so-super-sweet and perfect next to her groom, as you will see!

Devon + Dusty had some amazing help to pulled off their DIY wedding. Devon’s Uncle Sonny brought his smoking rig from Mississippi with him so that he could cook up a scrumptious BBQ feast. Their artist friend Jane made their wedding cake while Devon made the super cute owls cake topper. But the most impressive DIY for me was the huge diagram that Dusty had made which show how everyone was connected/knew each through Devon + Dusty. How cool!

Yuuummy BBQ! And what an awesome idea to have an iced coffee keg to wash all the BBQ and hot weather down AND stay energized to dance the night away! I also love the couple’s use of something so simple as a stack of old National Geographic magazines as part of the table setting to tie in the bright yellow theme they have going on. And how about the use of perennial substitutions for sunflowers as bridesmaids’ bouquets?

I loved all the sweet photos of Devon + Dusty… don’t they just look so in love? Such a lovely gown on a lovely bride. Much thanks to Cory Ryan Photography for showcasing such a sweet and down-to-earth couple!


Photographer: Cory Ryan Photography//Wedding Date:07.20.2013//Floral Designer: Austin Flower Company//Caterer:East Side Pies//Musicians:Eddie Collins//Reception Venue: House on the Hill//Cake Designer:Jane Radstrom//Caterer: Whole Foods//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Britney + Brian’s Vintage Mechanic Wedding

I can’t even begin to describe just how much I’m in love with our gorgeous couple, Britney + Brian, today. I’ve been going nuts over their photos by Allie Lindsey Photography all morning, and I’m so excited to share them with you now! Britney + Brian are such a beautiful couple- they’re so in love with each other that it shows on every photograph of them on their wedding day… photogenic couple plus the talent behind Allie Lindsey Photography equals stunning photos.

Britney + Brian chose “vintage mechanic” as their theme to represent their style. Since Brian is a mechanic, Britney really utilized the materials from his shop to DIY their wedding. I’m incredibly impressed with Britney, as this wedding is so beautifully decorated and thought out!

Did I mention how in love I am with this couple? Let me say it again! I super adore their First Look and their portraits. So much love and so much gorgeousness! I totally love how Britney really fuze her sense of style with Brian’s mechanic background to make this wedding truly theirs and totally unique. I’m also super impressed with the engraved tags as place cards- what a cool idea to double as a favor as well!

Much congratulations to our beautiful couple Britney + Brian, and much much thanks to Allie Lindsey Photography for bringing us this breathtaking wedding!


Photographer: Allie Lindsey Photography//Wedding Date: 10.13.2013//Cake Designer: Amazing Cakes//Floral Designer:Avante Gardens Florist //Caterer: big b’s bbq//Reception Venue: Fullerton Arboretum//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights