Faith and Jared’s Colorful Cliff-top Wedding

Faith and Jared’s Colorful Cliff-top Weddingfeatured

I must be in vacation mode.  Travel weddings are flying all around this week!  Studio Sequoia has shared with us the brilliantly bright wedding of Faith and Jared.  Held at Calumet Park in San Diego overlooking the Pacific, the whimsical beachy vibe of this wedding speaks volumes of this couple’s super sweet personality.  (and so Read more

Stacy + Danny’s Bright Beachy Destination Wedding

Stacy + Danny’s Bright Beachy Destination Weddingfeatured

Did you ever see a couple and just knew they were fun to be around?  Meet Stacy and Danny.  Their personality is as whimsical as their DIY.   Their vision was to plan a “uniquely us” destination wedding on the beach in Florida while they were in Argentina studying abroad.  Let’s just say, that almost didn’t happen, Read more

Mallory + Jarrod’s Rustic Woodsy Wedding in the Mountains

Mallory + Jarrod’s Rustic Woodsy Wedding in the Mountainsfeatured

OMG!  I love this wedding! Its just 2G2BT! Hopefully this next wedding will be enough to make up for all of the downtime we’ve had.  (Sorry about that. :/)  Here’s a hint, there’s hankie invites and  horses.    That was enough to have me hooked, especially when the photographer let us know that hankies were Read more

Gail + Pete’s Contemporary Engagement Session

Gail + Pete’s Contemporary Engagement Sessionfeatured

Since we are on the topic of love shoots, I think it’s only appropriate that we have a double header today.  Another pro of engagement sessions is that photographers often  know some great locations to shoot.  I don’t know about you, but the only thing I might love more than an amazing rustic barn shoot Read more

Tiff + Dave’s Sentimental Rainy Day Wedding

Tiff + Dave’s Sentimental Rainy Day Weddingfeatured

I’m feeling sentimental today, so I’ve decided to share another great wedding!  Perhaps because it rained on my big day and I have been blessed since, I can’t help but smile at rainy day weddings.  There’s something that happens at rainy day weddings, especially to DIY ones, that makes the day extra special. Be sure Read more

Brittany + Ryan’s Modern, Classic Wedding

Brittany + Ryan’s Modern, Classic Weddingfeatured

Um. There are very few times that I am rendered speechless, but Brittany and Ryan’s wedding left me that way for a while.  I found myself going through this gallery over and over admiring so many things from the bride’s amazingly ruffled dress and the sweet first look, to the to-die-for simple diy name  frame Read more