Product Review Policy

The mission of DIY Bride is to bring the tools, resources, and how-to information for our readers that empower them to create their unique one-of-a-kind wedding. As part of this mission we do review products that are meant to help our community achieve their goals.

We welcome manufacturers, vendors, and public relations firms to submit their products for review.  As standard ethical practice and to comply with the Federal Trade Commission, DIY Bride has the following guidelines in place regarding our product reviews.

  1. Every product reviewed on is an actual product that must be in our possession that we can sample or use for the purpose of review. We do not write reviews of products we haven’t seen/used in person.
  2. All reviews are written in our own voice, with our own words, without approval or review by the vendor. We will not copy and paste sales and marketing materials. In no case will we ever guarantee a favorable review to the vendor of a product or service, or to their agents/representatives. Vendor hypertext links, anchor texts, or any other thing of value beyond the policies stated above are not guaranteed.
  3. We do not accept guest posts as reviews.
  4. Products that are sent to us will not be returned unless requested. (Any product to be returned must be accompanied by packaging and sufficient postage for the return delivery.)
  5. If we decide the product is poor/a poor fit for my audience, we will, at our discretion, simply not review it.
  6. Should we decide to review your product, we will clearly disclose that the product/sample was provided to us in the text of the review.

Should you have any further questions about product review guidelines, please feel free to contact us.