Project: Bouquet of Leaves

Project: Bouquet of Leavesfeatured

img 4593 Project: Bouquet of Leaves

Flowers, schmowers. Who needs ’em when you can create a stunning Fall bouquet out of leaves? I’m always on the lookout for things to make non-traditional bouquets out of. A while ago, I was heavily into crystal bouquets. This season, I’m all about foliage. Beautiful, rustic, cheap, fake foliage. Taking a cheapy silk leafed garland from Michael’s, I used a few tools, some wire, and my DIY magique to turn it into an inexpensive and easy bouquet. SUPPLIES NEEDED:

  • Silk leaf garland
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon (1″ wide)
  • Scissors
  • Pearl headpin


1. Begin by pulling the leaves off of the garland. I used about 40 leaves for this bouquet.

IMG 4501 Project: Bouquet of Leaves

2. Cut pieces of floral wire, about 12″ – 14″ long.


3. Now, take the wire piece and wrap one end around the stem of one of the leaves, spiraling down from the leaf to the bottom of the stem. I did about 3 – 5 wraps around the stem on each leaf. (Don’t do anything to the remaining wire that’s hanging from the leaf. That’ll become part of the handle.)

IMG 4502 Project: Bouquet of Leaves

4. Continue to cut wire and wrap leaf stems until all of your leaves are finished.

IMG 4504 Project: Bouquet of Leaves

5. The next step is to bind the leaves together in groups of 3. I found this helped make handling them easier. To do so, hold 3 wired leaves together and wrap floral tape around the stems a few times, until the binding feels tight and secure. Do this for all of your leaves.

IMG 4506 Project: Bouquet of Leaves

xOnce your bundles have been created, the next step is to bind all of the groups of 3 together to make a bouquet. I gathered the whole bunch in my hand and did some arranging to get a nicely shaped bouquet. Once I was satisfied, I held the bouquet in one hand and used the floral tape to secure them together in one big bunch. [Note: I also threw in some crystal stems as an afterthought. That’s why you’ll see some crystals and wire sticking out.]

IMG 4513 Project: Bouquet of Leaves

6. After all of the stems are bound together, I then wrapped all of the wires with floral tape from top to bottom. This helps protect your hands from pokey wires.

IMG 4508 Project: Bouquet of Leaves

Now that the stems are covered with floral tape, I then covered that with a wrap of satin ribbon (secured with a pearl pin).


  • This cost about $15 to make (I already had the tools) and took just over 1.5 hours to complete.
  • The big box craft stores often have 50% coupons and sales – use those to your advantage!
  • When wrapping the wire around the leaf stems, I recommend using a glove on our wrapping hand. My fingers were pretty sore from being poked with the wire. Not a big deal but if you’re doing lots of leaves or more than 1 bouquet, you’ll thank me.
  • You can use any kind of garland with this project. Flowers, pine cones, or whatever’s in season.
  • If you’d like to use real leaves, go for it! However, I highly recommend dipping then in wax first to help protect them and make them less fragile (directions from eHow). Also, use a thinner gauge wire (the higher the number, the thinner the wire) like a 22 – 26 gauge, found in the jewelry section of craft stores. Regular floral wire might be too stiff to wrap around a real leaf.



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