10 Affordable DIY Wedding Decor Ideas You Really Want to Try!

Now that you have already decided where you’re going to enjoy and celebrate your big day, it’s about time to start planning and drafting what the venue would look like, how the tables will be arranged and of course how the entire venue will be decorated. For sure, there are a lot of things running to your mind when it comes to designing and imagining what the entire venue will look like.

Maybe you imagine your venue to have tons of colorful flowers on the stage and tables and at the same time numerous while balloons the ceiling. But wait. This sounds too costly. Yes, it’s fun to design your venue and make your dream come true but, is the expenses for the decoration itself still practical? I think too much fancy decors will put you and your future husband in trouble. You don’t need to overspend. there are surely a lot of cheap and affordable materials that you can use for your big day. Try to have some DIY decorations. Do it on your own and for sure, you’ll enjoy it.

Try to look around. Maybe there are still other stuffs from the bridal party or bachelor party that you can probably use. Unused balloons perhaps? Colorful papers and metallic gold wrappers?Gather them around because it will surely be useful for our DIY wedding decors.

1.Confetti Balloons

This seems to be a perfect decoration for your wedding venue entrance. But well, if you buy this ready made balloons, it will surely be expensive. There’s nothing to worry about you can actually recreate this cool idea. All you need is to use the balloons and colored papers from the previous party. Cut the colored papers into pieces, put it inside the balloons and VIOLA!!! You now have a DIY balloon confetti. Cute decor without spending a lot.

2. Paper Wheels

This looks simple but can surely make your wedding venue be more elegant. Just like the confetti balloon, you don’t need to spend a lot for this. For sure there are several colored  papers in your home which suits your wedding motif. Mix and match the colored papers and turn it into a wonderful backdrop. Don’t know how to make these paper wheels a for your backdrop? The internet will actually teach you how to make a backdrop using paper rosettes.It’s an easy paper craft that can surely make the venue more picture perfect.

3. Paper Plate Flowers

Who would have thought that you can actually turn paper plates into a flower decoration? Such a creative and thrifty idea right?
Well, flowers are always on the top of the list when it comes to wedding decorations. But, flowers are too expensive.Luckily, you can now have  DIY paper plate flowers to decorate your wedding. Use it as a backdrop or small paper flowers can be used as centrepieces, replacing those expensive flowers. It maybe a fake flower but with creativity and artistry, it’ll surely look real and WOW your guests. Looking for more paper flower ideas? Check out some easy-to-make paper flowers.

4. Pom-Poms

Probably one of the cutest thing to have on your wedding venue are these corlorful and eye-pleasing pom-poms. Not just that!!! These pom-poms are also easy to make and doesn’t cost too much. You can use colorful papers, crepe papers or tissue papers for this kind of decor.

5. Chalkboard Wedding Sign

Why don’t you show off how beautiful handwriting skills and create a simple yet elegant chalkboard wedding sign? It won’t take much of your time for sure! Plus, your guests will surely be surprised that the wedding sign is actually prepared by you!

6. Photos Clipped on a String

This will probably one of the most touching wedding decor that you can have. Why? As you and your guests take a look at those photos, which starts with your first picture as a couple or how you met, you’ll surely give take you down to memory lane. Reminiscing each and every kiss, travel and even long drives together.

7. Led Lights in a Jar

Looks perfect for a backyard and a rustic wedding theme right? Well, you don’t need to spend too much. Collect those used but clean jars and fill it with affordable led lights that you find in stores or maybe borrow led lights from friends.

8. Burlap Cutlery Holder

Having a Rustic theme wedding? Burlaps are surely one of the things that you can surely use to decorate your venue. Aside from using it as your table runner, can you still think of any other ways on how you can use the remaining burlaps that you used to wrap in your wedding favors? Well, don’t throw them away. You can still use them as the cutlery holder.

Chaosinmycasa will help prepare your Burlap Cutlery Holder for your big day.

9. Hula Hoop Chandelier

Kept some old hula hoops at home? Don’t throw it away. Let’s make a DIY wedding decor out of that used hula hoops. Turned that hula hoop into a lightning chandelier. It will be a perfect decor to your wedding venue especially if your wedding reception will last until evening. All you need to to cover the hula hoop with some silk or any kind of cloth, and add some Christmas lights on it and viola! you now have an affordable chandelier. Be creative and you can surely make it look fancy without spending too much.

10. Ribbon Table Runners

Have a stash of colorful ribbons at home? Collect those and let’s make a simple but cute table runners. If you do not have any ribbons at home, you can surely buy them in stores and they don’t actually cost too much. The Decor Fix will help you create and prepare your wedding table runners.

Wedding decors shouldn’t be too lavish. They can be simple and at the same picture worthy or should I say, Instagram worthy. Be creative and save money! No need to spend too much because you’ll surely enjoy making and preparing your DIY wedding decors. Plus, you’ll surely forget the stress and all those wedding jitters as you have fun making your decors.



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