10 Tips for Moving After You Just Got Married


Whether moving in together for the first time or upgrading to a larger home, moving right after a wedding is relatively common among newlyweds. However, just because others have successfully done it, certainly doesn’t make it any less stressful. After all, with all the stress that came with a wedding barely in the rearview mirror, it can feel a little daunting to tackle a move—especially of the DIY variety.

Thankfully, there is no need to fret. A few key tips are all you need to make sure your move goes off without a hitch.

1. Declutter

If you are moving in together for the first time, there is bound to be some overlap, especially for things like furniture and kitchen appliances. Plus, you probably also got some great new household items as wedding gifts. This is why decluttering before you move is highly recommended.

If you are two households, take inventory of both homes and look for any overlap. From there, decide which item is best to keep, and sell or donate the duplicate. Living together beforehand? Decluttering is still highly recommended. Now is your chance to get rid of everything from old clothes to unwanted media. Remember, the less stuff you have, the less work and money your move will be.

2. Expect Small Squabbles

Jumping from one huge transition to the next can lead to stress and agitation, so make sure that both of you are going into each step of your move with patience and an open mind. For example, it is never easy to get rid of your belongings, but try to see the other person’s point of view and ideally find a balance between give and take. This is easier said than done, so remember to take it slow. Know that small squabbles are perfectly normal, but it is how you handle them that matters.

3. Start Beforehand

If you have possession of your new home before the wedding, you may want to consider moving some boxes over in your spare time. Every little bit done beforehand will make the latter half easier. And a little moving can be useful to work off any nervous energy. Don’t have possession of your new home? You can still start decluttering if you have spare time. However, if you find you get swamped with wedding stuff, don’t sweat it. While starting before the wedding is an option, it isn’t necessary for a successful move.

4. Have Hindsight

If you are planning your after-marriage move well ahead of time, first off, great idea! Secondly, have you considered how your wedding registry can accommodate the needs of your new home? If you are moving in together for the first time, you may want to look to items you are missing, such as bedding and cookware. Or, perhaps you have your eye on a piece of home decor that you would never buy because of the price, but would love to have. Basically, ask yourself what you need and want for the new home and incorporate it into the registry.

Don’t have particular needs? A money fund may also be a good idea, especially if you know your new home requires upgrades or repairs.

5. Make A List

Make a list of everything that needs to be done for your move and ideally assign each task a “due date”. Even if it isn’t an exact date, being able to see approximately when it needs to get done will help get your butt in gear. Plus, seeing everything written down in one place may also help reduce some stress.

6. Don’t Forget About Wedding To-Dos

Your wedding may be over, but don’t forget any residual wedding tasks, like sending thank you notes and returning rentals. Be sure to mix in anything you have to do after the wedding with your moving to-do list or on its own in a day planner or calendar. Moving tends to get pretty hectic, so this will ensure important tasks don’t slip your mind.

7. Pack It Right

The last thing you want is broken belongings, especially all those great wedding gifts. This is why taking the time to learn how to properly box up your home—particularly how to pack fragile items—will go a long way.

A top tip is to use new boxes for anything heavy or fragile. While used boxes are a great frugal option for lighter belongings like linens and clothing, they don’t have the same strength as new boxes. All sides of your boxes should also be padded with packing paper or a similar filler. This means that your items are always touching a layer of padding, never the box.

8. Ask for Help

You may be more hesitant to call in favors from friends and family since they just assisted with your big day. However, moving is a big ordeal and a few helping hands will go a long way. Just be sure to let everyone know how much you appreciate their time and you may also want to consider ordering supper in for your helpers as a thank you.

9. Go Professional

Even if you have decided to tackle the move mainly on your own, you may want to consider some professional help for a few tasks.

Painters: If your new home is getting painted before moving in, hiring professional painters can make it go faster, look more professional, and even give it time to air out.

Movers: You don’t need to commit to a full moving package to use movers. If you have heavy items like a hot tub or find a couch doesn’t fit through your front door, movers have the knowledge and equipment to get these jobs done quickly and efficiently.

10. Celebrate

A move that immediately follows a wedding can cramp the honeymoon stage a little, but don’t let that deter you from celebrating. After all, you just got married! Even if your celebration includes chilling on the sofa with a movie and champagne, you deserve it. Cheers to marriage, moving, and a happy home!

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