Tin Can Luminarias – need imgs

Our tin can luminarias are inexpensive and easy to make! Great for casual weddings as table decor or for illuminating walkways.

Supplies Needed :
• Empty tin can
• Scissors
• Marker
• Pencil
• Water
• Old towel
• Hammer
• Assorted nails
• Votive candle
• 18-gauge wire or other sturdy wire
• Wire cutters

1. Remove labels from tin cans and wash thoroughly. If you have sharp
edges on the inside of can from your can opener, use a pair of pliers to
flatten the edges.
2. On the outside of the clean, empty can, draw a pattern for the lantern
holes. Or tape a pre-made paper template to the outside of the can.
3. Fill the can with water and freeze it for two days. (The ice keeps the sides
from collapsing when you hammer them.) When the water in the can is
frozen solid, place the can on its side on top of a towel and use the nails
to hammer in holes of various sizes according to your design. The holes
you create will become the pattern of your luminaria.
4. Be sure to make two holes near the top, on opposite sides, for stringing a
5. Let ice melt. Empty can. Sting handle, paint or embellish (optional) your
can, and add your candle.


Tin can: $1.00

Wire: $0.25

Votive: $0.25


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