Jackie + Jeremy

We keeping it short and sweet as we head into another glorious fall weekend. Jackie and Jeremy had a super colorful (I’m simply twitterpated over all the balloons!) and sweet outdoors engagement session to celebrate their love. They kept it simple, with minimal props and fun locations to showcase their affections.




Location: North Carolina

Photography: Monica Reid Photography

DIY Cupcake Tower Centerpiece

Cupcakes are a growing trend in both the wedding and the bridal shower circuit. So, it is imperative to have an elegant way to display them. Whether you want one tall tower to display your little treats or individual towers to act as centerpieces, there are simple, affordable ways to construct the custom design you want.

At my wedding, I got lucky finding seasonal wire cupcake towers at Walmart. I waited until they went on sale on Valentine’s Day, and got them for $5 a piece (normally $10). With the cheapest centerpiece I could find running for $15 (and looking really lame at the same time), I was determined to make functional, cupcake centerpieces that were both elegant and affordable. With some silk flowers, leaves, and some hot glue, I got exactly what I wanted.

But if you can’t find these wire cupcake towers on sale like I did, there’s another way to have affordable cupcake towers at your wedding (and it’s even cheaper than what I did).
Here’s what you need:

  • Various sizes of cardboard cake boards
  • Silk flowers of your choosing
  • Hot glue
  • Glasses/wine glasses (you can find these at the Dollar Store for about $1-2 a glass)
  • Tape/sticky tack
  • Pearl strands/Ribbon (optional)

Total Cost: Average around $5 per centerpiece


Deconstruct your flowers so the leaves are separate. If you’re into more garden-y/springy looks, then glue them around the border of your cake board.  If you want ribbon or pearls, glue them in the crevices on the side of the cake board.

Arrange how you want the top tier to look with your silk flowers, and glue them.

Tape or sticky-tack the bottom of a glass or wine glass and attach to one of the tiers. When assembling, place a flower underneath the glass/wine glass. If you ‘re using both glasses and wine glasses, use the broader glass as the base.
Other things can go inside the glass like beads, photos, etc.

And voila! You have a custom made cupcake tower/centerpiece that took minutes to make
(Note: if using them as centerpieces, do not make them too tall).

How To Make Beaded Wine Charms

Wine charms not only enhance the beauty of your glasses, but they also help in knowing which glass is yours. Here is a very easy how-to on making wine charms that will charm your guest and allow you to show off your crafting skills by making charms that fit your wedding. From beach to classic, wine charms never go out of style.


Cluster charm tutorial


  • 1-in round memory wire
  • 5 headpins (any color you prefer)
  • 8- 3-mm faceted round dark ruby glass bead
  • 1- 10 x 15-mm faceted oval glass bead (I used amethyst)
  • Round nose pliers


Step 1: On one end of your memory wire make a loop.

Step 2: Take a headpin and the 10 x 15-mm oval, insert the headpin into bead. With your round nose pliers make a twist loop.

Step 3: Take 2 of the 3-mm rounds and insert them onto headpin. Cut wire to ¼ inch from beads, make a simple loop. Repeat with same step with remaining beads and headpins.

Step 4: Attach 3-mm rounds to 10 x 15-mm oval twisted loop (two on each side).

Step 5: Insert charm onto memory wire loop.

Step 6: Using round nose pliers, bend end of wire (appox. 1/8 inch). Hook through loop to close.




Easy charm tutorial


  • 1 inch round memory wire
  • Crystals, beads, pearls or charms of your choice
  • Round nose pliers


Step 1: On one end of your memory wire make a loop.

Step 2: Insert crystals, bead, pearls, and charm onto memory wire as shown.

Step 3: Using round nose pliers, bend end of wire (appox. 1/8 inch). Hook through loop to close.



Estimated cost: Varies. 

The estimated costs for these wine charms varies greatly depending on which style you make, which beads you choose, and the quantity you need.   For this project, I purchased everything from Michael’s, and the approximate cost was $3-4 per charm.  If you’re making more than just a few charms, it’s better to buy your supplies in bulk.  The bulk cost can be as low as 75 cents per charm! Shop for bulk supplies online from Fire Mountain Gems and Artbeads.

If you have questions about where to the materials, directions, or cost, please let me know!


Kati + Todd

While there are tons of cute DIY details in the wedding of Kati and Todd, my eyes stopped and stuck on the groom and his party’s vests. CAMO VESTS? I love it! I never see this, and it’s done so well here! I really need to stop using exclamation points!

In all seriousness though, I am very much enjoying this detail. Traditionally, most of the wedding aesthetic falls to the bride but Todd has interjected a nice and humorous bit of his personality into the day. As for Kati’s purview, she created the bridesmaids’ bouquets, centerpieces, and painted wine glasses. Today’s wedding is a great balance of personality, humor, and love.




Location: Elizabethtown, NC

Photography: Caroline Lima Photography

Venue: Lu Mil Vineyard

Dress: David’s Bridal

Florals: Elizabethtown Florist

John + Wendy

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing grey as part of a wedding palette. Case in point, this stunning Southern affair, complete with DIY centerpiece decor and pillows handmade by the bride. Paired with bright yellow (one of my favorite colors EVER), it all makes for an illuminated day even in the midst of all the rain.




Location: Southport, NC

Photography: Susie Linquist Photography

Venue: Southport Community Building

Event Coordinator: Seaside Wedding Connection

Caterer: Thyme Savor Catering

Bakery: The Confectionery

Band: Sea Pans

DJ: Active DJ Entertainment

Easy Vintage Brooch Necklace

Adding a vintage touch to the jewelry on your wedding day is surprisingly easy and just takes mere minutes.

What you’ll need:

  • Vintage brooch
  • Chain that matches brooch
  • Super glue (optional)


  1. Close the clasp on the brooch and thread the chain through the space between the back of the brooch and the clasp (so the brooch hangs from the chain).  If your brooch is missing the clasp, simply thread the chain through a space in the front so it hangs.
  2. This step is optional.  If the clasp on the brooch is loose or comes open easily, simply use super glue to keep the clasp closed and let it dry.
  3. That’s it, enjoy your new accessory!
If you want your ladies to rock similar jewelry with their dresses, while still accenting their personality, this necklace would be perfect!  And, if you use it for yourself, it would definitely work for the “something old” custom.  This would also be a great way to remember a loved one who is celebrating from above.


Shaun + Danielle

I love all the sweet family details of Shaun + Danielle’s wedding. They were married in a local church, and the reception was held at the home of the bride’s family. Danielle’s bouquet was wrapped with the sleeve from her mother’s wedding dress, and the silver centerpiece containers started with the collection of the bride’s grandmother.




Location: South Glastonbury, CT

Photography: Hales Studio

Catering: Emily’s Catering Group

Florals: Stylish Blooms

DIY Feather Bouquet

Today I’m sharing how to achieve a feather bouquet with just a few materials and a couple hours of free time.

What you’ll need:

  • At least 2 packages of craft feathers
  • Bouquet holder with round styrofoam top
  • 24 gauge wire
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pliers and wire cutters
  • Bling additions (optional)
Estimated cost: $26


*Note:  If you’d like the handle of your bouquet decorated, I would start with that.  The feathers will be kind of hard to work around once they’re all in place.

  1. To begin, insert feathers into the bottom part of the bouquet holder. Once you’ve got the bottom all filled in, set your project off to the side.  I set mine in a glass while I worked on the remaining steps. 
  2. To make the feather blooms, hot glue two feathers so that they face each other (save your fingertips, let the glue cool a couple seconds first).  Once the glue has dried, wrap wire around the bottom of the feathers.

    Continue to add feathers (approximately 6-8 more) using hot glue until you get something resembling a blooming flower, and once the glue dries, wrap a little wire around the bottom to help hold it all together.

  3. To add some bling to the bloom, simply put some hot glue in the middle of the bloom, stick the bling into the glue, and hold it until it dries.

    Note:  If you think bloom is looking a little sparse, just add a few more feathers until it’s fuller.

  4. Next, take your bloom and push it straight into the styrofoam and fill in around the bloom with feathers covering the styrofoam.
  5. Continue steps 2-4 until you create the desired number of blooms (I did five), and fill your bouquet in until it’s nice and full.*Note:  I used a little hot glue for the feathers that didn’t readily push into the styrofoam.
  6. Sit back and enjoy all your hard work!

Rachel + Cameron

How fabulous are the welcome baskets from Rachel and Cameron’s wedding? Each one had baked yummies, DIY lavender sachets, door hangers, programs and information for getting around the city, personalized bourbon, and a sweet thank you card for the guest. These personal details continued through the day, with all the decor being handmade by the bride and groom, and even the location of their wedding – it was where Rachel and Cameron had their first date and got engaged.




Location: Southern Pines, NC

Photography: Mollie Tobias Photography

Video: Twenty-One Films

Venue: The Jefferson Inn

Florals: Fifty Flowers, The Sunflower Stand

Invitations: Wood Chick Studios

Cake: Sweet Fi’s Cakes

Dress: Monique Lhuillier from Venus Bridal

Mens Attire: Calvin Klein and Jos. A. Banks

Children’s Attire: J. Crew and Pegeen

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Jewelry: Nordstrom

Makeup: Makeup For Your Day

Megan + Matt

I’ve talked before about how rainy the northwest can be, and anyone who’s read Twilight can attest to how damp we are. However, in the middle of November on a cold crisp day, the sun came out for Megan and Matt’s wedding.




Location: Seattle, WA

Photography: La Luz Photography

Ceremony: Villa Academy

Reception: The Canal

Caterer: Jewel Hospitality

Bakery: NY Cupcakes

Dress: Wedding Bell

Makeup: OffWhite Makeup and Beauty

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