Rebecca + Kenneth’s Vintage Glam Farm Wedding

You definitely don’t want to miss this super gorgeous DIY wedding today. I’m so in love with all the photos that Jamie Delaine Photography submitted… so much so that I kept them all and am sharing with you here!

Rebecca is a graphic designer who designed, well, pretty much all aspects of this wedding. She and Kenneth were able to pull all the details together with the help of their tight-knit Coquitlam community in British Columbia, Canada, on their family friend’s farm.

There were many awesome details that I want to share. From the photographer:

“all of their photo canvases (from our two engagement sessions!), horseshoes, photo “nets,” rowboat paddles instead of a guestbook, seeds as guest favours, posters instead of programs, wooden signs all over the property, the gorgeous pink & lace cake…”

I want to point out that the use of various big photo canvases near the front entrance to the wedding is a common Asian wedding practice.
So much details, so much sweetness! There are way too many aspects that I love about this wedding and this couple’s oh-so-laid-back style. My favorites are definitely Rebecca’s invitation suite designs, the wedding party’s sweet (bridesmaids) & hip (groomsmen) style that really work so well together, and the ceremony decor.

Rebecca + Kenneth did a fantabulous (yes, it’s fantastic and fabulous) job of creating this warm, inviting, and laid-back atmosphere for the wedding. This wedding is a great example of how you can use the same elements (burlap, lace, doilies, colors pink/green/brown, mason jars, and bunting) for a vintage rustic wedding and make it look glamorous somehow without the bling.

Congratulations Rebecca + Kenneth and thank you guys so much for this spectacular wedding!
Photographer: Jamie Delaine Photography//Wedding Date: August 03, 2013//Wedding Location: BC, Canada//Hair+Makeup:Lovely Wedding Studio//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Mia + David’s Sweet & Wholesome Wedding

We all know that planning a wedding is no easy task. When the wedding is a very DIY wedding… well, that certainly requires months of advance planning and executing, and of course, talented friends and family. For our super creative and talented bride Mia, she knew exactly what her dream wedding would be like and immediately started planning and working on the details as soon as she knew that she would marry David.

This sweet wedding consisted of so much DIY details, it’s awe-inspiring. I have so many favorite details from this wedding, and had a really hard time trying to pick them out from TréCreative Film & Photo. But if I had to pick my utmost favorites, it would have to be Mia’s dreamy dress and rosette boutonnieres. Mia, along with her dear friend Kierna, constructed her gorgeous vintage lace wedding dress for less than $45. They also created the beautiful boutonnieres and bridesmaids’ bouquets from pages of old French books and dictionary.

Other DIY details include invitation suite (Mia designed them their silhouettes as the main motif and hand lettered the invitations), headpiece, bouquet and garters, the flower girl baskets and flower head wreaths, the ring bearer’s nest, the cake topper, and the chalkboard directional sign.

What a sweet, sweet couple. Ialso want to share a couple of other sweet details:

The bridesmaids gifts include Sseko sandals, which are made by Ugandan women earning money to go to college.

But the sweetest one of them all?

Mia’s locket on her bouquet was actually a present from her grandfather. The locket originally belong to her grandmother, whom passed away before she was born. The locket says “I love Lenny” (also short for Mia’s middle name “Helen”, and grandmother’s name)… and when her grandmother opened to see it for the first time, that was also the first time her grandfather had expressed his feelings for her. Awwwwwwww!!!

Congratulations on your beautiful marriage Mia + David!

Photographer:  TréCreative Film&Photo//Wedding Video: Mia + David//Wedding Date: August 04, 2013//Wedding Location: Fremont, California//Cake Designer: Amia Bakery //Caterer:Mikonos Grill//Event Venue:Shinn HIstoric Park & Arboretum//Cinema and Video: TréCreative//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Stephanie + Nick’s Intimate Backyard Wedding

I’m currently experiencing a “snowpocalypse” here in Atlanta and craving for some warm, pretty weather. Luckily, I can live vicariously through a wedding by Blue Rose Photography I’m featuring today. Stephanie + Nick decided to get married in their new gorgeous backyard in Seattle, Washington, to keep it intimate & budget-friendly. They DIY most of the wedding, with flowers from a local market and food catered from Veraci Wood Fired Pizza.

Stephanie + Nick bought all the flowers from local Farmers Market for *gasp* $75 and friends and family helped to put the bouquets, boutonnieres, and center pieces together. They spent a little more money (since they saved on the venue!) to rent beautiful wood tables from Seattle Farm Tables. They also set up their own beverage station with DIY tags and made their own beautiful invitation suites and signage.
Some of my favorites: The t-rex cake topper, especially the veil on the bridal t-rex! I also super love the beautiful dahlias in their backyard… goes very well with their floral-theme signage and invitation suite! Nice job done, Stephanie + Nick! Big congrats you two!


Photographer:  Blue Rose Photography//Wedding Date: Aug 03, 2013//Wedding Location: Couple’s backyard//Caterer: Veraci Pizza//Rental:Seattle Farm Table

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Emily + Alex’s Picturesque Camp Wedding

I always have a habit of flipping through all the images from a wedding or photo shoot prior to reading any sort of description from the photographer or the couple. With no doubt, Emily + Alex are a gorgeous couple, but I was more astounded by the fact that the images before me looked more like a professional bridal magazine styled shoot than an actual wedding… I mean, surely… this can’t possibly be a DIY wedding….

And of course I was wrong! Catalina of Catalina Jean Photography had similar reaction when she arrived to shoot the wedding… “When I first arrived to photograph this wedding I was convinced it was professionally designed. I was so surprised to hear the bride and her mother intricately designed this wedding themselves!”

Seriously… all the attention to detail, color, and style… just all spot on! I love the dominantly soft palette, Emily’s hair bun decorated in baby breathes, and all the estate sale finds that made every aspect of this picturesque wedding looked like it came straight out of a bridal magazine.

For their vintage wedding, Emily’s mom collected all the dishes, props, and details from various sources including estate sales. Emily’s friends got together and helped bake the wedding cake and various sweets for the dessert table. Her family put together the invitation suite as well as transformed the camp into a beautiful ethereal wedding site.

Of all the DIY details, Emily’s favorite if she had to pick one?

“It’s really hard for me to narrow down… But I’d have to say my absolute favorite would be the swing my brother, grandpa, uncle & fiancé (now husband) made for our foot washing ceremony. I’ve loved to swing from the time I was a little girl and, knowing this, Alex proposed to me on a swing. To me it signified both our past and our future, capturing our mutual appreciation of simple childhood pleasures and bringing a unique & lovely touch to our ceremony.”

Another sweet tidbit to share: Alex proposed to Emily with his mother’s wedding and engagement rings, who passed away a few years ago. For their First Look, Alex gave Emily a letter “written” by his mother, using snippets from his mother’s old journal and letters. It was a priceless gift for Emily… Serious tearjerker there (see photos above)!

Congratulations Emily + Alex. Such a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!


Photographer:  Catalina Jean Photography//Wedding Date: July 27, 2013// Wedding Location: Big Creek, California//Hair Stylist:A Gentry Salon//Cake Designer:Allison Patteson//Dress Store:Allure Bridals//Floral Designer: Brown Bunny Flowers//Event Venue:Camp Sierra//Event Designer:Cup and Saucer Vintage//Jewelry: Knutson Jewelers//Caterer:Smoke Bomb BBQ//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Erin + Cameron’s Thrifty & Stylish Wedding

First thing that popped in my head when I looked through Erin + Cameron’s photos by Shirock Photography was the word character. This couple is not shy about expressing how much fun they are having nor how in love they are, a quintessential combination that every wedding photographer dreams of for their perfect couple. They’re just exuding so much personality and style, it’s really hard not to smile and giggle and go awwwwww at the same time.

Erin + Cameron are ALL about being thrifty in the best way possible for their California summer wedding. With their share love for old things, they scavenged through their parents’ closets and barns for things they can use for their decors- jars, old books, trinkets, and tons of fabric.

I’m in love with Erin’s vintage-y dress and the flower wreath that she wore on her head after the ceremony, as well as on the heads of those super adorable flower girls. According to Erin, Cameron’s mom planted all the flowers that were used in the wedding a few months prior to the wedding… so that all the flowers would bloom in time to use! They had a big BBQ the night before the wedding, and Erin delegated her bridal party to go around and cut all the fresh flowers to use the next day. Talk about fresh flowers at low cost!
The banners and strips of vintage-y fabric were surprisingly easy for Erin to do. They acted like curtains as decor throughout the venue. I especially *heart* the ones hanging down from the tree. So uber romantic! It was an easy project that made a big statement, AND she could delegate other people to help her with it.

And if I counted correctly, Cameron had fourteen groomsmen in his party. Whew! I think it’s totally awesome that Erin + Cameron took such a carefree and unorthodox approach on their wedding day… they totally focused on what’s important to them, and everything certainly paid off! Thank you for showing us how to stay stylish and thrifty yet the same time!


Photographer:  Shirock Photography//Wedding Date: July 14, 2012//Location: California//Hair Stylist:Ballyhoo Salon//Caterer:BStroh Catering//DJ:Cameron Duff//Dress Store:David’s Bridal//Jewelry:Kenneth Cole//Floral Designer: Rosemary Duff Florist//Cinema and Video: 618studios//Event Venue: Bates Nut Farm//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Katie + Alycia’s Forever Entwined Wedding

Katie + Alycia has been together for 5 years and wanted to get married in New York. Reminisce Photography encapsulated many beautiful moments and details from this beautiful couple. There were many cute DIYs shown throughout the day… from the flowers to the center pieces… to the decor. In fact, their wedding cake was made by none other than Alycia herself (it helps that she is a pastry chef)! I also adore their super cute ring bearer!

There’s nothing more heartwarming to see than all those special moments Katie + Alycia got to have with their moms on their big day… awwwwww! Congratulations to the two of you! Thank you for sharing this fun wedding with DIY Bride!
Photographer:  Reminisce Photography//Wedding Date: August 17, 2013//Reception Venue:Long Island Maritime Museum//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jessica + Anthony’s Date at the Orchards Engagement Shoot

Romantic picnic underneath apple trees? Check. Frolicking through pumpkin patches and picking ripen apples from apple trees? Check. This super cute and romantic engagement shoot by Mon Petit Studio was just oozing gorgeous colors and love all over these photos.




I love how this engagement shoot doesn’t really feel like a photo shoot. It actually felt more like a real date Jessica + Anthony were having and Mon Petit Photography just happened to be there to capture it all (*hint* proposal ideas, anyone?). Congratulations to the gorgeous couple, and we can’t wait to see what your wedding will be like in August!
Photographer:  Mon Petit Studio//Shoot Date: Oct 01, 2013//Location:Applecrest Farm Orchards//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Kaitlyn + Tim’s DIY In-the-Woods Wedding

You don’t have to completely DIY everything in your wedding to be considered as a DIY wedding. Here at DIY Bride, we very much appreciate seeing different creative ways couples and their friends and family come up with to personalize the wedding. This summer Connecticut wedding I’m sharing with you this morning is a spectacular all hands-on wedding from Katie Slater Photography. Kaitlyn + Tim both come from a family history of farmers, so it only makes sense for their union to be set in the beautiful outdoors. Their apparent love for nature, farming, and rustic touches dominate as the main themes for their wedding.

Oh look at that all pink peony bridal bouquet! What a beauty! Swoon. You know what else is also very dreamy and hikes up the envy-meter? Horse-drawn carriage. That’s right! Kaitlyn + Tim had horse-drawn carriage to transport all of the wedding party to where the ceremony was held… with all the guests looking on. But their picture-perfect day started even before that, where they shared a very emotional First Look.

Notable DIY details from Kaitlyn:

“Tim works for the state cutting down trees. He cut down a beautiful birch and I demanded that he take it home and not waste its beauty in a wood chipper. He cut them into round disks using our neighbor’s amazing saw. The mason jars were originally clear and we used glass paint to make them appear to be a vintage mason jar blue. The mason jar decorations were hand assembled…The table numbers were all hand made from sticks in my back woods. This was my friend Tara’s idea. She deeply regrets it because it took countless hours to make them all! The rest of the materials were from and were assembled by my bridesmaids and I. The tea stained doilies were actually stained using diluted coffee at 3 am two days before the wedding. Tim was laughing because he didn’t think he would ever in his life dry 300 doilies at 3 am with a hairdryer in a room full of girls…

(For wedding favors) Tim and I have 60 blueberry bushes. We honestly picked every single blueberry produced by our bushes the summer prior to our wedding. They are heirloom organic berries. The mothers and I made made several batches of our secret blueberry lemon jam recipe. It took days! My maid of honor designed the labels for the jars. My bridesmaids helped cut the fabric and tie each and every jar.Place stickers were also designed by my MOH.

The archway decoration for the ceremony was made with materials from and my MOH and I created it together over a few days…” Fantastic job done on the arch you two! I love it when besties work on pretty projects together!

I want to mention one last very sweet detail this couple did. Kaitlyn + Tim had a candle made (shown above) in honor of his older brother Andy who passed away when Tim was in 8th grade. Kaitlyn mentioned that it was very hard for Tim not to have his brother there, so this was their way of making sure his presence was there.


“The candle was a vase engraved with “In Loving Memory of Andy.” We filled the vase with water and added a floating candle to the top. This way his candle will never burn down and can be lit for years to come. Tim’s younger brother Casey asked to have it for his wedding coming up in the fall of 2014.”

Thank you Kaitlyn + Tim and  Katie Slater Photography for sharing with us this beautiful & super dreamy DIY wedding!


Photographer:  Katie Slater Photography//Wedding Date: June 29, 2013//Transportation:Cedar Knoll Draft Horses//Cake Designer: Chocolate Rose Bakeshop//Floral Designer:Edinboro Flower Shop//Dress Store: La Reine Bridal//Dress Designer:San Patrick//DJ:Upbeat DJ//Reception Venue:Wright’s Mill Tree Farm//Bridesmaid Dresses:WToo//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Cheyenne + Sean’s Sweet DIY Backyard Wedding

A true and through DIY wedding, Cheyenne & Sean, together with their family, decorated and made every aspect for the big day. Cheyenne and Sean got married at Sean’s family backyard, the same “venue” as all of Sean’s other siblings had before him. Other than the adorable First Look they had at the historic Los Rios District in San Juan Capistrano, everything else captured on film was all at the backyard. They exemplified that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or search high and low for that perfect place- sometimes, the best talent and best places to get married is right next to you! Their photographer, Heidi of heidi-o-photo submitted quite a few detail shots of all of their impressive DIY work, which I can’t wait to share below!

As you will see, there are lots of cute DIYs that you can use as an inspiration for yours. My favorites? I love the mixed media bridesmaids’ bouquets and the matching boutonnieres for the groomsmen. I also adore how every table centerpieces are all slightly different yet all flow together. And mad props to Sean’s mom for sewing the bridesmaids’ skirts and groom & groomsmen’s vests.

Pretty colors pastel blue & pink and lace doilies set the sweet and romantic mood for this backyard wedding. We’re incredibly impressed with all the DIY details that Cheyenne + Sean and family were able to pull together. I hope that you were able to find a little bit of sweet inspiration for yours! Thank you for sharing this wedding with us Heidi and congrats to Cheyenne + Sean!
Photographer: heidi-o-photo//Wedding Date: July 7, 2013//Wedding Venue: Groom’s family backyard//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Natalie + Joey’s Theatrical Wedding

I love featuring weddings that showcase unique venues. For Natalie and Joey, their unique venue is Lab Theater, where Natalie works as an assistant. What makes this 6,000 square-foot experimental “laboratory” warehouse-turned-theater cool isn’t just its history, but the fact that this huge space has absolutely no windows. I actually find the decision to host a wedding where there are no windows pretty daring for any couple as lighting is super important for photography-sake as well as for setting the mood. Photographer Marc over at Lens and Luma Photography championed the challenge and did a pretty incredible job of producing magnificent photojournalistic-styled pictures of their big day.

I love that Natalie and Joey used the backstage as their getting-ready room and the actual theater stage as for the ceremony. I also love that throughout all the pictures, it was clear that they were happy, comfortable, and relaxed. It was almost like they were getting ready to put on their best show without looking all frazzled.

Natalie and her friends & family worked on a few DIY projects for the wedding. The unique center pieces of origami and pom-poms, the photo booth, as well as the blue & green lighting pom-poms that were decorated across the theater were their work.
Big thanks to Marc over at Lens and Luma for showing us such a beautiful and ethereal wedding. When I saw the after ceremony photos taken at backstage, I almost teared up. It’s only at weddings when you can truly feel that the union of two lovebirds is not just a union of two people, but two family and all of their friends. And how neat was it for the guests to have the bride + groom to perform for them… Congratulations to Natalie and Joey!


Photographer: Lens and Luma Photography//Wedding Date: September 7, 2013//Wedding Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota//Venue: Lab Theater//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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