DIY Silk Gift Box With Starfish Embellishment

Luxe lovers, you’re in for a very special DIY project today! I was challenged by our friends at Totally Dazzled to create something that would show off  their beautiful their rhinestone products so, naturally, I wanted to do something that felt rich and luxurious. The deep turquoise blue with the pop of coral-y orange ribbon adds a modern twist to a seaside theme.

For this project I chose a silver and rhinestone Starfish flatback as a pretty embellishment to a silk pyramid favor box. I love this project because it’s great for all skill levels and it’s easily adaptable to other styles, budgets, and color schemes.

Supplies Needed:

  • Silk Dupioni (or fabric of your choice)
  • Pyramid Box Template
  • Computer and printer (not shown)
  • White 8.5 inch by 11 inch cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Bone Folder
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Ribbon
  • Rhinestone Starfish Flatback by Totally Dazzled
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks (not shown)
  • Iron and ironing board (not shown)


1. Iron the silk to remove all wrinkles.

2. Print the Pyramid Box Template onto the white cardstock.

3. Cut the box template from the cardstock with scissors leaving about a 1/2″ margin around the template. The little extra margin will help you get a clean, no-fray cut from the silk when you trim it to size later on.


Note: Now it’s time to laminate the template to the silk. This is best done outside in a well-ventilated space and on a protected surface. Spray adhesive will get on everything you own forever sticking every bit of lint, dirt, and debris to every surface it comes into contact with. And it’s nasty to breathe. Again: do this outside!

4. Spray a light, even coat of adhesive on the back (non-printed) side of the template. Be sure to cover the entire template, making sure to get the edges. If the edges don’t bond to the fabric, the rest of the project isn’t going to come out well. There will be tears. Gnashing of teeth. Possible rending of garments. Nobody wants that.


5. Flip the template over and press it firmly down on a piece of ironed, wrinkle-free silk. (Note: I pre-cut pieces of silk to fit the template – 6.5″ by 6.5″ – to save time and have less worry about wrangling bulk yards of silk. If you do this, be sure to leave at least a 1/4″ to 1/2″ margin in case the silk starts to fray. And, pro tip: the silk will fray.)


6. Next, flip the template over and use your bone folder to press any wrinkles out of the silk and help the fabric bond to the cardstock. You want everything to be smoooooooth.


7. Using sharp scissors, trim away the excess edges of cardstock and fabric on box template. Sharp scissors are important here. Dull ones will just shred the fabric.

Ta da! You’re getting closer to your Favor Box of Ultimate Awesome.


8. Flip the box over and punch holes in each of the four points. They’re marked on the template to make it easy for you. If you have any fibers coming through the holes, just trim them way with scissors. (Nail scissors work great for this, btw.)


9. Using your bone folder and a straight edge (like a ruler, for example), score each of the dotted lines on the template. Be sure to use even, steady pressure to get a good straight line. Any “mistakes” will show through on the fabric side so take your time with this step. It’s tedious but easy.


10. Fold the box along the dotted lines.


Note: Add your favor to the inside of the box at this stage because it’ll be a lot harder to do when the ribbon is attached.

12. It’s ribbon time! Cut two 11″ lengths of ribbon.  Slip one ribbon through the holes, front to back. Slip the other through the holes, side to side. Pull the front-to-back ribbons together and tie them in a knot. Pull the side-to-side ribbons together and tie them into a bow. The box should be totally closed. Trim the excess ribbon.

Confession: I really fail at tying bows and measuring ribbon so I usually end up with a gross amount of waste. If your ribbon prowess is greater than mine, you can probably get away with using less ribbon per box.


13. With your glue gun attach the pretty little starfish to the front of your box with a couple of dabs of hot glue.


14. Admire your work and pat yo’self on the back. You just created a beautiful gift your guests will love!


Notes and Details:

• The cost per box, minus any treat you may put inside, is less than $2.00 to make. My silk was $20 per yard and it is possible to get 30 boxes per yard of 44″ wide fabric. Add $0.97 for the Starfish, about $0.10 per piece for bulk cardstock, then add in ribbon and spray adhesive and it comes to about $1.75.

• It is possible to use alternative fabrics! Nearly any lightweight fabric will work but, be careful, about bleed-through with the spray adhesive. Get a small test swatch of fabric before you commit to buying in bulk.

• Don’t want to use fabric? No problem! You can print the template on any paper or cardstock. Check scrapbook stores for interesting printed papers and textured cardstocks. (You’ll save on fabric costs as well. Silk is spendy.)

• Make sure you use super-sharp scissors when cutting silk. Silk will fray like the Dickens and anytime you pull a strand, it’ll just get worse. Always trim with sharp scissors to save your sanity. You can use a commercial fray-stopping agent but it’ll likely leave a stain on silk.

• This is a time-consuming project so get extra help or plan way ahead. It look about 15 minutes per box from start to completion. This isn’t something you want to start the day before the wedding.


Lindsay & Robert’s Nautical-Inspired Wedding

Nautical lovers – and those looking for country club/golf club ideas – you’re in for a treat today!

Lindsay and Rob held their wedding at Countryside Country Club in Clearwater, Florida, a venue that has a very special family connection as Lindsay’s parents were married there.

Since their last name is Knaut, Lindsay incorporated a few nautical elements for a touch of whimsy to go with her and Rob’s teal color scheme. The crafty Linsday and her family DIYed all the the table decor, flowers, and boutonnieres. And you see that gorgeous cathedral-length veil? That was made by Lindsay who, after realizing that a salon-bought veil of the same quality would be cost over $300. Lindsay’s version? About $40.

Other fun details: Lindsay, a recent sheriff’s academy graduate, and Rob, an EMT, entered the reception handcuffed together. To honor her beloved, Lindsay wore a garter with the ambulance and medical symbol.

Congrats to Rob and Lindsay for creating such a vibrant and fun wedding day — and for sharing it with us!

Lindsay & Robert
Countryside Country Club, Florida
Event Date: December, 2014

Photographer:  Lisa Otto Photography//Reception Venue:Countryside Country Club//Dress Store:David’s Bridal//DJ:DJ MC Brownie//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men’s Warehouse//Hair Stylist:Michele Renne – The Studio//Makeup Artist:Michele Renne – The Studio//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Amanda & Victor’s Lake Lanier Georgia Rehearsal Dinner

It’s not often we share pre-wedding party shoots with you lovely readers so you know this one is going to pretty darned special.

Amanda and Victor, fun and stylish couple, created a rehearsal dinner theme around their shared love of books.

Amanda says:

Victor and I are both avid readers and our first loves were books. Some of our favorite childhood stories were crossovers that we both read when we were younger. We thought the best way to put our stamp on this night was through the books that we’ve loved throughout the years.

In a few of our favorite books, a deer or stag motif is a large part of the storyline. For instance, Harry Potter’s Patronus, the stag in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. So we decided to use that as a large design element for the dinner, along with bright pops of sunny yellow to bring the outside in.

I wanted to DIY as much as I could for the rehearsal dinner! I created the staghead that sat on the cake table along with each table name, the heart-shaped confetti, the corn hole boards, & the centerpieces. All in all, it was the perfect evening!

The result? A bright, fresh, and relaxed day for Victor and Amanda to spend time with their family and wedding party. Perfect!

Amanda & Victor
Lake Lanier Georgia Rehearsal Dinner
Event Date: October, 2014

Photographer:  Lacey Gabrielle Photography//Linens and Coverings: Fabulous Events//Event Planner: Kate and Campbell Weddings//Jewelry: Kate Spade//Caterer: Lake Lanier Islands//Event Venue:Lake Lanier Islands Resort//Cake Designer:Magnolia Cakes and Confections//Apparel: Shoshanna//Floral Designer: Unique Floral Expressions//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jeana & Doug’s Romantic Fall Wedding

For those of you who love fall weddings (and, really, who doesn’t?), you’re in for such a treat today. Jeana and Doug’s Westbrook, Maine wedding brings together a beautiful location with a gorgeous color palette. The result celebrates the richness of fall yet still remains bright and fresh with the pops of bright orange. Beautifully done!

Hosted at the Sunset Ridge Golf Course, Jeana and Doug held their ceremony in the open air outside and moved the reception indoors under the cupola and a tent where they enjoyed an abundance of yummy food and a big dance party. (Some of their guests have serious moves!)

Photographer, Sarah of  Sarah Morrill Photography, shares some details about the Doug and Jeana and their big day:

The couple is from Maine and have been together since high school, they did things in their own order and at their own speed. Moved in together, bought a house, and then threw the perfect wedding. Jeana did most of the design for the wedding, with a wonderful sense of style. She had her sister design and create a fall themed gown.


Many congrats, Jeana and Doug!



Jeana & Doug
Romantic Fall Wedding
Sunset Ridge Country Club, Maine
Event Date: October, 2014

Photographer:  Sarah Morrill Photography//Jewelry:Big Rock Bridal//Other:Day of Coordinator//Makeup Artist:Jessica Candage Makeup Artistry//Other:Jill Hoverman//Equipment Rentals:Odds Are Productions//Cake Designer: Two Fat Cats//Caterer: Local Sprouts Cooperative//Other Location:Sunset Ridge Country Club//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Lavender Infused Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

The stress of wedding planning can manifest in a myriad of weird and awful ways. For me, way back in the olden days when I got married, my scalp went absolutely banana pants crazy right before the wedding when stress was at its peak. The week after the wedding? Back to normal. Zero problems. Ugh! Luckily for you, dear ones, our guest contributor today, Wendy Rose Gould, has a great de-stressing and damage-repair DIY treatment for your hair and scalp.

“Applied topically, coconut oil actually does a few things for your hair. First, it nourishes the hair shaft to create a vibrant sheen. It also conditions the hair to restore moisture and repair damage,” explains Wendy Rose Gould beauty expert for hair tutorial and advice site “Also, when applied at the scalp, it can help reduce dandruff and soothe sensitive or itchy skin.” Tip: For beauty uses, choose extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil.

“Let’s move onto the lavender portion of this two-ingredient DIY hair treatment. Lavender also has numerous benefits. It’s no secret that it smells amazing, and many simply use aromatic lavender for its calming effects. Topically, lavender, like coconut oil, is antibacterial and therefore helps with dandruff. It also helps to soften the hair.”

What You Need For This Recipe:

Small Bowl
2 Tablespoons of Unrefined, Virgin Coconut Oil
Fresh or Dried Lavender Springs (or 2 drops essential oil)
Measuring Spoons
Step 1: Place Oil Into Your Bowl

Measure out 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and add it to your bowl. Depending on your hair length, you may want to add more or less oil to the bowl. For medium-to-long hair, two tablespoons should suffice. If your coconut oil has turned to liquid, just measure it out like normal.


Step 2: Add Lavender

Remove the greens and/or buds from your lavender and place it in the bowl with your coconut oil. If you want to add a little more for fragrance, that’s okay. A few pinches is plenty.


Step 3: Infuse Your Lavender

Next, we’re going to infuse the lavender into the coconut oil. To do this, create a bain-marie by placing your bowl over a sauce pan filled with water. Turn your heat to low-medium and allow the coconut oil to melt down, stirring periodically. If your coconut oil is already liquid, you still want to do this, as the warmth from the water bath will expedite the lavender oil extraction. Keep your bain-marie going for 45 minutes to one hour, then remove from the heat.


Step 4: Cool and Strain

Allow your infused coconut oil to set for 10 to 15 minutes, or until it is slightly warm (not hot). Remove the lavender pieces if desired.


Step 5: Apply to Hair

Work the oil through your hair, focusing on the ends where hair gets dry. You can also focus on the scalp if you’re dealing with itchy, dry skin or dandruff. Let the oil set for 15 to 45 minutes. The longer it sets, the better. Shampoo and style as normal.


Step 6: Revel in Softer, Prettier Hair


Want to improve your hair even more? Check out’s Product + Hair Advice section.

Help Wanted: Beauty Bloggers

DIY Bride is seeking a few freelance beauty writers to support our small and dedicated editorial team.

The ideal candidate is someone who knows her way around high-end makeup counters and her local drugstore cosmetics aisles. She has an arsenal of solutions for common beauty problems, follows bridal beauty trends, and can community with readers in a clear-but-engaging style.

As our readership is very diverse, we’re looking for writers who are experienced with (or specialize in) women of all colors and ethnicities. We’re also seeking writers who specialize in hair, nails, and skincare.



  • Write beauty posts including (but not limited to): how-tos, product round-ups, product reviews, new beauty launches as they relate to the millennial bridal market.
  • Pitch beauty story ideas.
  • File stories with compelling copy, web-friendly headlines and well-photographed images.



  • A minimum of 1 year producing beauty content for the web.
  • Knowledge of WordPress.
  • Makeup, hair and/or nails expertise.
  • Excellent photography skills.
  • Strong communication skills.

This is a contract, work-from-anywhere position.


To apply:

Please include your resume, a link to your clips/online presence, and the following editorial test, in lieu of a cover letter:

Today is your first day at DIY Bride and you are asked to write a beauty “How To” that our bridal readers will click on today, share with friends on social, and actually try later. Please include a click-worthy headline, a detailed description of what the post will cover, and how you would execute it (images, video, interviews, resources). Let us know what caption you would use to promote it on social.

Email to


Kate & Lane’s Beautiful Handmade Wedding

Get your “love this!” folders ready, my friends, because Kate and Lane’s wedding is full of handmade DIY details that you’re going to want to borrow for your own big day.

About Kate & Lane from Kate’s point-of-view:

I met my husband in a cave. Yes. A dark, dusty, bat-filled cave. Little did I know the man crawling through crevices in front of me would one day surprise me with a perfect proposal, being my world travel companion, and call me his wife. I cannot imagine a more suitable and true-to-us, being to our adventure.

About The Wedding:

After putting a ring on my finger, we quickly started planning. I chose a sweet southern, vintage theme for the occasion. I’ve always been drawn to objects with an element of history. I wanted the wedding to have character; an event reflecting decades passed while celebrating the decades to come. Accomplishing this vision, my mother and I enjoyed antique hunting, to find the perfect pieces. We thoroughly enjoyed the DIY aspect, all the way from programs to pew decor. I incorporated family heirlooms and collections into everything from what I carried down the aisle to the centerpieces. Instead of a pillow from the ring bearer, we used the bible my grandparents were given on their wedding day. My husband and I shared a sweetheart table at the reception. Our centerpiece consisted of the cake topper from my parents’ wedding as well as the antique salt and pepper shakers my grandparents had received for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Festivities kicked off earlier in the week as friends and family traveled from all corners of Texas, the western US, New York, and even China! Our rehearsal dinner took place at a charming city park, just a few winding miles from our venue. With a few tables waiting under the small pavilion, we enjoyed an evening of our favorite local tacos and conversation. The following day, we tied the knot at a beautiful gem of a venue, Star Hill Ranch. Nestled in the rolling hill country of central Texas, Star Hill Ranch provides a charming and romantic setting full of old, restored chapels and buildings from all across the state. After exchanging vows in a tiny, white chapel built at the turn of the 20th century, we moved to a charmed school house for the reception.

One of my favorite elements was a wedding photo display made from family albums and old window frames. Many of the decorations from our wedding are recycled in our new home. We’ve truly enjoyed having these little touches around. Our favorite souvenir from the wedding is definitely the incredible collection of wedding photos, courtesy of our amazing photographer, Lindsey Thorne. She captured all emotions of the day, and in miraculous beauty and detail. Her use of light and composition still gives me chills! My husband and I are so glad we possess such incredible photos from our wedding, to one day share with our children.

The result of all their hard work is a sweet and beautiful wedding that’s not overly fussy or complicated. The details blend perfectly together and compliment the day. Well done!

Kate + Lane
Star Hill Ranch , Texas
Event Date: June, 2014

Photographer:  Lindsey Thorne Photography//Makeup Artist:Beauty Mark Agency//Cinema and Video:Capital Wedding Video//Caterer: GOOD BETTER BEST CATERING//Event Planner:Kristin Catter Events//Event Venue:Star Hill Ranch //Floral Designer: Sweet Magnolia Floral Studio//Bakery: Sweet Treets//Musicians: Terra Vista Strings//Photo Booth Equipment: The Traveling Photo Booth Austin//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Sonia & Matthew

Sonia and Matthew knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding: a venue that was reliable, reasonably priced and the perfect atmosphere for our lively guests. After visiting the Riverview, they booked it the following week – and how right they were! The venue proved to be utterly wonderful from the friendly staff to the beautiful decor and kick-ass dance floor as you’ll see in the pictures below.

According to Sonia, deciding the décor or theme of their wedding was one of the hardest tasks.

We perused all the normal online sites: TheKnot, WeddingWire, Pinterest, and Etsy. We didn’t want our décor to be “ordinary” and I stumbled upon the idea of paper flowers to substitute all flowers that would naturally be in a wedding. The last place I imagined provided us with all of the necessary skills: YouTube! Trial after trial we came up with 6 different paper flowers that were presentable, and when put together as a centerpiece or bouquet – they were fabulous! Most of the work was put forward by my mother and I (and some from the hubby!) on boring winter nights. Overall, it took us about ten months to make all of the flowers for 15 centerpieces and 8 bouquets. Looking back it was everything I imagined – elegant, atypical and just as beautiful as real flowers. Today, friends and family have the centerpieces as décor throughout their homes. My bouquet is an accent piece in my dining area, and I cherish the fact that the beauty of the flowers will never die.

All of the hard work (and love) shines right through. Check it out for yourself!

Sonia & Matthew
The Riverview, Connecticut
Event Date: August, 2013

Photographer:  Christina Corneau Photography//Musicians: Entertainment Specialists//Dress Store:Harold’s Bridal//DJ: MUSIC IN MOTION//Specialty Foods: One Hope Wines//Makeup Artist:Salon Le Rae//Hair Stylist:Salon LeRae//Reception Venue: The Riverview//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Meghan & Derrick’s Intimate DIY Wedding

Small, intimate weddings hold a special place in our collective hearts here at DIY Bride. We love seeing how you guys and gals keep things simple, manageable, and meaningful so, when we received Meghan and Derrick’s wedding, we knew this would be a great wedding wedding to share.

According to our bride, Meghan:

Derrick and I first met at a youth camp I’ve grown up at. Our foundation in our faith immediately drew us to each other and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Our wedding was so beautiful and special to us.

We were engaged for a year, and in that time I was able to create personalized details like a wood-burned sign for said jars that said “please take one”, wood-burned engraved hangers for each of my bridesmaids, hand-painted photo booth props, a shabby chic card box, cloth-covered mini jars with wedding rice for throwing, twine wrapped wine bottles, burlap mason jars, and more!

I’m thankful to have had such an incredibly talented photographer to capture every beautiful detail of our wedding, as well as every emotional and intimate moment. One of my favorite pictures from our special day was where Derrick is blindfolded and kissing my forehead while my face radiates with joy. It epitomizes our relationship perfectly. We took that moment to pray together before we embarked on the greatest day of our lives. I’ve replayed my wedding over and over again in my mind, reliving every moment to ensure it was perfect. It means everything to me, and I know I’ll cherish these photos and memories for years to come. That’s all a bride can really hope for.

Meghan & Derrick
Compass Rose, Florida
Event Date: May, 2014

Photographer:  Ais Portraits//Restaurant:Compass Rose//Veils and headpieces:Etsy//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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