Recipe: Valentine’s Day Cocktail

While the name of this cocktail is sometimes referred to as the broken heart, I think it should be renamed to love spell! This would be a delicious complement to your home-cooked Valentine’s Day meal for your sweetie or as a fun signature cocktail.


  • Chambord 1 oz
  • Vodka 1 oz
  • Orange Juice 2 oz
  • Splash Of Grenadine
  • Aardvark Eco-Flex Straws


  • Minutes!


  •  1


This cocktail is not only simple, but also delicious!


All you need to do is mix all of your ingredients together, pour over ice, insert your straw, and enjoy!

The Aardvark company sent over some of their cute straws for me to test out and I am excited to be abel to finally share them with you! You can check out their full selection of colors and unique Eco-Flex straws by clicking here.  I love the fact that they are eco friendly, but also super cute and fun to use. Thanks Aardvark!

Do plan on having your own signature cocktail at your wedding? We would love to hear from you! Contact us at or tag us @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.



DIY: Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

These marbled clay jewelry dishes are so easy and there are endless variations to customize them to fit your style!


  • Round cookie cutter
  • Clay
  • Paint Pen
  • Rolling Pin (or other cylinder to roll out clay)
  • Parchment Paper


  • 10 minutes prep + 25 minutes to bake


  • If you can use a rolling pin and oven- you can do this!

First, preheat your oven to 300F. Most brands of clay come with indents to help you break it into even pieces. You’ll want about nine 1/2 inch blocks.

Roll each block into a strand that’s about 8-9 inches long. Once all of your colors are rolled into long strands, twist them together and then into a ball. It should look something like this by now.

Then, using your rolling pin, roll the clay out until it’s about 3/4 inch thick.

To make it a perfect circle, use your cookie cutter.

Now, just push the edges up to create a little lip all the way around the dish. Pop it in the oven for about 25 minutes (check on them after 15 minutes or so to make sure they are ok.)

Once they’re cooled off, it’s time to paint around the edge of them with your paint pen. After that, you’re done! Style them, gift them, use them, whatever you want!

These are the perfect gift to give to your bridesmaids or just to make for a holiday gift for someone in your life. If you make these, tag us on Instagram @diybrideblog so we can see them! I love seeing all of your gorgeous creations!



DIY: Ombré Candles

These DIY ombré candles would make beautiful gifts for your wedding party or easy favors for any shower.


  • Glass jar or vase
  • White Candle Wax (We used soy wax)
  • Colored Wax
  • Candle Wicks
  • Scented Oils (optional)
  • Disposable jar or can to melt the wax in


  • 3-4 hours including hardening time


  • It is hard to mess this one up.

We chose to use a double boiler to melt the wax because this is the safest option when heating wax to such a high temperature. We used a mason jar to melt the wax, but you can also use a cleaned out tin can. This will allow you to throw out the vessel once you are finished and you will not need to worry about trying to get all of the wax out of the jar. The darkest layer should be at the bottom of your candle so be sure to add the most amount of color to this batch and start melting it.

While your wax is melting measure and trim your wick to fit the correct size of your jar.

Warm up a small amount of the candle wax in your hards and press it to the bottom of the jar to keep your wick in place.

Pour your first layer of wax into the jar. Place in the refrigerator and let hardened for about 1 hour.

Melt more wax and add a little less color this time around. Once the first layer is hardened pour the next color layer onto. Repeat the steps until you are a few inches from the top of the candle. Let harden completely, light, and enjoy.

*To avoid cracking in the wax allow the candle to harden on its own rather than in a refrigerator. It is also hard to tell the true color the wax will be once it hardens, so test a small layer in another jar to get the colors just right!

What did you do with your DIY ombré candles? Share with us on Instagram @DIYBrideBlog.

DIY: Ombre Terracotta Pots

With a few simple supplies you can turn your ordinary terracotta pots into beautiful planters. Look how we transformed these ordinary pots into ombre terracotta pots!

  • White Spray Paint
  • Terracotta Pots
  • Tumble Dye
  • Bowl With Water


  • 5 Minutes


This DIY is very simple, but makes a big impact.


The spray paint can make it difficult for the dye to adhere to the pots, so if at first you do not get the desired color try adding more dye to your water!

Tag us on Instagram using @DIYBride or email us at to share your dyed terracotta pots!



DIY: Lavender Salt Scrub

Making your own salt scrub is so simple and beautiful that anyone would love to receive them as a gift. Check out my video to see just how easy it is to create your own lavender salt scrub.

  • Epsom Salt
  • Pink Salt
  • Dried or Fresh Lavender
  • Lavender Oil
  • A Sealable Jar To Store Your Scrub


  • 5 Minutes


Super simple and super pretty!


If you want your scrub to be a little bit more moist, try using baby oil along with your scented oils!

What scent did you use for your salt scrub? Be sure to tag us on Instagram using @DIYBride or email us at!



DIY: Ribbon & Lace Invitations

With just a little hot glue and lace turn this plain piece of card stock into something beautiful. Read below to see photos of the finished ribbon and lace invitations.


  • Card Stock
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Lace
  • Ribbon


  • 10 Minutes per invitation


  • Surprisingly simple for an impressive outcome.

Fold your card stock to create your card base.

Use the hot glue gun to affix the lace to the center of your card.


Trim the edges of the lace so it is flush with the sides of the card.

On the back of the card apply a dot of hot glue to hold the ribbon in place.

Flip over and tie into a bow. You may need to trim the ends of the ribbon if they are too long. Once your guests receive their invitations in the mail they will have a beautiful little gift to unwrap!


How did you use lace to dress up your invitations? Send us DIY lace and ribbon invitation photos on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to tag @DIYBrideBlog!

DIY: Distressed Mason Jars

It’s amazing what a little paint and sandpaper can do to really transform a piece. Check out what we did below to create these distressed painted mason jars.

















  • Mason Jars
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sandpaper
  • Nail File


  • 15 Minutes per jar (not including dry time)


Since these jars end up getting distressed there is no need for perfection here!

We chose corresponding colors to paint these mason jars. You can choose totally different colors or make them all the same, the choice is yours. We only did one coat, but if you prefer a deeper color feel free to do a second coat once the first coat dried.

If you are impatient, hit the jars with a blowdryer to speed up the drying process.

It is key to let these jars totally dry before beginning to sand them. Use the sandpaper to sand off any of the raised areas like the rim. For the thinner details, you can try using a nail file for more precise sanding.

Once you are happy with the distressing, you’re done! If you feel like you took too much off, you can always repaint and start over.

*If you are not using brand-new mason jars you will want to clean and dry them before any painting starts!

What did you do with your distressed painted mason jar? Tag us on Instagram using @DIYBride or email us at!


Real Wedding: Eilidh Ann + Alasdair’s Traditional Scottish Wedding

After initially meeting at work, Alasdair knew he needed an excuse to talk to Eilidh Ann so he asked her to help wrap his Christmas presents!  They began dating, and on March 27, 2015 they tied the knot in a traditional Isle of Skye wedding.

Eilidh Ann’s creativity meant her wedding was full of beautiful and meaningful details, such as the scallop shells holding the place names and the table names called after various Scottish islands.

Eilidh Ann’s family were closely involved in the wedding planning as well. Eilidh Ann’s mom made the cake. Her dad made the wooden cake stand and wooden candle holders.

Eilidh Ann also made a wine cork initial for their new last name. We will be showing you how to make these so be sure to check back for a full post + instructions soon!


Needless to say, this couple is adorable and creative! Which detail is your favorite from their wedding? Let us know in the comments!

Dress: Benjamin Roberts | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Flowers: Flowers by Carole | Make up: Skye Beauty | Photography: Euphoria Photography

Recipe: Peek-a-boo Pound Cake

With these peekaboo pound cake recipes all over the internet I had to give them a try to let you know the real deal on how easy they are to make. Did I have success or a major fail? You will have to read below to get the true scoop on just how simple these cakes are to make.


  • 2 Boxes of Poundcake Mix (Or if you are feeling ambitious you can make the cake from scratch.)
  • Food Coloring
  • Cookie Cutter


  • 25 Minutes to Prep
  • 1 -1.5 Hours to Chill
  • 1.5 Hours to Bake


  • 8-10 Slices per loaf


  • This is not difficult, but does take some patience to ensure your pound cake turns out perfect.


Make 1 of the cakes per the instructions on the box. Add in food coloring to your desired shade.

Place in a loaf pan and bake. You will want to under bake the cake by about 10 minutes, so this means based off of my recipe I had the cake in the oven for about 35 minutes.

Once the cake is done remove from oven and let cool. Once the cake is cooled remove from the cake pan and refrigerate for up to 4 hours. I did not want to wait that long, so I threw the cake in the freezer for about 1 hour. When your cake has chilled slice the loaf info slices about the size of the cookie cutter you selected.


Use your cookie cutter to stamp out the shapes from each slice of cake. Thought it may not seem like you will have enough slices to fill your loaf pan, you absolutely will!

Mix up your second batch of pound cake, but this time without food coloring.

Pour a thin layer of mix into the bottom of the greased pan. When I say thin we mean thin. Too much and your pieces will float up once the bottom layer raises. I barely covered the bottom of the cake pan.

Place your cookie cutter shaped pieces of cake in a row down the middle of your pan.

Use the remainder of you batter to pour into your loaf pan. Be sure to totally cover the sides and don’t let the batter overflow!

Bake according to package instructions and let cool fully before cutting.

Through out this entire recipe I was convinced that it was too simple and that was bound to be a fail, but I can happily say I was wrong. How cute would a slice of this peekaboo pound cake be served up next to a cup of tea at a bridal shower?!  Send us your peekaboo pound cake photos to or tag us @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.




DIY: Winter Boutonniere

Making your own boutonnieres are not only a great way to save money, but also an easy way to incorporate personal touches into your wedding day. Read below for these simple instructions on how to create your own DIY boutonniere.


  • Flowers
  • Cotton Ball
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape


  • 15 Minutes


  • Level 2 on the difficulty scale.

To make our DIY winter boutonniere, we selected a mini poinsettia, some berries, and greenery. Trim off the bottoms of your stems making each item about 2 inches long. Cut your flowers at an angle, with a knife not scissors, and place in warm water with some sugar for 30 minutes to help them last longer.

Use the floral wire to puncture the stem of the flower and thread through. Wrap the wire around 3-4 times to keep in place. You will also want to leave excess of the wire to create a thin stem to the boutonniere.

Dip the cotton ball in water and put it at the base of your flowers to give them water.

Wrap the wire in floral tape to keep in place.

Repeat the process for each piece that you are adding into the boutonniere. Arrange the boutonniere and wrap the entire stem with floral tape.To finish you can either leave the floral tape exposed or wrap with a ribbon or twine.

Did you make your own boutonnieres? Maybe you used something other than flowers! We would love to see your work. Share your photos on Instagram @DIYBrideBlog or email us at

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