DIY: Lined Envelopes

Purchasing lined envelopes can really add up, but creating your own will really elevate your invitations to the next level all the while saving some money!


  • Envelopes
  • Paper to line the envelope
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  • 2-5 Minutes per envelope


  • This was not very difficult, but did take some patience and precision.

First, you will want to trace the envelope to the piece of paper you will be using for the liner.

Next cut out the liner from your paper of choice. Once the envelope shape is cut you will want cut off a very small amount on either side of the paper. This will ensure that the liner can easily slide in your envelope. There is not need to measure this. Just a small sliver on each side will do the trick.

Slide the paper into your envelope.

Fold the flap down to create a crease.

Trim off any remaining liner paper that may appear once the envelope has been folded. Use your glue stick to glue down the top flap.

Now you’re envelope is complete! How cute and how simple.

Did you create your own lined envelopes? Tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram or email us at to show us your creations!



DIY: Wire Frame Card Holder

This wire frame card holder is simple and rustic. Not only can it make an impact on your wedding day by displaying your seating assignments, but then also be used in your home to hold cards and photos once your big day is over.


  • A Frame Without Glass And A Back
  • Chicken Wire
  • Mini Clothes Pins
  • Staple Gun
  • Wire Cutters or Scissors


  • 15 Minutes


  • Depending on the gauge chicken wire you use it may take a bit of muscle to cut through it, otherwise this is an easy A in my book. I was even able to use scissors to get though my chickenwire.

Measure how much wire you will need to cover the back of your frame. If you need to use your cutters to trim the remnant wire so the edges are flush or just shorter than your frame. Use your staple gun to attach the wire to the back of your frame.

Finally hang your escort cards by using the mini clothes pins. How cute is that?! I am using my frame to display some invitations.

*If you are having a difficult time finding a frame you would like check your local thrift shops or junk yards for old frames or windows! I found my frame at Hobby Lobby for under $15.00.

What did you do with your wire frame holder? Tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram or email us at!



DIY: Teacup Candles

I feel like I have seen teacup candles all over gift guides on the internet and while I think they are absolutely adorable I refused to pay the price that comes along with these trendy gifts. Read below to see how I made these DIY teacup candles for less than a dollar a piece!


  • Something To Melt The Wax In
  • Candle Wax
  • Wick
  • Teacup


  • 10 Minutes not including cool time.


  • So simple and so chic!

Your local thrift shop will be your best bet when on the hunt for teacups. Start by getting the wax melting for your candle. If you remember I had made some ombre candles in the past so you can click here to see the best way to melt your wax.

While your wax is melting, measure your wick and trimming off the extra length.

Place the wick in your teacup and pour the wax into the cup.

Set to cool and you’re all ready to give these as gifts or decorate tables for your afternoon tea bridal shower.

What did you make with teacups? Post your photos to our Facebook wall or tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.



Real Wedding: Sarah + Matt’s Colorful Chicago Wedding

Today we bring you Sarah + Matt’s colorful Chicago wedding. They got ready in their apartment before walking just a few blocks over to Palmer Square Park to say ‘I do’ in a very relaxed and intimate ceremony with friends and family.

Sarah + Matt didn’t want to spend a lot of money on their wedding, so they used a lot of DIY elements to add color and personality without breaking the bank. Sarah made a ton of colorful tissue paper pom-poms, and they made a huge impact on the stage framing the stage where the band played.

Sarah also made tissue paper flowers for the centerpieces. They put them in wine bottles that the collected throughout the year.

Matt is great at graphic design so he created escort cards. He also created sweet note labels for their succulent favors which were planted in cans collected by the couple.

If you’re noticing a piñata theme, it’s because there was one and it was adorable! They had a huge piñata to give away as a prize for their dance contest.

We love all of their personal touches and think this wedding really captured Matt + Sarah as a couple.

We hope you loved Sarah + Matt’s wedding details as much as we do! Let us know what you’d like to recreate in the comments!


Ceremony: Palmer Square Park | Reception: DANK Haus German American Cultural Center | Caterer: Cocina Fusion | Day-of Coordination: Anticipation Events | Photographer: Allison Williams Photography | Bakery: MaddieBird Bakery | Band: Tiny Cover Band | DJ: DJ Merk One | Transportation: Acrosstown Charter | Rehearsal Dinner: Wishbone | Make-up: Nika Vaughan | Hair: Debbie Petrielli |Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn | Officiant: Paris Coffey, St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church 


Recipe: Lavender Lemonade

This twist on traditional lemonade is a fun way to cool down on warm days. I was surprised at how unique and refreshing this drink truly was. Below you will find the step-by-step instructions on how to make lavender lemonade.


  • 1 Tablespoon Of Dried Lavender Flowers
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • Water
  • Ice
  • 1 1/2 Cups Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Aardvark Eco-Flex Straws


  •  20 Minutes


  •  8


Super simple and delicious! If you remember, I used these fun straws in our last cocktail post. Thanks to the Aardvark company for sending us some free samples so I could dress up my glass of lavender lemonade!

Combine your sugar, dried lavender flowers, and two cups of boiling water in a bowl.

Stir until the sugar dissolves and let the lavender steep for 20 minutes. You can allow it to steep longer if you would like a stronger flavor, but too long can make your lemonade taste like soap!

Use a strainer to remove the lavender flowers from your water mixture.

Add in your lavender syrup, lemon juice, two cups of cold water, and stir. Pour over ice and enjoy!

*You can also use fresh lavender leaves and flower to make this lemonade, however you will need a larger quantity because the dried flowers are much too potent.

Did you serve lavender lemonade as a signature cocktail? Send us your photos to or tag us @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.



Mens Rings Online: A Fun Way to Find Your Perfect Ring!

Does the idea of walking into a jewelry store and sitting across the counter from a high pressure salesman have you break into a cold sweat? Mens Rings Online takes that step out completely. You can find a unique ring that will truly showcase your groom’s personality from the comfort of your own home (even in your pajamas if you want!) Plus, you get full control in picking everything from the perfect metal to the design that will fit your lifestyle and personality.

They offer free shipping on all orders over $60.00 and ship daily so there is no need to wait around forever for your ring to arrive. Here in the states, we take free shipping for granted, but they even offer free express shipping to Australia. Check out their dedicated Australian site here.

Check out their entire selection of wedding bands here. Maybe traditional bands are not your style. No worries, they have you covered. They offer a unique selection of rings including Koa Wood and Carbon Fiber to name a few.

Are you still weary about purchasing your wedding band online? Don’t be! Mens Rings Online offers free returns and exchanges up to 60 days after your purchase date!

Mens Rings Online ships to The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Are you a groom from outside any of those countries? No need too worry about that, just contact them to see what other options are available for you.



*This post is brought to you by Mens Rings Online. We stand behind all of the products and companies we promote, and truly believe they can help make your special day a little more spectacular.

DIY: Floral Crowns

I am obsessed with floral crowns and even more obsessed to see how with a little bit of work and time I was able to create my very own DIY floral crowns.



  • Greenery cut 2-3 inches long
  • Flowers cut 2-3 inches long
  • Floral Tape
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters


  • 30- 45 Minutes


  • This was one of the more difficult DIY’s I have attempted. Don’t let it discourage you from trying it out though. Make a few as practice before you need the final product.

Take the wire and measure a circle around your head to see how big to make the crown. Leave just a bit extra so you can tie it off and trim the wire to size.

Wrap the wire with floral tape. This was surprisingly tougher than it sounds. The floral tape will not stick to the wire, but rather stick to itself.

Start by covering the crown with your greenery by attaching the end of the greens to the wire with floral tape. Wrap each piece of greenery you attach to the wire with 3-4 times around with floral tape.

If there are any pieces that are sticking up, use a small amount of floral tape to attach the pieces in other places to the wire.

Once your greens are down you can start adding the flowers. Using the same technique to attach the flowers to wire that we did in the winter boutonniere (you can click here to check it out). Wrap the wire around the crown base, and cover with floral tape.

Once you are happy with your crown twist the ends together to complete the circle!

Place upon your head, and you’re finished!

*When placing the flowers and greenery, I tried to make things as symmetrical as possible. Pick a spot to be the center of your crown, and work back and fourth to keep the piece looking balanced. Also, the thicker the floral wire the more sturdy your crown will be.

We want to see your floral crowns! Post your photos to our Facebook wall or tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.



DIY: Painted Vow Books


  • Small Notebook
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Marker


  • 5 Minutes


The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your one-of-a-kind vow books.


Use stickers or painters tape on your notebook, paint over them, then peel away for beautiful and creative designs.


Did you make your own vow books? Be sure to tag us on Instagram using @DIYBride or email us at!



DIY: Spring Floral Centerpieces

With spring hopefully right around the corner, I wanted to share a few ways to incorporate color into your centerpieces. Don’t assume that flowers are the only way to add a pop of color into your decor. You can browse below to see unique ways to have your centerpieces pop amongst a bouquet of white flowers.

Why not use food coloring to add a splash of color to your water in your floral arrangements?! This is a simple yet bold way to add a pop to your event space.

Explore your local produce section to find bright colors to enhance your tablescape. I chose lemons to fill these tall vases however limes, oranges, or apples would be beautiful as well.

Fresh fruit is not the only think you can find in the grocery store to make a beautiful centerpiece. Try some dried beans or lentils for color and texture. I used two bags of dried split peas.

Inspiration for centerpieces can be found all around you just need to look for them.

Did you use white flowers for your spring floral centerpieces? We would love to see what you made. Tag us on Instagram @DIYBrideBlog or shoot us an email to



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