7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Flowers

There are many phases of wedding planning, from picking out the dress to taste testing different cakes. One detail, though, ties together the colors of the wedding and the meaning of the day: the flowers. And there is something fun about choosing the perfect flowers for the wedding.

Finding the perfect flowers to craft the most beautiful and meaningful bouquet really is an art form. The best florists know how to design those bursting blossoms to create amazing scented sculptures. But flowers go beyond color and fragrance. Yes, of course you want to choose a bouquet that will look wonderful against the bridesmaids’ dresses, but you also want to create a meaningful arrangement.

The art of the bouquet and flower selection relies on understanding the meaning behind the blooms. Every petal plays into the symbolism of your bridal bouquet…and the bouquets of your bridesmaids. Looking to craft a symbolically stunning wedding bouquet, use these flowers as a bit of inspiration.

Know your roses!

Not all roses are created the same. All rose colors hold a different meaning. Yes, red is symbolic of love and passion. But, according to Good Housekeeping’s “The Meaning of Every Rose Color,” Yellow roses signify being unfaithful, light pink roses mean “grace” and purple roses are enchanting.

Opt for simplicity.

Sweet and simple is sometimes the most beautiful. Simple flowers include the daisy and other wildflowers. These are the flowers you grew up seeing in fields. Daisies give a whimsical vibe to a bouquet. They can take you back to the swinging sixties when flower power ruled. But, mostly, they remind us of country fields and sweet happy memories. Daisies are the perfect flower for a spring and summer bouquet.

Choose happy blooms and fragrant scents!

Your flower choices should make you smile. Maybe happiness to you means hydrangea, carnations or mums. If you want a flower that is the symbol of sunshine and happiness, look no further than the sunflower. Happy and cheery and representative of the sun itself, sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas and boast bright bursting rays of petals. When choosing bold sunnies for your bouquet, opt for simple accents of greenery or small springs of Queen Anne’s Lace. Let the bold sunflowers stand mighty. Use smaller sunflowers for boutonnières.

Some couples choose flowers based on their fragrances. Many flowers are often used as the base for essential oils, and you may love the smell or the benefits of certain oils. For your bouquet, grab the petals that inspire them! Some people believe that the scent of lavender oil may help bring a sense of calm; you may opt to integrate sprigs of lavender for this reason. Whether it does or doesn’t help calm your nerves, lavender still smells amazing!

Represent your ancestry.

Some brides love to integrate their heritage into their bouquet. If your family hails from Netherlands, integrate pops of color with tulips. Choose Edelweiss as a nod to Austria or sweet cherry blossom sprigs whose beauty is indicative of Japan. For couples hosting their nuptials abroad, research flowers that are native to the area and integrate them into your bouquet.

Silk is a forever option.

While many brides choose real flowers for bouquets, silk flowers are a beautiful—and nearly forever—alternative. While real flowers may be difficult to preserve for a keepsake, silk flowers will likely last a lifetime—as long as you clean them properly. Silk flowers also are lighter in weight than their real counterparts. If you choose high-quality silk flowers, most guests won’t even be able to tell that they aren’t the real thing!

Feathers, paper and tulle can create amazing bouquets.

Some brides opt to not even carry flowers. You can choose alternatives to the traditional bridal bouquet. Carry bold arrangements of feathers, puffs of tulle or even a bouquet of paper flowers (a very now trend!).

Choose an edible bouquet.

Feeling really nonconformist? Carry an edible bouquet. Cookies wrapped in colored cellophane or maybe an arrangement of candy bars…the choices can be as bold and crazy as you like! You may even opt to carry a bouquet of lollipops!

No matter what flowers you choose for your bouquet, design an arrangement that is symbolic to you. This could mean integrating meaningful colors, regional flowers, blooms that are native to your ancestry or your bouquet could feature no flowers at all! Your personality and style define your look for your wedding day…and that personal inspiration even plays a part in the bouquet in your hands. Whatever bouquet you design, just make sure to remember to have a back-up for tossing!

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