7 Ways to Cut Costs (Not Fun) at Your Bachelorette Party

When you’re planning a wedding, the expenses tend to add up very quickly and many people find it difficult to stay within a budget for their ” big day”. As a Maid of Honor, you want to throw the most amazing bachelorette party for the bride but trying to keep the cost of this event or weekend down can be a challenge. Here are few suggestions on how to cut cost (but not fun) at your bachelorette party.

1.Stay Local

The most expensive part of a bachelorette party is usually the airfare to get wherever the celebration is going to happen. Picking a place that is close to the majority of the wedding party attendants will save everyone dramatically. When you begin to research the things to do and places to see in the closest city, you will be surprised at how much there is to do right where you live, Saving money in travel expenses will be beneficial to everyone involved in making the bride feel special and loved. If there isn’t a big city close to you, consider making it a road trip and driving to a location that is not too far.

2. Let People Stay at Your House

The second biggest cost associated with the planning a bachelorette party is the cost of the hotel everyone will stay at. If you plan to keep everything local and stay close to home the whole time, consider using your own house for everyone to crash at. If you have a husband or children, send them to the grandmas for the weekend and turn your home into a “free” hotel for your guests,

3. Make Your Own Bridal gear and Favors

While it is tempting and might seem easier to just go online and order “Team Bride” T-Shirts, consider making them on your own to save money. Making this an event everyone participates in together could even add to the fun weekend. You can make a variety of party favor options on your own as well. Be creative and save money in the process. Your bank account will thank you later!

4. Get the Best deal Wherever You Go

Before arriving at your various activities, call ahead and talk to the manager and see if you can negotiate a group discount rate. Sometimes they offer a good discount if you are bringing a large crowd to their store or location. It’s better to ask and get turned down than to never ask and miss out on some great saving opportunities.

5. Find In-Home Activities

Not every event has to be big and out of the town. Plan for some events to take place in the home where you will be staying. This is a more relaxing environment and allows your guests the time to inwind while you are partying it up all weekend. This can be as simple as providing coffee, popcorn and a movie before everyone goes to sleep to everyone working together to cook up an elaborate breakfast.

6. Start Off at the House

Instead of starting off the night at a bar, consider having all of the guests start at your house as the launching pad. they will be able to drop off their belongings, park cars, and freshen up before you all go out. You can drink before you leave to save spending money out in town at bars. You can get creative and create a specialty drink around the bride or over the weekends’s theme.

7. Scale Back If Needed

If you and your group are unable to afford the bride’s dream bachelorette party, that’s okay! Together, come up with ways to save money where you are able and make it enjoyable for everyone, For example, instead of spending the day at the spa, go for manicures and pedicures at the local nail salon instead. You will still feel pampered and your nail will look pretty at the end of the night too! Book a limo! Limo Find can help you go to local places instead of having to travel across the country, and you will save a lot of money in the process.

planning a bachelorette party has a lot of moving parts and it is difficult to get everything lined up for all of the events and to accommodate everyone’s situation. If you are able to save money, the girls will thank you repeatedly.


(British Solomon, a contributing writer and specialist for EZ Screen Print. She regularly produces content for a variety of DIY and lifestyle blogs.)



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