Abbie & Javi’s Sea of Love Wedding

Growing up as a lobster fisherman’s daughter, what else can be served for dinner other than… well, lobster! It is of no surprise that this fun wedding is lobster themed, coining “Sea of Love”. And I want to eat that yummy crustacean so badly that I repeated the word “lobster” 4 times already in 3 sentences. OK, enough and onto the wedding. This adorable couple decided to get married at the bride Abbie’s family camp at Camp Wohelo in Maine. What makes this location so awesome is that this summer camp was actually founded by Abbie’s great-great-grandparents and has been run by her family ever since. It is where Abbie spent every summer as a little girl, and it is also where her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother ALL got married. Talk about family tradition! So it goes without saying that Abbie and Javi had no trouble deciding where to host their wedding. Bethany & Dan Photography did an awesome job capturing all the fun and dancing, details, beautiful scenery, and of course, the yummy eats!

Since this Sea of Love wedding is all about lobsters, Abbie’s dad actually shipped 30 unpainted lobster buoys to the couple. Every night after work, they bonded over these buoys and put their creative talents to use and painted each one of them with something to represent every important aspect of their lives. What a special way to spend time and have fun with your significant other! Other DIY projects? Abbie spend months before the wedding embroidering, sculpting, sewing, and crafting just about everything else! Abbie wants to point out especially the lobster koozies, seersucker bunting, lobster cake topper, and her garter. How cuuuute was the lobster cake topper?! Definitely one of my faves for this wedding, next to Abbie’s awesome braided updo!
It’s always so much more meaningful when there is such a deep family history where the wedding is held. I love that for Abbie and Javi, it is their way of bringing their family together to continue a tradition via the wedding. There’s really nothing much that can go wrong when there is so much love at one place!
Photographer:  Bethany & Dan Photography//Wedding Date: September 01, 2012//Cinema and Video: Aaron Steele Productions//Ceremony Location: Camp Wohelo//Bakery: Good Life Market//Hair Stylist:Lisa Michaud//DJ:Maine Platinum DJ//Equipment Rentals: One Stop Party Shoppe//Floral Designer:Raymond Village Florist//Dress Store: Vocelles | The Bridal Shoppe//

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