Welcome to DIY Bride

Welcome to DIY Bride

At DIY BRIDE you will find the inspiration & resources to planning your DIY wedding as well as receive advice from like minded brides and a professional wedding planner.

If you are ready to begin your DIY Bride journey then you’re in the right place!

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My DIY Bride story!

My DIY Bride story!

Hi I’m Debbie! Growing up, I was always creative. I helped friends, local community organizations and family with event decor projects. That led to the vision of fully diving into event planning. As I helped family and friends create their DIY weddings, it soon was my turn! Professional Event Planner, DIYing key elements of my very own wedding.

There were so many classic moments as glitter and fun filled frustration ran rampage in my home. My now husband gave me the look as our home that was still under renovation had “glitter & glue in every crevice of this house, like everywhere!” As he says, lol..

I DIY’ed our wedding along with my husband’s help. We left for our Puerto Rico Destination wedding with suitcases and boxes of things created for our wedding. The rest is in this blog post..check it out! With all of this DIYing, I wondered how other Brides felt. It eventually led me to the acquisition of DIY Bride and it has been an amazing journey ever since! I can’t wait to hear your DIY Bride story, share it with me or ask for tips on how to DIY your wedding like a pro!

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