All you have to know about weddings in the Dominican Republic

There is probably no need to remind you about how astonishing the Dominican Republic is, especially as a wedding destination. You`ve probably already seen gorgeous photos of happy couples enjoying the white-sand beaches, endless turquoise sea and luscious nature of the island. In addition, the Dominican Republic offers comfortable flight connections, affordable accommodation options, all-inclusive resorts, appealing wedding packages and much more. It is hard to find any reason why not to get married in the Dominican Republic.

Here we present some key information to help ensure your wedding in the Dominican Republic is a success. However perfect the wedding destination, it won`t plan itself!


Regarding the climate, you`ve chosen an ideal location for whenever you choose to plan your wedding. The weather in the Dominican Republic is nice and sunny all year round. The most popular time among tourists is summer, especially July and August. Therefore, the best time is probably from December to late February, when the temperature is optimal and there are more booking options. Also keep in mind that August to September is the hurricane season.


There are quite a few options to choose from. If your plan is a beach wedding in all its classical charm, maybe you should consider Punta Cana. It is known for its picture-perfect beaches. On the other hand, Santo Domingo is a vibrant colonial city for a more cultural experience. Puerto Plata will thrill active tourists with a wide range of activities from Damajagua waterfalls to the kite surfers` hot spot of Cabarete. In the region of Samana there is a beautiful national park, Los Haitians whilst in La Romana you can go snorkeling near Catalina island.

Wedding photographer

One of the key persons at your wedding will be your photographer. They are the one who will capture all those precious moments. As with any vendor, recommendations can help you choose the best one. Familiarize yourself with their style, see if you have similar ideas and talk with the person beforehand to make sure you will feel comfortable in their company throughout your big day. This Punta Cana wedding photographer knows the island like the back of their hand and their style is elegant and fresh.

Dominican Republic wedding traditions

It does not hurt to learn a little about the culture of the country. You may even like to incorporate some wedding traditions for an authentic touch. They have a fun ceremony which is called Cantada. Instead of a band, guests sing throughout the wedding. So, if your nearest and dearest are fans of karaoke go for it.

Another one is called Arras which demonstrates the couple`s willingness to provide for each other. A young boy passes a tray with 13 coins to the priest. The priest blesses the coins and passes it to the groom, for him to give it to the bride.

If it is all too complicated just prepare some merengue music and have fun dancing with your guests.

Legal requirements

In the Dominican Republic you have to have two witnesses with passport photocopies for you to get married officially. If you can`t decide on who will be your witnesses, many resorts provide this service.

Documents-wise you should prepare:

  • Valid passport as well as copies
  • Original birth certificate
  • Notarized Single Status Affidavit for each one
  • If previously married, copy of legalized/sealed Divorce Act or Death Certificate.
  • Please be advised that there is a 10 month waiting period for a woman after divorce
  • Certificate of adoption or parental authorization if applicable
  • There may be some translation fees involved as well as a fee for the marriage license. Consult the Dominican Republic embassy for more precise information.

Key considerations for destination weddings

Setting the date
As we discussed earlier you have the luxury of choosing any season for your wedding in the Dominican Republic. Also, the day does not necessarily have to be on a weekend as long as you and your guests need to take some days off anyway. So, you can use the opportunity and choose the low season and get good deals on flights.

When to inform the guests
Whenever you have set the date you can start preparing your invitations. The earlier the better to guarantee that more guests will be able to make it. Anytime between 12-6 months in advance is typical.

Thanking the guests for coming
A nice touch would be to organize a brunch after the wedding. It will help your guests to feel that you appreciated their efforts to attend your wedding and you can relive the best moments with your closest people.

Dress transportation
The only suggestion would be not putting it in your check in bags, but rather taking it with you on the plane. Ask a flight attendant to hang it up for you.

The vendors
It is not easy to choose your vendors from a distance. Research can help so, read all the comments and recommendations you can to find those that are the best fit.

The whole point of getting married in the Dominican Republic is to be able to stay there for your honeymoon and avoid additional travel and stress. There are tons of things to explore and the beaches are some of the best in the world. Ask your resort if they offer special rates for honeymooning couples.


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