Amanda + Dennis’ Cuddle in the Snow E-Session

I can’t think of a better way to round out our V-Day features than with this picturesque snowy e-sesh starring Amanda + Dennis. It’s been unbelievably cold here in the East Coast with the recent snow storms… and while most of us were dreading the winter chill and the ice AND the potential power outtage, my best friend, who’s getting married in June and has yet gotten to do her engagement shoot because she is currently in sunny San Diego while her fiance is in snowy NYC, told me just how “jelly” she is of all the snow we’re having and how she wish she can do a snowy e-sesh because… well, it’ll just be so darn pretty.

I have to admit… I was laughing at her at the time when she told me this, but as soon as I saw the submission for Amanda + Dennis’ e-session with Green Autumn Photography, I literally melted at all the gorgeousness, the colors, and the romance of it all (Hello! Doesn’t cuddling together and being wrapped in a super comfy wool blanket just seems oh-so-romantic??).

Photographer: GreenAutumn Photography//E-Session Date:01/09/2013//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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