Anne Marie + Stan’s Handmade Backyard Wedding

Despite all of my training and efforts, at the DIY Olympics, I would be nowhere near the podium.  I only dare to dream of the day when I reach the guru status of Khris and other mentors like Martha and their like.  Today, I add Anne Marie and Stan to the list of DIY Olympians that I tip my hat to.  Weddings like Anne Marie and Stan’s remind me that I have a lot more work to do to attain the master status of DIY bride.

Usually, when we talk about a handmade wedding there are a handful of exquisite pieces that stand out with a well-balanced blend of professional input.  Not this wedding.  I will let you know right now New Zealand has swept this race and won medals in all categories.  Marie Sylvia Photography has done such an amazing job capturing the beauty, love, and details of this affair that she should get a medal as well.

The bride, Anne Marie said “The day after Stan and I got engaged, we sat down for about 4 hours to brainstorm our entire wedding. We discussed and shared ideas about anything and everything. The main thing we decided was that we wanted our wedding to be 100% handmade.” Oh, how handmade it was!  Although it may not be an Olympic year, there is no way to keep this list short, I am going to breakdown Anne Marie and Stan’s projects as medal standings:

  • Honorable mentions go to:  The fantastic favors! 

Custom chocolate initials that the bride had to source the molds from clear cross the globe.  That’s not only DIY dedication.  It’s adorable and scrumptious! Kudos too for the upcycling of glass jars as vases throughout the ceremony and reception.

  • Bronze Medal goes to: Paper Goods!

Check out the perfectly simple and elegant programs, and beautiful square bunting created by one of the bride’s besties.

  • Silver Medal goes to: Fabric Details!

Lace trimmed centerpieces and the burlap runners are just the beginning.  Anne Marie and her mom shopped for sheets to create the hay bale covers.  (It should also be mentioned that the hay bales were handmade too.  They came straight off Stan’s father’s property on which the reception was held.)  All the bunting in the reception tent was also handmade as which finished off the rustic touches to this backyard beauty.

Last but not least

  • The Gold Medal Winner is: The Woodwork!

Actually, it should probably be Stan.  He not only custom built all of the wood pedestals and serving dishes, he built the bar too!  It doesn’t end there, Stan and his Dad even the brewed the beers to be served from it!


I’d like to give Anne Marie, Stan, their family, friends, and Mary Silvia Photography a standing ovation for such an amazing medal count.  Thank you for sharing your amazing journey and congratulations!

Vendor Information:

Photographer:  Mary Sylvia Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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