Ashley & Jeremy’s Casual-Chic Country Wedding

Ashley and Jeremy’s wedding epitomizes what I call the Southern Charm style of weddings: it’s casual but elegant, charming but sophisticated, “down home” but modern. It’s a style that I adore – and I know many of you do, as well.

One of the things that makes this wedding stand out is Ashley and Jeremy’s choice of venue. (It’s gorgeous!) They did a fantastic job of letting the beauty of their location stand out and not trying to force it to look like something (or somewhere) else. Their simple-but-pretty decor choices really enhance the ambiance of the space and, as a result, really brings a sense of intimacy and high-style without having to spend a fortune. Well done!

In the words of our bride, Ashley: The idea for the wedding was for it to act as our first family reunion with all of our best friends of course! We wanted to do everything out 0f the box! When we first saw Stonehouse Villa we knew it would be the perfect place for everyone to enjoy themselves and let loose. Christina was incredible. She was always on top of my multiple ( and I mean MULTIPLE) emails.

All of our vendors were nothing short of amazing. Kassie from Catering with a Twist certainly made sure the food wasn’t your typical wedding menu, but a plate of spicy Mexican food! Jason from Altared weddings made sure that someone’s foot was tapping to the music from beginning to end. Jason Freshly our wonderful coordinator was my best friend for 48 hours.Then there’s Melanie from She-n-He photography. I’ve already decided that we are best friends. When Jeremy and I met her, she was perfect. Her enthusiasm made me that much more excited. We gave her no restrictions.  It’s strange, for a year or so, we had these great ideas for certain photos, but as it got closer and everything started to happen we lost them.  Yet, all it took was a cup of coffee (or three!) with Melanie and she just understood us.  She knew what we were looking for just by hearing us chit-chat.  it was effortless.

You spend all this time wondering how this possibly is going to work out. The worry, the anxiety, the stress, all of that goes away when you see each other.

Ashley & Jeremy
Captured by She-N-He Photography and Design
Stonehouse Villa, Texas
Event Date: March, 2014


Photographer:  She-N-He Photography and Design//Caterer: Catering with a Twist//Reception Venue: Stonehouse Villa//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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