Ashley + Matthew’s Magnifique Engagement

I’m going to be honest.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I’m having a case of blogger’s block because this amazing engagement shoot captured by Marissa Joy Photography has brought such joy to my day.  Between Ashley + Matt’s amazing images and their even more awesome love story, I don’t know where to start.  There’s the vintage mini mart, the VW bus, the great first date story, the romantic picnic, the fact that they won their wedding on a radio contest… OK.  How about we start with Ashley’s description of their relationship “Magnifique!” which envelops this lovely e-sesh to the tee.

I’m totally diggin’ the vinyl save the dates which nod at the radio contest win.  But I have to share the doggie delivered proposal story that I’m pretty sure sealed the deal for their big win.

I was preparing for bed when I noticed our three Australian Shepherds had made it to the bedroom before me.  Cooper (one of our dogs) jumped on the bed and I reached down to kiss him goodnight. I noticed a bow tied around his neck. I sat perplexed for a few minutes noticing that Bandit and Dakota (Cooper’s brothers) also had bows around their necks.  Upon further investigation I found a small scroll tucked in Cooper’s bow. The note read “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to my Daddy.” The tears began. I continued opening Dakota and Bandit’s notes as well. They read “Please marry my Daddy so we can all be a pack,”’ and “Please be our Mommy forever.”

Ashley admitted to a potential “ugly cry” moment (since there’s no photographic evidence we’ll assume she was as stunningly beautiful as she is in these photos)  while walking to other room where Matthew proposed with his grandmother’s ring.  Are you swooning yet? Well, just rest your head on your hand and smile as you flip through the gallery of this soaked in sweetness.

I guess I didn’t know where to begin because it would mean I would have to stop looking at these beautiful photos from Marissa Joy Photography.  I can’t thank Marissa, Ashley, and Matthew enough for sharing this magnificent love session!  Congratulation Ashley and Matthew!  May your lives always be “magnifique!”

Vendor information:

Photographer: Marissa Joy Photography

Event Venue: Tanglewood Park



6 thoughts on “Ashley + Matthew’s Magnifique Engagement”

  1. Thanks so much for featuring us on the blog. We are so happy to share our story—what seems like a real life “fairy tale”.

    1. Thank YOU Ashley for sharing! I was so touched by your story. You two look so in love and happy together, had such a beautiful backdrop and photos that we had to inspire others! We would love to see what your big day looks like. Please keep in touch! Thanks again!

      1. We sure will. The big day is 3 months from tomorrow! I am sure Marissa will work her magic all over again. Thanks (again) for constructing this post so perfectly. Matthew said he “teared up” when he read it (shhh…. don’t tell him I spilled the beans).

  2. We are excited to be a part of Ashley and Matthew’s “Happily Ever After” ere at Willow Oaks Plantation in Eden, NC! They have been a pleasure to work with!

    1. Chris— you are nothing short of AMAZING. I still wake up every morning and wonder if this is all a dream. Thank you and Willow Oaks so much. We are SO looking forward to the best day of our lives in beautiful Eden, NC! xoxo

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