DIY: Yarn Table Numbers


Piece of wood (Lowe’s will cut it to the size you want for free)






5 minutes per table number


As long as you can use a hammer, you can do this DIY!


This can be used for really anything. I think it’d be super cute to make your initials to go on your nightstands or above your bed. It could also be signs at your wedding, the ideas are endless!



REAL WEDDING: Angila + Curtis Garden Wedding

We’re obsessed with this hidden garden wedding! Angila and Curtis are so adorable, and this wedding really shows how much they love eachother. I mean, look at his face as he sees her walking down the aisle!

The entire wedding party was wearing light neutrals which are perfection for a garden wedding.

Almost every details at the reception was made by the bride including her bouquet and the cake! Check out all of the gorgeous details.


This entire wedding looks like it’s straight from a fairytale. I guess this is the appropriate time to say, “…and they lived happily ever after!”


Venue: The Wright House / Flowers: DIY / Cake: DIY / Decor: DIY / Dress: Uptown Bridal / Bridesmaids Dresses: Free People / Groom’s Suit: Macy’s / Groomsmen Suits: Men’s Wearhouse / Rings: Shane Co. / DJ: Mark Tribori Photographer: Lisa d. Photography 


Real Wedding: Sarah + Matt’s Colorful Chicago Wedding

Today we bring you Sarah + Matt’s colorful Chicago wedding. They got ready in their apartment before walking just a few blocks over to Palmer Square Park to say ‘I do’ in a very relaxed and intimate ceremony with friends and family.

Sarah + Matt didn’t want to spend a lot of money on their wedding, so they used a lot of DIY elements to add color and personality without breaking the bank. Sarah made a ton of colorful tissue paper pom-poms, and they made a huge impact on the stage framing the stage where the band played.

Sarah also made tissue paper flowers for the centerpieces. They put them in wine bottles that the collected throughout the year.

Matt is great at graphic design so he created escort cards. He also created sweet note labels for their succulent favors which were planted in cans collected by the couple.

If you’re noticing a piñata theme, it’s because there was one and it was adorable! They had a huge piñata to give away as a prize for their dance contest.

We love all of their personal touches and think this wedding really captured Matt + Sarah as a couple.

We hope you loved Sarah + Matt’s wedding details as much as we do! Let us know what you’d like to recreate in the comments!


Ceremony: Palmer Square Park | Reception: DANK Haus German American Cultural Center | Caterer: Cocina Fusion | Day-of Coordination: Anticipation Events | Photographer: Allison Williams Photography | Bakery: MaddieBird Bakery | Band: Tiny Cover Band | DJ: DJ Merk One | Transportation: Acrosstown Charter | Rehearsal Dinner: Wishbone | Make-up: Nika Vaughan | Hair: Debbie Petrielli |Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn | Officiant: Paris Coffey, St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church 


DIY: Floral Crowns

I am obsessed with floral crowns and even more obsessed to see how with a little bit of work and time I was able to create my very own DIY floral crowns.



  • Greenery cut 2-3 inches long
  • Flowers cut 2-3 inches long
  • Floral Tape
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters


  • 30- 45 Minutes


  • This was one of the more difficult DIY’s I have attempted. Don’t let it discourage you from trying it out though. Make a few as practice before you need the final product.

Take the wire and measure a circle around your head to see how big to make the crown. Leave just a bit extra so you can tie it off and trim the wire to size.

Wrap the wire with floral tape. This was surprisingly tougher than it sounds. The floral tape will not stick to the wire, but rather stick to itself.

Start by covering the crown with your greenery by attaching the end of the greens to the wire with floral tape. Wrap each piece of greenery you attach to the wire with 3-4 times around with floral tape.

If there are any pieces that are sticking up, use a small amount of floral tape to attach the pieces in other places to the wire.

Once your greens are down you can start adding the flowers. Using the same technique to attach the flowers to wire that we did in the winter boutonniere (you can click here to check it out). Wrap the wire around the crown base, and cover with floral tape.

Once you are happy with your crown twist the ends together to complete the circle!

Place upon your head, and you’re finished!

*When placing the flowers and greenery, I tried to make things as symmetrical as possible. Pick a spot to be the center of your crown, and work back and fourth to keep the piece looking balanced. Also, the thicker the floral wire the more sturdy your crown will be.

We want to see your floral crowns! Post your photos to our Facebook wall or tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.



DIY: Tinted Mason Jars

The mason jar companies have finally got the memo and started making colorful jar. However, being DIYers we wanted to figure out a way to replicate that look on our own. Read below to see how you can make your own tinted mason jars!


  • Mason Jars
  • Mod Podge Or Glue
  • Food Coloring
  • Stirrer


  • 5 Minutes per jar (Not including dry time)


The hardest part about this is waiting for them to dry so you can use them!


First pour Mod Podge into the mason jar.

Add food coloring into the glue. The more dye you use the darker the color will be.

Use your stirrer to totally incorporate the food coloring into the Modge Podge. Be sure to mix well because any spot left behind will dry on the jar.

Swirl the color and glue mixture around until it has totally coated the inside of the mason jar.

Flip the jar upside-down on a paper plate allowing all access glue to pool on the plate for about 30 minutes.

Then place right side up in a cookie sheet in a warm oven for 30 or so minutes. If the color is slightly pastel it means the glue is not dried completely.

After 30 minutes, time is up, handle with care as the jars will be hot.

After they have cooled they are ready for use!

What did you do with your tinted mason jars? Email us your projects at or tag us @DIYBrideBlog

DIY: Gold Glitter Bowl

These glitter bowls would add sparkle to any table in need of some glitz. Check out below to see how balloons and glue can make an eye-catching piece.


  • Glitter
  • Balloon
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush


  • 20 Minutes (Not including drying time)


They were not difficult, but certainly messy and a bit of a pain to create.

First, you will want to pour the Mod Podge into a bowl and mix in the glitter. You will need much more glitter than glue, make that a ton of glitter. The texture shouldn’t be runny, but rather chunky from the glitter.

Inflate the balloon to as big as you would like your bowl and place in a shallow cup or bowl to keep the balloon in place.

Paint the glitter and glue mixture over the balloon. I found it easier to pour the mixture on the balloon and spread with the brush.

Let it set over night. Deflate the air from the balloon. Cut a small slit in the end of the balloon and slowly let the air out.

Flip the glitter bowl over and you’re done!

What did you do with your gold glitter bowls? Learn how to submit your projects by clicking here.



DIY: Hot Cocoa Favors

My best friend is getting married, and we threw her a winter wonderland themed bridal shower. Read below to see the instructions on these simple white chocolate hot cocoa favors I created.


  • Mason Jars
  • Hot Cocoa Mix About 65 Oz
  • 12 Oz Bag of Mini Dehydrated Marshmallows
  • Pearl Candy 5 lb Bag


  • 30 Minutes for 50 Favors


  • Super Simple

This is all about layering

Start with a layer of the white cocoa mix. Since I was using jelly mason jars I used about 1/4cup of the cocoa mix.

Top with a layer of pearl candies. I used about 2 tablespoons of these edible pearls.

















Finish with mini marshmallows.

Seal, tie with ribbon, and you’re done!

Did you make your own edible favors? Post your photos to our Facebook wall or tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.



Real Wedding: Cori + Kevin’s Rustic Central Coast Wedding

Cori and Kevin have known each other since they were 14 years old. They were neighbors, went to school together, and Cori said that while they never dated in high school, she sure had a big crush on him! When she ran into Kevin at a Fourth of July party in 2007, she didn’t let him out of her sight. They spent the entire summer together, but when fall rolled around, he moved back to San Luis Obispo. The move wasn’t enough to keep them apart, and they decided to keep things going long distance. After what Cori refers to as “six months of shenanigans”, she decided to move to be close to him. It ended up to be the best decision she ever made, and since then, they have spent eight years on the Central Coast together.

Cori said that her wedding was a dream come true, a “rustic, DIY love fest on top of a mountain.”  They got married at a privately owned venue, a barn on a hill in Prefumo Canyon with panoramic views of the city. From the ceremony site you could see Morro Rock and the Pismo dunes, with the rolling hills of San Luis right behind them.  It was a gorgeous location. 

Almost all of their vendors were close friends, so everything was personalized and customized for the couple, making the day extra special.  Friends and family supported them through the whole planning process and helped to make their day absolutely perfect.  She said it was the most special and glorious day that she could ever imagine!

Their dessert table was absolute yummy perfection! We love all of the different colors, homemade touches, and the array of options.

From the custom seating chart and multiple signs to the breathtaking backdrop and smiles on this gorgeous couple’s faces, this wedding was one for the record books!


What’s your favorite detail of this rustic barn wedding? Let us know in the comments!


Venue: Pareira Ranch, San Luis Obispo (privately owned venue) | Event Coordinator: Krysta Coleman, Golden Hour Events | Photographer: David Pascolla Photography | Makeup: Megan Duke | Hair: Brittany Tenhaeff & Kate Seargeant | Flowers: Brooke Edelman Floral Design | Caterer: Fattoush Mediterranean | Videographer: R.J. Hall | DJ: Matt Cross | Dress: Allure Romance | Shoes: Kelly and Katie | Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Recipe: Cinnamon Bun Stuffed Apples

These cinnamon bun stuffed apples would make a yummy breakfast treat or a beautiful addition to any brunch spread.



  • 8 Apples
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Cinnamon
  • Brown Sugar
  • Butter


  • Prep: 20 Minutes
  • Baking time: 45 Minutes


  •  8


These were very simple to make, but be sure to read the tips below to see what I learned when making these yummy treats.

Cut the top off of your apples.

Use a spoon to scrape out the insides of the apple, leaving enough flesh to not puncture the sides and bottom.

Use the melted butter to coat the inside of your apples with the brown sugar and cinnamon.

Place a cinnamon bun inside of each apple.

Put all of your apples onto a cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes at 350°, then cover with tinfoil for another 15 minutes. Drizzle with frosting and let them cool slightly before enjoying!

*If you do not cover the cinnamon buns with tinfoil for the last 15 minutes, they will over bake and get a hard and overdone on top. Also, you really do not need to scoop out very much of the apple flesh. If you do they will split and become a pile of gooey goodness.

Did you try out this recipe? Send us your photos to or tag us @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.



DIY: Confetti Topper

These confetti toppers are so cute and easy. Turn your plain and boring dessert into a festive treat in a matter of minutes.


  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Toothpick
  • Wax Paper


  • 15 Minutes


  • These look like they could be tricky, but they are actually super simple.

We made our own confetti, but you can feel free to use store-bought glitter or confetti. To see how to make your own confetti click here. Using a hot glue gun draw out your shape of choice on the wax paper. Then, stick the toothpick into the hot glue.

Add another layer of hot glue onto the first layer and sprinkle with confetti.

Let it cool for a few minutes, then slowly pull it off of the wax paper and flip over.

Apply another layer of hot glue to this side and sprinkle with confetti.

Let cool and you’re finished!

*If you are creating small shapes you may need to trim the confetti a bit to be able to better see what your shape looks like. I trimmed around the curved edges to give our confetti toppers a more defined heart shape.

How did you use the confetti cupcake toppers? Tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram or email us your photos to



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