Bekah + John’s Delightfully Rustic Wedding

For our bride Bekah, the amazing designer behind Laurel & Fife (a custom dress company based in Tennessee and has worked on custom gowns for The Not Wedding), it is a no-brainer that she would design and handmade her own wedding dress. Other than the photography by Val and Sarah, everything else was designed and created by our couple and their family and friends. With a pretty mix of yellow and purple, this rustic wedding is traditional, romantic, and delightfully fun for all involved (and for us to see!).

It was without a doubt that Bekah would also custom create dresses for each of her bridesmaids. Other DIY details I love were the handmade buntings hung all over the reception area (a close friend of the family’s barn), the stars backdrop, as well as the pretty yellow wedding cake baked and decorated with lavenders by a friend.

In case you’re wondering, Bekah + John got married at their church. What’s so cool about it is that it was built to look like a log cabin, so the venue perfectly tied in with their rustic theme! And to keep it eco-friendly, the couple opted to do their exit with a shower of lavender.. Got to be one of my favorite moments from the wedding!

Congratulations Bekah + John!!!


Photographer: Val and Sarah //Wedding Date: 09/28/2013//Dress Designer:Laurel & Fife//

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