Brandy & Brent’s Playful Waterside Wedding

I’m just gonna step back and let photographer (and talented story teller), JASMINE FITZWILLIAM of Let’s Frolic Together give us the lowdown of the utterly fabulous wedding of Brandy and Brent:

When I meet with most clients, we usually spend quite a bit of time getting to know each other. On the occasion when a couple comes from afar, it’s sometimes a real challenge to connect. When Brent reached out to me, we only had the chance to chat on the phone briefly and it wasn’t until their wedding day in Marina Del Ray that I discovered (with immense delight) what totally awesome people they are!

Leading with the loosely Asian theme of Shanghai Red’s, Brandy & Brent didn’t splash out on the most expensive and extravagant decor, instead choosing little details like charming patterned lanterns that had such a great impact and the quirky mood of Shanghai Red’s. With its Koi fish, waterfalls, and bamboo all of the quirky details came together so oddly perfectly for these two buoyant souls. The snazzy colorful wayfarers were the cutest wedding favors, and yes, we watched seals catch meals, and seagulls threaten us overhead. And then, love. Vibrant red, glowing, kissing, laughing, frowning, tender, snuggling, rosy love.


Brandy, this tattooed, high-energy cutie, was pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. I turned a corner and suddenly saw her as a satellite of love in dizzy orbit. While getting ready, snazzy Brandy would giggle and wave in her sweetly vintage dress at every passer-by, and cry out: “I’m getting married, today!”.

When Brandy appeared at the head of the aisle at the ceremony, bubbly with tears, quiet Brent transformed to a beaming ray of light. When people have that kind of transformational impact on one another, it gives me the warmest fuzzies. Watching these two together filled me with a big ol’ happiness that left me smiling long after the wedding was done. I love when a bride and groom have their priorities straight — when they focus on the things that really matter: their community and each other. This is why I love shooting gatherings so much. So many energetic people come together to pool their bits of happiness, and throw a hell of a raucous event. Even the kids throw their two cents in. Man, it was a dancing *throwdown*. It was just the right day. Just right for these two. Just right for the people they rallied all around themselves. Just right indeed.

This wedding, for us at the DIY Bride, fills us with warm fuzzies, too! We love how Brandy and Brent took a quirky take on “vintage” and made it so vibrant and fun.


Brandy & Brent
Shanghai Red’s, California
Event Date: July, 2013

Photographer:  Let’s Frolic Together//Bridesmaid Dresses:David’s Bridal//Hair Stylist:Kyla Biba//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Men’s Warehouse //Cake Designer: portos bakery//Reception Venue: Shanghai Red’s//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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