Bridesmaids Gifts for a Hitch-Free Wedding

Guest Post: Jessica James 

Besides the groom, your bridesmaids are some of the most important people on your wedding day! From all the pre-wedding planning help, the early morning hair and makeup session, to the choreographed dance to your favorite guilty pleasure song, they’ve been and will be by your side to make sure your special day will be perfect and unforgettable.

For all these reasons and more, it’s important (and should be fun!) to really put some thought into their bridesmaid gift. Bridesmaid gifts are a perfect opportunity to say thank you in a unique way.

Get Practical

For the bride and bridesmaids alike, being in those dresses and shoes all day can quickly cause discomfort and, as a result, lower levels of confidence. A quality set of intimates or underwear that provide comfort and support to the body, but also flatter without disturbing the way the dress falls, would be a wonderful gift. With the constant changing of the styles of bridesmaid dresses, it’s important to pair the proper undergarment to ensure you remain comfortable and confident in your dress all day long. For more information on pairing the right underwear and dress check out this graphic from Adore Me.

And finally, a pair of sleek flats to go along with the undergarments would be the perfect finish. Everyone can wear the proper shoes down the aisle, but then be able to dance the night away with their feet protected and comfortable.


When you get to gift buying, your budget will probably be pretty tight, but this doesn’t mean your gift has to skimp on quality or meaning A great way to come in under budget while still putting in meaningful thought is to mix a few diy gifts into the mix! Think of homemade friendship bracelets, bottled cocktails, shoe clips, embellished ribbons, and so on.

Going the DIY route is also an excellent way to customize your gifts for each person. Aside from simply engraving their name on something cute like a clutch, wine glass, or notebook, you can also think of ways to decorate using their own style — flowers for the more feminine one, or a bold and colorful design for the tattoo aficionado. The options are endless, and you can even turn it into a craft activity for you all to do together!

Go Traditional

You can’t go wrong with anything that can be labeled as “classic” or “timeless.” First on that list? Jewelry. Whether they are for the wedding day or not, jewelry is always a welcome idea. The piece you choose can accent their dresses, such as bracelets or rings, and are perfect for giving each bridesmaid a touch of glam or a way to show off their personality. Necklaces are also a great option and you can even personalize them for a gift they will never forget (and hopefully be able to wear again)!

Lip balms, face washes, and the like are also timeless bridesmaid gift ideas. Homemade lips balms made with essential oils are an easy diy item. It’s a great cost cutter and a way to add a unique scent reflective of the season or favorite flavor.

A face wash or scrub will come in handy too, especially the morning after. It’s a great way to help rejuvenate you before any next day brunch or other activities you may have planned.

Whatever you choose, consider handing out the gifts early when everyone is getting their hair and makeup done. This will certainly start the day off on a bright note. No matter what you decide to gift them, always keep in mind that these are some of your closest friends and relatives and it’s important to show them the same amount of love that they are giving to you. After all, weddings are all about expressions of love, so be sure to share that love with your bridesmaids!

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