Bryn + Paul’s Bohemian Spring Wedding

This is one of those weddings.  You know the kind I’m talking about.  The kind that you spend hours gazing at some of the sweetest, coolest, prettiest details and find something prettier with each view.   The kind that you return to over and over and find yourself smiling alongside some of the funnest (yes-that’s a word today) couples as if you were there kind of weddings.   Perfectly captured by Brooke Courtney Photography, this one that’s sure to make a top ten favorites list!

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So let’s talk about these ridiculously amaze details that were the perfect compliment to The Old Mill‘s ivy covered walls and beautiful outdoor spring setting.  All of the fern and tree stump centerpieces brought the wonderful woodland feel inside for the reception.  To add equal parts woodsy, vintage, and boho touches the wooden garland, pearl string chandeliers and nest favors were beyond a gorgeous compliment to Bryn’s cray cray pretty floral shrug.   Bryn handmade the little yarn nests and filled them with moss, paper flowers, and a seed bomb.  While we’re on the subject of paper flowers- are you dying over those portraits yet?  

Most of all this wedding captures the fun and love between friends and family.  Three friends performed a ridiculous dance to Florence and the Machine’s,  Cosmic Love, which was a hit on it’s own!  Thank you Brooke Courtney Photography for sharing such a fun and fabulous wedding! Congratulations Bryn + Paul!

Vendor Information:

Date: April 26, 2013

Location: Rose Valley, PA

Photographer: Brooke Courtney Photography

Event Venue: The Old Mill

  1. I agree that there is simply so much in this wedding to love! From the perfect stand of trees as a location to the bride’s wonderful hair accessories, it’s all so wonderful to behold!

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