Leah + Chris’ Budget-Friendly Farm Wedding

Hello, and Happy Friday!  Why do the short holiday weeks always seem like the longest weeks?!?  But I’m happy it’s Friday because that means I get to share another gorgeous DIY wedding with you all!

Today’s wedding is kind of special … well, all of our weddings are special, of course.  But this wedding stands out because this couple shared their budget with us.  We know our DIY couples are clever, crafty, and thrifty, but would you believe all this amazingness was done for just around $1000???  As their photographer Christian told us, “It goes to show you don’t have to spend thousands on a wedding and you can still have it be lovely and memorable.

This wedding was truly a group effort.  The bride made all the floral arrangements and decor herself, using lots of dried roses and baby’s breath.  Their friends and family made the food and desserts.  Their venue was the farm of a family friend.  The bride’s gown was passed down by her mother and was also worn by her grandmother – true vintage.  The photographer, a friend of the groom, donated his time and talent.   A lot of people came together to give Leah and Chris their dream wedding – they must be a very special couple!

Congrats Chris and Leah!



Photographer: Christian Agha

Venue: Private Residence, Virginia

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. As the mother of the groom I have to say it was an absolutely perfect wedding. The ceremony was amazing as well as the new couple! Christian is a fantastic photographer and friend to everyone!

  2. Beautiful! I think it’s wonderful when family and friends band together to give a deserving couple the wedding of their dreams. It looked like such a magical day.

  3. I love your color scheme! I grew up in the city and used to visit my grandfather in the country every summer. Your wedding photos remind of those times :.).

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