Caleb + Charlynn

Ahhhhh, love. It may be the hold-over of warm fuzzies from Valentine’s Day last week, but I’m feeling rather romantic today. Which is fitting, because the couple and wedding we’ve lined up for you on this lovely Tuesday are romance personified.

Charlynn and Caleb had a stunning outdoor ceremony and reception that honored their love for each other as well as Caleb’s career with the Air Force. What stunned me especially was how the couple pulled off a patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme without going overboard – it’s a very hard line to walk and come out on the enchanting side. They used bird and airplane accents throughout the decor with aplomb, and mixed patterns to create a rustic feel.




Location: Nampa, ID

Photography: Ampersand Studios

Venue: The Secret Place

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  1. What a wonderful wedding. Would’nt have missed it for the world.
    Love you both Grandma Lyla and Grandpa Bill

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