Carrie + Mike’s Red Casino Royale Wedding

When one of our favorites Carrie Wildes Photography sent us this next wedding, I knew it would be good!  When she called it a combination of “retro flare and casino royale,” I knew I was going to be great!  She called my bluff, because when I saw the fabulosity of what Carrie and Mike created for their wedding day and what she captured, I lost my shirt.  I’ll give you an advantage, hedge your bets and put it all on red that the King of Pop shows up at this shindig.

Carrie and Mike’s soiree was full of smooth criminal style.  With a statement necklace and gown that I’m still drooling over and a classic red and black color palette, the whole day had a very sweet yet sultry vibe which Carrie captured at the Post Card Inn first look.  You might remember I’m big sucker for a raw, brick, industrial space, so you can imagine my glee when I saw they combined this rustic elegance angle with a reception space at Nova 535.  Mike built the amazing red and white backdrop for their outdoor ceremony and a handmade marquis for over the sweetheart table.  Poker tables and caricaturist (is that a word?) completed the funky vibe.  You know an invite to this wedding was big winnings!

The only thing that could possibly make it better was a special celebrity guest like your favorite artist.  Perhaps…say, Michael Jackson?Owwww!!!! JACKPOT!!!!!

Make sure you take a good looksie through the whole gallery and “don’t stop til you get enough,” because Carrie and Mike’s wedding looks like that good of a time!  It’s the perfect combination of all things fun, sexy, romantic, beautiful, and personal that a wedding should be.  It’s sure to help you get past the Monday blues.  A big thanks to Carrie Wildes Photography for capturing every entertaining moment of this special day!  Congratulations Carrie and Mike!

Vendor Information:

Photographer: Carrie Wildes Photography

Event & Reception Venue:  NOVA 535

Pre-Wedding Venue: Post Card Inn

Caterer:  StoneChef Caterers

Floral Designer:  Mylez Edward’s X Floral Salon

Makeup Artist:  Colours by Linny

Officiant:  Rev Tom Greene

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

  1. Congratulations to Carrie and Mike, thanks for choosing NOVA 535 =D What a cute, fun, unique couple they were! Loved the Michael Jackson impersonator and the red door in our courtyard. Nice! And a big thanks to all our fellow vendor pros: CARRIE WILDES PHOTOGRAPHY, STONECHEF CATERERS, MYLEZ EDWARD’S X FLORAL SALON, COLOURS BY LINNY, Rev Tom Greene and of course TWO BRIGHT LIGHTS for creating a delightfully memorable event! =D

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