Hair Comes the Bride: Perfect Hairstyle for Modern Brides

Everything that you need for the wedding is all set! The venue, the foods, the wedding favors, the entourage and guests, the decorations and even the gown and suit already fits perfectly. But, wait! My dear bride, preparation is not yet over. Yes, you already chose the gown, the shoes as well as the accessories that you’ll use. But, have you decided what will be your hairdo? How will the artist style your hair on the day of your wedding? For sure you don’t want to appear having a messy hair!

Your make up should fully match your theme, your color motif, your gown and most importantly, your skin tone. And of course, your hair should be well-fixed so that it wouldn’t be a big distraction on your big day. If having an outdoor wedding, and you know that it’s going to be windy, make sure that your hairstyle will be perfect for the outdoor set up. Make sure that your hair won’t be a very big distraction as you express your promises of love.

The make-up during your big day should also be kept simple and will be perfect ’till the evening celebration. If worn out during the ceremony, simple make up can easily be retouched. Thus, saving your time and more time to party with your guests!

To fully prepare for your big day, let’s take a look at some of the Hair and Make up looks for a modern bride like you. You might find some inspiration from these hair and make up looks.

1. Simple Curl and Light Make Up

You can never go wrong with curls. Short, medium or long length hair, wavy or curly hair will surely be perfect. Add a flower crown to hold your veil, and viola! You’re now set for you garden wedding. Mix it with a simple and light make up, for sure your beauty will stand out!

2. Mermaid Braided Hair

Another ideal wedding location is the beach. You and your future husband maybe a big fan of the beach but holding your ceremony their might have advantages and disadvantages. Too much wind might be a big problem during the big day. So, if you have a long hair length make sure to have them fixed well. Braided hair will still the best option.

3. Keep it Straight

This hairstyle never goes out of style. garden, backyard, beach or even for the traditional church wedding. Keeping your hair straight is always one of the best options. Look how this bride glows with her hair just simply flow down her shoulders, matched with a nude lipstick and lashes are emphasized.

4. Clean Updo

Nothing beats a well fixed hair on your big day. You don’t need to worry about being distracted by strands of hair during the ceremony and most importantly, you can party all you want during the reception. You can dance all you want without being afraid of having your hair look messy. A bun or an updo can be perfectly accentuated with a headdress, something that perfectly matches your wedding theme.

5. Headdress Styled Short Hair

Maybe you’ll wonder, “what about for those brides with short hair? What could be the best hairstyle for them for their big day?” Well, if you are one of those brides with short hair, this is probably one of your biggest problems: how to style your hair. well, short hairs will be perfect with just some simple  head accessories. You can choose between a headband or a clip so your hair won’t look to simple and boring.

If you’re one of those brides who’s experiencing trouble with the hairstyle for the big day, hope this gives you an inspiration which hairstyle will suit you. A bride friendly reminder: Make sure to use a waterproof make up to prevent the smudge especially when you get too emotional as you exchange vows and say your sweetest ” I Do”

Anomalie: Bridal veil Collection

Well, ladies and bride-to-be out there, I know you’ll agree with if I say that one of the most time consuming part of your wedding planning and preparation includes choosing your wedding dress. Will you go for something sleek and simple?A traditional long flowing gown or a princess type ball gown?

Wait! Don’t forget your veil! How long would you like it to be? The trim style? Will it be beaded? Glittery? Or Embroidered? As a DIY Bride, choosing your gown and veil will surely be difficult. But luckily, Anomalie is here to save gorgeous brides out there!


“Here at Anomalie, we value what the modern-day bride is interested in which is affordability and customization. Through a new process, we are able to provide our customers exactly what they are wanting in terms of their veil needs at an unbeatable price through our new veil product launch. ”  

Leslie Voorhees, CEO of Anomalie

Utilizing their resources and abilities to provide luxury veils at a fraction of the cost of their competitors, Anomalie is slashing boutique overhead and designer markups to deliver handcrafted veils in a smarter way.

With the new collection, Anomalie is catering to the style of all brides, offering veils with the choice of six different trims, including beading, lace, and a raw edge, 3 different lengths (fingertip, court, and cathedral), and the option to add blusher to the style.

The veil collection offers six unique trim options:

Oopsie Daisy, inspired by Meghan Markle showcases modern and bold florals with a delicate edge.

Vintage Vines, that incorporates guipure cotton lace for the classic boho bride.


Royal Treatment, offers a wide chantilly trim.

Royal Treatment, offers a wide chantilly trim.

Simply Scalloped, has scalloped lace edge overlaid with a delicate floral pattern.

Simply Scalloped, has scalloped lace edge overlaid with a delicate floral pattern.

Hint of Sparkle, is a 1/2″ beaded trim with a glittery combination of hand-sewn sequins, pearls, an beads.

Tulle Have and to Hold which is a classic tulle veil with a raw cut edge.

Tulle Have and To Hold which is a classic tulle veil with a raw edge.

About Anomalie

Anomalie is the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer custom wedding dress company. Their mission is to bring more value to the wedding dress shopping experience for any body type and wedding style at an affordable price point, starting at $1,000. Anomalie arrived on the wedding scene in 2016 and within in the last year, eight percent of US brides have contact Anomalie about creating a wedding dress. Anomalie caters to the ‘Smart Savvy Bride’ who can’t find the perfect dress.

The company was founded by Leslie Voorhees and Calley Means , two Harvard Business School classmates. While in the midst of planning their own wedding, Leslie became disheartened with the entire wedding dress shopping experience from the lack of options to the insane designer markups, she knew there had to be a better solution. When she couldn’t find one, she created her own and Anomalie was born. With a team consisting of former executives from David’s Bridal, Vera Wang, Stitch Fix, Airbnb, Google and Apple, Anomalie’s new line has been funded by the early backers or Warby Parker, Stitch Fix, Allbirds and Glossier.

An Elegant Morning Routine for Brides

[box] Content goes here[/box] So you have found the perfect dress, venue, and of course, the perfect partner. All the detailed planning has led up to this moment – your wedding day. This is your special day to enjoy and cherish.

The morning of the wedding does not have to be stressful. All the planning is done, now it is time to sit back, relax and savor the moment. This gorgeous styled shoot brings inspiration to the bride-to-be on her morning of elegance. This shoot embodies a new era for graceful brides, reflecting how the morning of the wedding can be a relaxing time of pampering and self-care.

Set the mood for the morning with a relaxing bath. Fill the bath with beautifully scented flower petals, aromatic oils and your favorite bath salts. Light some candles, sit back and enjoy the champagne.


Now this is no ordinary day, enjoy breakfast of your choice by ordering some extraordinary room service. Spoil yourself and order a treat!

Ladies, take inspiration to feel your best on your special day:

The Location

This elegant shoot was taken at the luxury and heritage Windsor Hotel. Choose a hotel to enjoy your ideal morning of elegance, whether that be a country cottage, modern chic or luxurious heritage room. 

Colour Palette

The breathtakingly styled shoot is based on the timeless palette of classic beige and gold with subtle greenery. Keeping it classic and simple, you can also add a pop of colour with rich tones. In this shoot, we styled with tones of rich teal and pale blush envelopes. Invitations are transparent with elegant white font keeping the theme of simple elegance, whilst adding a modern fresh twist.



There are endless ways to pamper yourself on that special day. Get your nails done, have a morning massage or facial. Here we have the beautiful bride-to-be enjoying some bubbly in an aromatic bath filled with flower petals and making the most of room service!

Styling and Dresses

The glowing bride’s first dress is by Galia Lahav with modern sheer lace, styled with oversized gold earrings and a half updo. Her second dress is a flattering, perfectly body-fitted mermaid gown by Cassandra Renee. Her hair is styled in a natural voluminous updo, crowned with Viktoria Novak’s handmade Grecian inspired headband.


Spring 2017 – Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dressline

We are excited to announce the launch of ​Kennedy Blue​’s Spring 2017 bridesmaid line. Kennedy Blue was founded to change the wedding industry; offering high-quality designer dresses, a better shopping experience, and affordable prices.

With their new Spring bridesmaid line out now, Kennedy Blue is stepping away from the traditional and extending their brand to be more fashion-forward and trend-setting for the modern bride and bridesmaid.

With a color palette of soft and sultry but textures that catch the eye, Kennedy Blue is staying on top of the trends at an affordable price.

Along with the many attributes that set Kennedy Blue apart, Kennedy Blue realizes convenience is a huge deciding factor for soon-to-be brides. With the At Home Try-On process Kennedy Blue offers, shopping for wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses has never been so accommodating and enjoyable! There have been countless Kennedy Blue Brides throwing “At Home Try-On” parties with their maids and having a blast. Will you be next? Click​ here​ to see the full collection. More dress ​styles​, ​fabrics and colors here​.

10 Steps to Getting Your Wedding Body Ready

Guest Post by: Cassie Brewer

Brides all over the world want to look stunning on their special day, and for many that means getting in shape. In the UK, for example, around 1 in 10 women lose four stone (or 56 pounds) before they walk down the aisle. If you’re getting married soon, here are a few tips to help you safely sculpt a gorgeous wedding body:

Make a Plan – and Stick To It

Safely losing weight means slowly losing weight. Doctors say that you should lose no more than 1 percent of your weight each week – which for the average woman is between 1 and 2 pounds. If you want to lose a large amount of weight, you’ll have to plan ahead. Consider a 12-month challenge or other fitness regimen to get you wedding fit!

Get Some Early Exercise

This tip is about logistics, but it’s still very important. Planning a wedding is a lot of hard work; more often than not, your days are filled with fittings and meetings. If you aren’t careful, your fitness plans can fall by the wayside. Do your best to work out first thing in the morning, and you’ll be more likely to see results.

Say No to Booze, Salt, and Sugar

The months that span your engagement are usually filled with special occasions, from your bridal shower to your bachelorette party. Indulging during these events is fine, but you should avoid alcohol, salt, and sugar as much as possible before your wedding. These foods will not only wreak havoc on your body, they can make your skin break out, too! Just say no.

Two Words: Eat Enough

While it is important to avoid unhealthy foods while you’re getting ready for your wedding, it is also of great importance that you eat enough. Crash diets are terribly dangerous – and they will also make you incredibly cranky, which can put a strain on all your relationships during the planning process. Keep the bridezilla at bay and make sure you eat lunch.

Coordinate Your Fitness and Fashion

Here’s a tip about the perfect wedding body: focus on the parts of you that your guests will see. You can work different muscle groups to make your dress work to the greatest effect; if your dress is strapless, for example, you’ll want to tone those shoulders. You can get a full-body workout, too, but pay special attention to your wedding silhouette.

Mix Up Your Workouts

While this can help you get ready for your wedding day, you can use this particular tip throughout your life. Make sure you try a variety of different exercises so that your body is always working in a different way. Not only will this make you healthier, it will ensure that you don’t get burned out on the same old exercise routine.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is important every day, but when you’re getting in shape and planning a wedding it is even more imperative. Water helps revitalize your body, keeping you alert through all the wedding planning decisions. Water is also a natural way to keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant, which will make you look even more beautiful when you say “I do.”

Get a Dazzling Smile

The perfect wedding body isn’t just about the neck down. Remember, you’ll be looking at these photos for years to come – don’t you want your smile to be at its most beautiful? Brides-to-be should consider professional teeth whitening before their wedding day. This way, they’ll be sure that the gorgeous smile their photographer captures is one they will want to cherish forever.

Schedule Your Beauty Appointments Carefully

Some brides seek out other beauty procedures, like botox or fillers, before they walk down the aisle. This is perfectly fine – but if you don’t time it just right, you could be in for some trouble. Avoid bruising, skin irritation, or allergic reactions by scheduling any beauty procedures a few weeks before the ceremony. You can look your best without any worries.

Don’t Forget the Self-Care

By now you may know that planning a wedding isn’t easy. The stress of creating this dream celebration can put a real strain on many brides, and if they aren’t careful, that strain can start to show. Make sure you take time to relax in the months leading up to the wedding.

Remember, the best wedding body is one that is happy! As long as you’re smiling and in love on the big day, everyone will think you’re the most beautiful woman in the room.


DIY: 3 Face Masks

There are tons of face masks sold at stores that range in prices, but the majority are pretty pricey. We wanted to share 3 VERY easy face masks that you can make at home with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.


  • Orange Juice
  • Oatmeal
  • Banana
  • Honey
  • Greek Yogurt


  • 3-5 minutes to make. 15-20 minutes per use.


  • Super easy for anyone!

1. We have a tropical mask for you. This mask will make your skin glow. All you need is OJ, banana, and honey.

Mash 1/2 of a banana in a bowl.

Mix in 1 tbsp of orange juice and 1 tbsp of honey.

Apply this mixture to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes.

Rinse your face and you’re done!

2. Exfoliating and soothing mask. For this one you’ll need oatmeal and greek yogurt.

Mix 2 tbsp of greek yogurt with 1/3 c of oatmeal.

Apply mixture to your face and leave it on for 15 minutes.

Rinse off using circular motions.

3. Moisturizing and acne mask. Greek yogurt and honey are the only two ingredients for this last mask.

Mix 2 tbsp of greek yogurt and 1 tbsp of honey together.

Apply this to your face and leave it for 15 minutes.

Rinse off with lukewarm water.

There you have it, 3 super easy face masks to make at home!

Let us know if you’ve tried any of them and what you think in the comments!


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