DIY Wedding: 15 Things to DIY Instead of BUYING for the Big Day

Preparing for the big day is not a piece of cake. A lot of things should be done and should be considered and of course, have your cash and cards ready coz you will surely spend thousands of money as you purchase each and every item to complete and tick off different items from your long wedding checklist.  But, wait! You don’t need to buy everything! There are actually several items that you can DIY instead of buying it in shops and stores.

DIY items doesn’t only help you to save money but also, can help you to bring out the creativity in you. Yes, DIY items may not be as good as the ones which are ready-made in shops and store but, what makes it more special is the effort given as you create these items. Are you excited to know the items that you can DIY instead of buying? Well, we have 15 great items for you.

1. Paper Cone Flower Tosser

Paper cones where you put all those flower petals for tossing doesn’t need to be bought.  Yes, there are petal cones in shops and stores which are well made but did you check the price? For sure they are quite expensive. So instead of buying those paper cones, why not make them on your own.Just choose good quality of paper, fold it and make a cone out of it and viola! You now have a DIY paper cone that you can hang on every chair or place them in a basket and let your guests get one.

2. Boutonnieres For the Groom and Groomsmen

To make the gentlemen’s look complete, boutonnieres pinned on the left side of their chest shouldn’t be forgotten. Some florists would include the boutonnieres in the package but some doesn’t. If your florists does not include boutonnieres in their package, you don’t need to worry. You can actually make them by yourself using simple yet elegant looking flowers

3. Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are really quite expensive and it will cost a lot especially if you are expecting a lot of guests for your big day. Well, try to save money by making DIY wedding favors. Wrap some candies or chocolates or maybe tie a ribbon around the succulent pot, add some “Thank You” tag and now, your wedding favors are ready to go.

4.  Guestbook

One of the things that you should have on your big day is the guestbook. Of course during the wedding, you won’t be able to notice who among your friends are present and who among the invited guests didn’t make it. Weeks before the wedding, try to make your own guestbook. Decorate the cover or every single pages of the guestbook, making it more personal.

5. Wedding Arch

Another DIY project that you will surely enjoy doing is your wedding Arch. You don’t need to buy one coz it will surely be too pricey.  Instead gather your team and ask for their help! Together, create a wonderful wedding arch that you dreamed of.

6. Invitations

For sure there are already a lot of ready made wedding invitations to choose from and a lot of them surely suits and matches your wedding theme. But don’t you think having a personalized wedding invitation is more fun?Well, I can tell you it is! Stop patronizing those ready made items and start being more creative and artistic.

7. Wedding Sign

Ready made wedding signs are usually pricey especially the bigger ones. So, instead of spending quite a lot just for a wedding sign, try to have a DIY wedding sign instead. If you don’t have a good penmanship, ask a friend to do a calligraphy for you! For sure, your friend will never say no and it will be a big pleasure to help!

8. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Accessories

Flower girl baskets, head dress and ring bearer’s pillow. These accessories completes your little guests’ attire. And these things can actually made by you! Various resources online can actually teach you how to make one. Aside from flower baskets and head dress, there are actually other flower girl accessories that you can make.

9. Photo Booth Props

Wedding reception will be a bit boring without a photo booth where your guests can be silly while wearing formal attires. But hold on! If you want to have a more personalized photo booth, why not make a DIY photo booth props? It will surely make your photos unique and is like no other.

10. Bridesmaids’ Hair dress

Aside from making sure that you’ll be the most beautiful woman during your big day, of course don’t forget to make your bridesmaids look extra fabulous. Prepare a hair dress for them . You don’t need to purchase them in stores. You can actually make them on your own! DIY bridesmaid hair dress!.

11. Table Centerpieces

One of the things that makes your wedding unique and different from other couple’s wedding is how you make it more personalized and how you show your personality through the designs and decorations. So why don’t you show off your personality as you design and create your table centerpieces? It will surely be more memorable than those provided by your coordinator.

12. Wedding Venue Backdrops

Part of having a DIY wedding is handcrafting some possible wedding decors instead of purchasing them in stores. One of the decors that you can possibly do on your own is the wedding venue backdrop. Making one is surely more affordable, plus, you can actually show your creativity and artistry as you design your own wedding venue backdrop.

13. Placecards or Table Numbers

Yes, you may ask your entourage to assist your guests to their tables during the reception. But for sure, your entourage isn’t enough to assist each and every guests. So, have a DIY placecards or table numbers to guide your guests.

14. Special Signage

Tired of the usual flower basket that your flower girl carries down the aisle? We have a solution for that! Create a special signage for your flower girls! “Here Comes the Bride!”

15. Wedding Cake Topper

Your wedding cake may never be complete without the Mr and Mrs sign placed on top. So, instead of buying one, why don’t you just create your own wedding cake topper? Instead of just a simple Mr and Mrs sign, why not include some of your most romantic photos? Guests will surely love to look at them.


Wedding is really expensive. But, you don’t need to spend a lot especially if you know that you can actually DIY some of your wedding decors and other necessary things for your wedding. It’s not just practical but also will help you show your artistic side.



10 Affordable DIY Wedding Decor Ideas You Really Want to Try!

Now that you have already decided where you’re going to enjoy and celebrate your big day, it’s about time to start planning and drafting what the venue would look like, how the tables will be arranged and of course how the entire venue will be decorated. For sure, there are a lot of things running to your mind when it comes to designing and imagining what the entire venue will look like.

Maybe you imagine your venue to have tons of colorful flowers on the stage and tables and at the same time numerous while balloons the ceiling. But wait. This sounds too costly. Yes, it’s fun to design your venue and make your dream come true but, is the expenses for the decoration itself still practical? I think too much fancy decors will put you and your future husband in trouble. You don’t need to overspend. there are surely a lot of cheap and affordable materials that you can use for your big day. Try to have some DIY decorations. Do it on your own and for sure, you’ll enjoy it.

Try to look around. Maybe there are still other stuffs from the bridal party or bachelor party that you can probably use. Unused balloons perhaps? Colorful papers and metallic gold wrappers?Gather them around because it will surely be useful for our DIY wedding decors.

1.Confetti Balloons

This seems to be a perfect decoration for your wedding venue entrance. But well, if you buy this ready made balloons, it will surely be expensive. There’s nothing to worry about you can actually recreate this cool idea. All you need is to use the balloons and colored papers from the previous party. Cut the colored papers into pieces, put it inside the balloons and VIOLA!!! You now have a DIY balloon confetti. Cute decor without spending a lot.

2. Paper Wheels

This looks simple but can surely make your wedding venue be more elegant. Just like the confetti balloon, you don’t need to spend a lot for this. For sure there are several colored  papers in your home which suits your wedding motif. Mix and match the colored papers and turn it into a wonderful backdrop. Don’t know how to make these paper wheels a for your backdrop? The internet will actually teach you how to make a backdrop using paper rosettes.It’s an easy paper craft that can surely make the venue more picture perfect.

3. Paper Plate Flowers

Who would have thought that you can actually turn paper plates into a flower decoration? Such a creative and thrifty idea right?
Well, flowers are always on the top of the list when it comes to wedding decorations. But, flowers are too expensive.Luckily, you can now have  DIY paper plate flowers to decorate your wedding. Use it as a backdrop or small paper flowers can be used as centrepieces, replacing those expensive flowers. It maybe a fake flower but with creativity and artistry, it’ll surely look real and WOW your guests. Looking for more paper flower ideas? Check out some easy-to-make paper flowers.

4. Pom-Poms

Probably one of the cutest thing to have on your wedding venue are these corlorful and eye-pleasing pom-poms. Not just that!!! These pom-poms are also easy to make and doesn’t cost too much. You can use colorful papers, crepe papers or tissue papers for this kind of decor.

5. Chalkboard Wedding Sign

Why don’t you show off how beautiful handwriting skills and create a simple yet elegant chalkboard wedding sign? It won’t take much of your time for sure! Plus, your guests will surely be surprised that the wedding sign is actually prepared by you!

6. Photos Clipped on a String

This will probably one of the most touching wedding decor that you can have. Why? As you and your guests take a look at those photos, which starts with your first picture as a couple or how you met, you’ll surely give take you down to memory lane. Reminiscing each and every kiss, travel and even long drives together.

7. Led Lights in a Jar

Looks perfect for a backyard and a rustic wedding theme right? Well, you don’t need to spend too much. Collect those used but clean jars and fill it with affordable led lights that you find in stores or maybe borrow led lights from friends.

8. Burlap Cutlery Holder

Having a Rustic theme wedding? Burlaps are surely one of the things that you can surely use to decorate your venue. Aside from using it as your table runner, can you still think of any other ways on how you can use the remaining burlaps that you used to wrap in your wedding favors? Well, don’t throw them away. You can still use them as the cutlery holder.

Chaosinmycasa will help prepare your Burlap Cutlery Holder for your big day.

9. Hula Hoop Chandelier

Kept some old hula hoops at home? Don’t throw it away. Let’s make a DIY wedding decor out of that used hula hoops. Turned that hula hoop into a lightning chandelier. It will be a perfect decor to your wedding venue especially if your wedding reception will last until evening. All you need to to cover the hula hoop with some silk or any kind of cloth, and add some Christmas lights on it and viola! you now have an affordable chandelier. Be creative and you can surely make it look fancy without spending too much.

10. Ribbon Table Runners

Have a stash of colorful ribbons at home? Collect those and let’s make a simple but cute table runners. If you do not have any ribbons at home, you can surely buy them in stores and they don’t actually cost too much. The Decor Fix will help you create and prepare your wedding table runners.

Wedding decors shouldn’t be too lavish. They can be simple and at the same picture worthy or should I say, Instagram worthy. Be creative and save money! No need to spend too much because you’ll surely enjoy making and preparing your DIY wedding decors. Plus, you’ll surely forget the stress and all those wedding jitters as you have fun making your decors.



DIY Marbled Paper For Your Wedding

A popular trend in wedding design is marbled paper. It can be found everywhere, from the invitations to the wedding decor. Luckily, this is an easy look you can recreate to save you money while still looking elegant. Match the colors to your wedding color scheme for a professional feel.

This guest DIY Bride Tutorial brought to you by FTD teaches you how to marble paper for a trendy and unique look on your wedding day Try creating custom place cards for your big day  and then carrying the look through to your thank you notes after the festivities are done.

Just follow the steps below for  stylish look!


  • Baking Sheet
  • Shaving Cream (must be foam not gel)
  • Watercolors and Acrylic Paint
  • Cardstock
  • Paint Brush
  • Dropper
  • Scraper (paint scraper, ruler or any lat edge)


Step 1 : Fill the baking sheet with shaving cream

Step 2: Smooth out the surface of the shaving cream.

Step 3: Add in two to three colors with a dropper.

Step 4: Swirl the colors in a figure 8 pattern.

Step 5: Lightly press the cardstock into the shaving cream.

Step 6: Remove and scrape off the extra shaving cream.

Step 7: Let dry and use for wedding decor!


Paper or Plastic? Choosing the Best Tableware for Your Reception

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Your wedding should be a reflection of the love that you and that special someone share. From the moment you say “yes”, to the second you declare “I do”, you will plan every detail of the big day. Of course, it’s important to have a wedding that is uniquely you, and that will require learning about all your options for things like flowers, music, and tableware. Here, we share our tips to help you find some of the more eco-friendly options to create a memorable event.

Earth-friendly Like You’ve Never Seen It

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One of our favorite trends is the use of environmentally friendly responsible materials for everything from wedding rings to lively table linens. Shop for products made of renewable or biodegradable materials, or try using what you have on hand. Eco-chic is all about thinking outside the box.

When it comes to choosing dinnerware for your reception, there’s more to consider than just ‘paper or plastic’. The word plastic may conjure up images of a floating mass of trash in the ocean or bags hanging from a tree, but, when disposed of properly, plastics can be recycled. There are even some that are made of plant materials and can be composted. And what about paper — Is it as planet-safe as they say?

Naturally Beautiful

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There are pros and cons with every choice, but here are some of the basics of disposable tableware to help you make the best decision for your special day:

  • PET: Traditional plastics are made from petroleum products. Not all of this can be melted down and repurposed because of the harmful chemicals involved, but PET (polyethylene terephthalate)   can be! So, although plates, utensils, and cups made from petroleum are from non-renewable sources, they are often recyclable. Just be sure to check for the small “please recycle” label stamped on the item, and give them a rinse before placing them in the appropriate green or blue bins.
  • PLA: There are the plastics made from plant sources like PLA (polylactic acid), which is a chemical derived from cornstarch. This dinnerware can be easily broken down by bacteria, but only if disposed of properly. For example, they will not decompose in a landfill or in a home compost system. There are facilities, however, that can be biodegrade PLA products, so you can enjoy the delicious cake at the reception without worrying about all those dishes.

Image source:

  • Sugarcane: Last of the renewable plastics is the kind sourced from sugarcane. The pulp left over after juicing sugar cane is called bagasse, and its fibrous nature is a great building block for bowls and plates that look like porcelain. The best part  is that, because it’s plat fiber, it’s compostable, even in a home set-up.

Image Source:

  • Traditional Paper: We haven’t mentioned paper yet, but it is another option in the realm of disposable plates. Paper can be recycled and trees are a renewable resource when forests are managed properly, but the production of paper is more energy intensive than that of plastic.
  • Plant Leaves: Bamboo and palm leaves can be pressed into very unique shapes. The plant does not have to be harvested to get the raw materials, and the end-product, typically eco- friendly plates and bowls, are entirely compostable. Even better, the dinnerware made from leaves will have an organic look that evokes images of warm, tropical beaches.

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  • Bamboo and Wood: Crafting dishes from wood can take finesse, which could be why they are a bit more expensive than others. But, if you’re looking for something will a light, natural wood grain and sturdy build, these are totally worth it! Wooden items are also inherently biodegradable, as long as they haven’t been treated harmful chemicals.

Now For the Fun Part!

So, as we said, there are pluses and minuses for each choice. Some are pricier, while others may require a special process to dispose of them in an environmentally sound way. Now that you’re armed with some basic knowledge, however, you can plan and shop accordingly.

Image Source :

Just remember, the serving ware you opt for can really complement the food being serve, as well as the decor you spent so much time considering. There is sure to be something that is exactly what you’ve been looking for  and will fit into the design of your dream wedding. So, have your them in mind as you scroll through pages or walk down aisles of napkins, cups, utensils, and plates, and have fun!

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Author Bio: Casey Pontrelli is a freelance writer and content strategist. She has collaborated with a variety of industry insiders and worked with a number of brands, writing about everything from events, to fashion, travel and more.


Twitter: @diybride

Instagram: @diybrideblog



Wedding Vendor Communication Problem

This question came in from a potential client.. check it out.

I’m not personally having this problem, since I’m not at this stage of planning right now, but what do you do if a vendor doesn’t get back to you? You get in contact with them, set things up and everything is going well, but then when you need to be updated, they won’t answer you? Has anyone had this problem before? If so, what did you do about it? I like to ask in advance in case something like this happens.

You got engaged. Yay! Then you start with wedding planning. Vendors picked and contracts signed. Everything is running smoothly on the first few weeks but all of sudden, updates just stopped coming.

Wait! What? Oh no no no, don’t panic! Breathe. Count 1 to 10. Get yourself composed. Read below.

  1. Review your contract. Go over the prefered mode of communication. If via email, send an email. If via phone call, give them a call. If still no reply, proceed to #2.
  2. Keep planning and moving on while waiting for a reply. Give them at least 3 days to get back at you. However, while doing so, make sure you are still working on the other details. If after the waiting period, there still is no reply, don’t lose hope, you can do #3.
  3. Give them an ultimatum to reply within the next day. You should emphasize the urgency of the reply from them. When this time lapses and nothing came through, it’s about time to do #4.
  4. Visit their office or shop. Sit down with them.Be nice to ask what improvements they can do in regards updating you. Make sure you’ve agreed at everything.

Everything can be resolved with an honest to goodness conversation. However, if none of the above worked, then it is a sign for you to find new vendors. 

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DIY: Yarn Table Numbers


Piece of wood (Lowe’s will cut it to the size you want for free)






5 minutes per table number


As long as you can use a hammer, you can do this DIY!


This can be used for really anything. I think it’d be super cute to make your initials to go on your nightstands or above your bed. It could also be signs at your wedding, the ideas are endless!



DIY: Burlap Wine Bottles


  • Wine Bottles
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Burlap
  • Scissors
  • Twine or Glitter to Decorate (Optional)


  • 5 Minutes per bottle. Not including time to drink the wine 🙂


This is so easy and only requires your creative juices to flow. Wine can help with that too!


Grab some of your friends, family, or bridesmaids to help with this DIY. You can enjoy some wine together, while crafting the night away.


Did you make your own burlap wine bottle? Be sure to tag us on Instagram using @DIYBride or email us at!



DIY: Lined Envelopes

Purchasing lined envelopes can really add up, but creating your own will really elevate your invitations to the next level all the while saving some money!


  • Envelopes
  • Paper to line the envelope
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  • 2-5 Minutes per envelope


  • This was not very difficult, but did take some patience and precision.

First, you will want to trace the envelope to the piece of paper you will be using for the liner.

Next cut out the liner from your paper of choice. Once the envelope shape is cut you will want cut off a very small amount on either side of the paper. This will ensure that the liner can easily slide in your envelope. There is not need to measure this. Just a small sliver on each side will do the trick.

Slide the paper into your envelope.

Fold the flap down to create a crease.

Trim off any remaining liner paper that may appear once the envelope has been folded. Use your glue stick to glue down the top flap.

Now you’re envelope is complete! How cute and how simple.

Did you create your own lined envelopes? Tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram or email us at to show us your creations!



DIY: Wire Frame Card Holder

This wire frame card holder is simple and rustic. Not only can it make an impact on your wedding day by displaying your seating assignments, but then also be used in your home to hold cards and photos once your big day is over.


  • A Frame Without Glass And A Back
  • Chicken Wire
  • Mini Clothes Pins
  • Staple Gun
  • Wire Cutters or Scissors


  • 15 Minutes


  • Depending on the gauge chicken wire you use it may take a bit of muscle to cut through it, otherwise this is an easy A in my book. I was even able to use scissors to get though my chickenwire.

Measure how much wire you will need to cover the back of your frame. If you need to use your cutters to trim the remnant wire so the edges are flush or just shorter than your frame. Use your staple gun to attach the wire to the back of your frame.

Finally hang your escort cards by using the mini clothes pins. How cute is that?! I am using my frame to display some invitations.

*If you are having a difficult time finding a frame you would like check your local thrift shops or junk yards for old frames or windows! I found my frame at Hobby Lobby for under $15.00.

What did you do with your wire frame holder? Tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram or email us at!



DIY: Teacup Candles

I feel like I have seen teacup candles all over gift guides on the internet and while I think they are absolutely adorable I refused to pay the price that comes along with these trendy gifts. Read below to see how I made these DIY teacup candles for less than a dollar a piece!


  • Something To Melt The Wax In
  • Candle Wax
  • Wick
  • Teacup


  • 10 Minutes not including cool time.


  • So simple and so chic!

Your local thrift shop will be your best bet when on the hunt for teacups. Start by getting the wax melting for your candle. If you remember I had made some ombre candles in the past so you can click here to see the best way to melt your wax.

While your wax is melting, measure your wick and trimming off the extra length.

Place the wick in your teacup and pour the wax into the cup.

Set to cool and you’re all ready to give these as gifts or decorate tables for your afternoon tea bridal shower.

What did you make with teacups? Post your photos to our Facebook wall or tag @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.



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