Pocket-fold Invitation

Folder-style invitation

Inspired by a popular line of similar, pricey invitations, we created our own version for just a fraction of the cost. This project takes a bit of time but the effort is worth it! The full instructions are available to members in our downloads area, under “Project Sheets”. Or click here.

Cost: $1.00 per invitation


4.75″ Square Program Booklet

4.75″ Square Program Booklet A small booklet-style program. Measures 4.75″ square when finished. Includes 4 pages (2 pages printed front and back) plus a cover. It also doubles as a CD booklet! Ours cost less than $0.60 cents to make, including beads, wire, and papers! Plainer versions with just paper and ribbon can easily be made for $0.25 each. Please visit our downloads area to get the template.


Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms or drink markers, as they’re sometimes known, have become rather popular over the last couple of years. They”re fun, simple little trinkets that go around the stem of a wine glass to identify it at a party or gathering.

As a wedding favor, they”re cheap and super-simple to make. They can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like.

Supplies Needed:

  • self-closing earring hoops/wine charm rings, 3/4″ – 1″ in diameter.
  • beads, pearls, charms
  • needle-nose pliers


1. Add your accent beads and crystals halfway around the wire.

2. Turn the straight end of the hoop (not the side with the hole in it) up at a right angle using a needle nose pliers which will make a hook. This hook will lock into the loop at the other end of the hoop to stay closed.


Buying Guide:

Hoops sterling silver 10 for $4.40 at Auntie”s beads.

4mm crystal beads 100 clear for $5.25 at the BeadRoom.

Ours cost around $0.65 each to make.


Crystal Stem Instructions

We kick off the new year with a cheap-yet-beautiful project: Crystal Stems.A few tucked in amongst your flowers can be quite lovely; making an entire bouquet of crystal stems is a bold, beautiful statement. Instructions for making these affordable beauties can be found in our Downloads area, under Project Sheets —> Bouquets & Flowers.

Supplies Needed
• 26 gauge or 28 gauge craft wire
• Wire cutters
• Crystals, 6mm – 8 mm
• Variable speed drill
• Needle-nose pliers (optional)
• A vise or stand for your drill (optional)


1. Cut wire to double the desired finished length. (Ex: Cut to 24” if you want a 12”
2. Thread the wire through the crystal, bring ends together, centering the crystal on
the length of the wire.
3. Holding the crystal in one hand, pinch the wires together under the crystal and give
it a twist. [Image 1] This secures the crystal and readies it for the next step.
4. Open the chuck of your drill and remove the drill bit (if there’s one in it).
5. Insert your crystal into the drill’s chuck and secure it in place as you would a drill bit.
[Image 2] Be very careful! Glass crystals will break, crack, or shatter if you close the
chuck too tightly.
6. Hold the loose end of your wires tightly in one hand (or hold them with a pair of
needle nose pliers). Pull the wires taught.
7. Turn on your drill to the lowest speed and, voila!, you have a tightly twisted stem in
less than 5 seconds.



Crystal stems are commonly used as a simple way to add sparkle to your bouquet OR stunning as a bouquet themselves. Retail for these guys run
around $1.00 – $2.50 PER STEM on the internet. We made ours for under $0.45 each.
Approximate Costs
8 mm Czech crystals 0.32 each
24” of 28 g. gold wire 0.09 each (wire comes in 40 yd. spools – you’ll get several stems per spool.)
TOTAL 0.41 each
• Use needle nose pliers to hold the loose wire ends while twisting with the drill.
• Use the slowest possible speed for the best control. Twisting too fast will weaken and break the wire very quickly.
• Try to position the crystal so that the holes are side-to-side instead of up and down. It’s just prettier because you’ll see only the crystals and
not the wires.
• It’s best to either have a friend help hold the drill or set up a stand/vise to hold the drill while you twist. It’s not impossible to do it alone,
• Wrap the ends of the wire stems with florist tape to keep it from snagging your clothes or poking you. Those ends can be a little sharp.
• Pearls can easily be substituted for crystals.
• Any color of wire can be used. Gold and silver look best.
• Shop around the for the best price on crystals. Many places will offer you bulk discounts.
• 6 mm crystals are generally much less expensive then 8mm. 4 mm tend to be way to small.
• For a whole bridal bouquet, we recommend using 300+ stems.


DIY Lace Garter

Knitted Lace Wedding Garter

By Diane Willett


Cotton thread size 40
Knitting needles size 00
1/4 inch wide blue ribbon
Single fold bias tape
3/8 inch wide elastic

Lace is 2 inches wide and 21 inches long.
(22 repeats of the pattern)


To Make:

1). Cast on 21 stitches. Follow charted instructions, reading chart from right to left, and from bottom to top.  The same way you knit.

2). Even numbered rows, work as follows:  Slip one as if to purl, then purl to end of row, except make sure to knit 1, purl 1 into every double yarn over in the previous row.

3). Knit 22 repeats of the pattern until you have 21 inches of length. (or to desired length)  Bind off loosely.  Weave in ends of thread.

4). Wash and pin out to block lace. (spray with spray starch after lace is pinned out, if desired. This will help keep the lace definition when gathered for the garter.)  Let dry completely.

5). Sew two ends of the lace together.  Weave the blue ribbon through the middle eyelets.  (Yarn over ladders)  Sew bias tape to back side of garter. Insert elastic in bias casing.  Sew a bow of ribbon to the front of the garter if desired.

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