He’s the One: Tips To Know If He’s the One

Ladies out there, I know you’re guilty if I asked you if you have dreamt and imagined yourself ending up with the man that you like. Let’s say, the man of your dreams  or your knight in shining armour. The man dressed in suit or even just a simple white shirt.

The man who patiently waits for your no matter how long it takes for you to get dressed for your dinner date or no matter how tiring it is to accompany you whenever you go shopping. Someone who will give you a big hug and tells you “We made it babe! Let’s continue facing our worries and fears together. I got your back”. But, the real question is , “Is he really the one?”

You might have met each other since childhood or during your high school, said “I Love You” thousands of times, shared kisses as the sun sets and faced problems and challenges together and made hundreds of memories to remember. But, are these enough reasons for you to say that he’s the one? Is the sweetness enough to say “Yes” when he pops out the question that you’ve been longing to hear? Some will surely say YES but some ladies out there are still in doubt.

So how will you know if he’s the one? Is there a certain checklist that we need to follow? Or we’ll just let our hearts decide and feel that he’s really the one? Marriage is a lifelong commitment and of course we would like to have our first marriage to be the last. So before you say yes, make sure that he’s the right one. Here are 20 signs you’re with the right man you should marry.

You Should Marry Him If…

1. He Always Brags about you. If you get promotion at work or even just win concert tickets, he can’t resist telling everyone you hang out with before you even think to mention it. Because he’s your biggest fan (arguably next to your mom).

2. He makes sacrifices for you – and you’re happy to do the same for him. He’ll move cities to live with you if you get a new job or finish grad school. You’re happy to make the next move for one of his opportunities.

3. He shares the same values as you. You know you both want kids and expect to split the child care equally. Or maybe you know you both want kids and he wants to take extended paternity leave. maybe you’ve also agreed that you should each get 45 minutes to yourself to go to the gym every day, or you plan to buy a home and move to the suburbs in five years. You know you’re on the same page with things that matter most to you because you’ve discussed them. 

4. Even after years together, he still does little chivalrous things for you. Like open doors for you, or carry you to your doorstep when your feet hurt after wearing high heels all day and you just can’t bear to walk one more block. 

5. He doesn’t try to change you.  He knows you’re messier than him, that you always need a pet cat, and can’t cook to save your life, and all of that is all right by him.

6. When you think about marrying him, the best part isn’t the wedding, it’s the idea of spending your lives together.  The wedding is fun, but you really can’t wait for the two weeks right after when you’ll get uninterrupted honeymoon time.

7. You survived a long-distance relationship.  It was hard and scary, but you love each other so much that you were able to make the necessary sacrifices to make it through with a singular goal in mind: living in the same place and being together when it was all over.

8. “I miss you” isn’t just a sweet thing you say.  It’s a reality. Even if it hasn’t been that long (like, two hours) since you saw each other.

9. You don’t like having a roommate and love having your own space, but you’d still prefer to live with him.  You look forward to the end of the day, not because you’ll be done with work but because you’ll get to see him again.

10. He’s your go-to person whenever you have a story to share, about work, about friends, about anything.  You used to tell your parents and friends about all these things, but now, you don’t call them quite as much as you used to . They don’t mind because they see how happy you are. 

11. You feel comfortable planning things six months –  or a year – into the future.  You’re not worried you’ll have to cancel plane tickets or say you won’t be needing a plus-one after all. You feel that confident in your relationship. 

12.  You can cry in front of him without feeling embarrassed. He knows when to worry and when you’re just caught up in a scene of a movie.

13. When your friends complain about their significant others or the guys they’ve gone out with, you get kind of quiet because you don’t have much to contribute. You don’t want to brag, but you just don’t have to deal with any of that nonsense because your significant other is great to you. 

14. He’s close with your family, and he’s made sure you’ve gotten to know his. He’ll call your dad or your grandma without any hesitation. It just makes sense that you’d go to his nephew’s birthday party , even if he’s not there.

15. He cares about your friends. If one of them is having a bad day, he suggests you go spend time with her or invite her to join the two of you for dinner. If he hasn’t heard someone’s name in awhile, he asks how she’s doing.

16. He lets you vent. Sometimes when something frustrates you, you just need to go over it again and again. He doesn’t get annoyed at this, and he dismisses your apologies. The only thing that bothers him about the situation is that you’re upset and he wishes you weren’t.

17. He tells you, out of the blue, that you look hot. And it’s on the day you didn’t dry your hair or put on makeup or even change out of your T-shirt and sweatpants.

18. You can do things like travel together without fighting all the time. We’ve all seen (or been) that tragic couple fighting over where to get lunch at the airport so badly that one of them devolves into tears and puts her shades on indoors and lies across three seats in the terminal. You can do tedious things with your S.O . without all this fighting.

19. He plans activities that he knows you’ll enjoy. He doesn’t depend on you to be in charge of everything, and he remembers that you said you wanted to go to that new restaurant or museum exhibit.

20. He works hard at his job, but you’re his priority. If you ask him to go to an event that’s important to you, he’s not afraid to step out of the office to accompany you. He’ll figure out a way to get his work done, just as you would do for him.

So, are you wondering how you can say if he’s not the right one? Well, here are some signs to prove that the guy you’re dating is not the perfect one for you.

1. You come up with excuses for his behavior. Bad behavior really has no excuse, even if he’s “going through some sh*t,” is “angry,” or “had a troubled past.” Some of the kindest, most docile people I ever met used to be homeless, were CPS cases, and were in devastatingly abusive relationships. They never use their pasts as an excuse.

If he’s acting like a jerk or stringing you along, you need to be aware that there’s no excuse for his behavior, no matter what you say. If he’s sh*tty, he’s sh*tty, and you need to drop him.

2. If you were being honest with yourself, the reason why you are with him is because you don’t believe guys will actually date you otherwise.  Been there, done that, bought the entire tourist stand. Trust me, I wanted more than anything to have a loving husband of my own. I know how bad it feels. But it’s better to be alone than to be with someone who hurts you. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. 

3. You’ve been known to lie about what your partner does, or about your partner’s status to impress people. Been there, too. At this point, you’re trying to just hope that someone sees your relationship as impressive. People know you’re talking up your partner and that’s okay as long as your partner is good to you. If he’s not, you’re just hurting yourself. 

4. You’ve come into direct evidence of him cheating and refuse to acknowledge it. No, he didn’t install Tinder for friends. No, the girl talking about his dick isn’t his cousin. You know that, so stop pretending it’s not what it is.

5. He refuses to acknowledge your relationship in public, or everything that involved commitment was forced by you. Do you literally have to be the one to tell people that you’re dating? Do you constantly feel like you need to drag him towards commitment, kicking and screaming? Let. Him. Go. have a little pride and just walk away. At this point, it’s not a relationship; it’s a tug of war.

6. You literally have to beg to be affectionate with you. I have seen this a lot with friends who were stuck in dead bedroom situations, and they still believed that their partner loved them despite showing no affection, no interest in sex, and open hostility to them. It usually takes a bunch of people sitting them down and telling them that this isn’t normal, nor is it salvageable, for them to decide to dump them.

Don’t wait until people have an intervention. If you literally beg, plead, and cry for affection and attention, one of the signs he’s not the one and it’s best to leave. Trust me when I say, at the very least, most people will at least find sex once they’re single.

7. People have begged you to dump him. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if a friend actually is telling you to dump him, it’s because his actions are alarming enough for them to be worried about your wellbeing. Most people will bite their tongues when it comes to a person’s partner because they don’t want to lose the person. If people are risking that to try to save you, listen to them.

8.  Overall, the relationship dynamics are skewed. In most cases, the delusional ones are doing 90 percent of the work in the relationships, while the jerks only do about 10 percent. If you find yourself bending over backward to try to make him stay/ commit/ love you, you’re fooling yourself. As hard as it is to acknowledge, love can’t be negotiated that way.

9. You legitimately don’t know much about him. Do you know his hobbies, his issues at work, or other major things? If you don’t then, you may be seeing him as a Manic Pixie Dream Guy. That’s not a good sign, honey.

10. You lied yourself to get him. This is just as bad as seeing him as a Manic Pixie Dream Guy, because you can’t keep up the charade forever. This is literally setting yourself up for failure. Why do that to yourself?

11. You’re only happy when you’re in a relationship. Been there, done that, also bought that tourist stand of merch. Trust me when I say it’s better not to get involved unless you want to be involved with a specific person. 

Now that we have laid out some things to consider before saying yes, is the man you are with now the right guy for you? Or his qualities falls more on the negative side?  If he has more negative qualities than the positive, try to think twice, or even thrice. Never settle for someone who’s not good enough for you.

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Collect Your Wedding Guests’ Photos With Togetherist

Once upon a time, like in the olde days when I got married, couples often provided guests with disposable cameras to take shots of the wedding and reception. The idea was guests would snap away and capture precious, candid moments that a pro photographer may have missed. After the big day, you’d take those cameras to a local film development counter and … get back hundreds of blurry shots of random stuff in exchange for all of our money. [True story: we did this and got back dozens pictures of a soda can taken by a very tipsy guest (hey, Matt!) who thought he was being funny.]

Sometimes guests might even bring their own film camera and promise to send copies of the excellent shots they bragged about having taken and, well, that rarely ever happened. The early 2000s were the Dark Ages of image sharing.

In this glorious age of digital awesomeness where every nearly guest over the age of 12 has a smart phone with a cool camera and is an expert amateur photographer, you don’t have to worry about paying to develop crummy pictures you don’t want.  You do, however, need a way to collect the shots you want that doesn’t require you scouring your family and friends’ social network accounts or go begging them to send you copies. That’s where our newest partner, Togetherist, comes in.

Togetherist makes it ridiculously easy for you to bring all of the digital pictures from your wedding guests into a single place. All you have to do is sign up for the service and pick a phone number where guests can send the shots. Your guests will be notified via text message where to send the images and the sent images will go directly into your account. There’s no downloading of apps or need to learn a new program; guests just send photos directly to your account number from their phones. Everyone knows how to do that, right? SO. EASY.

Plans start at $20 for a gallery of 100 images and, since you don’t have to print any image fro your photo collection you don’t want, this ends up being an inexpensive alternative to disposable cameras. (And more environmentally friendly, too!)


BONUS! The fine folks at Togetherist are offering the first 25 brides to use the code DIYBRIDE when signing up for an event $5 off their event. Just visit http://togetherist.com and sign up for an account. Create your first event and enter the code along with payment information.


Keep in touch with Togetherist at https://www.facebook.com/togetherist where they share tips and ideas on fun ways to use Togetherist during your big day, as well as future discounts.


Add A Touch of Sparkle To Your Wedding With Totally Dazzled

One of our newest partners is Totally Dazzled, a brilliant company that offers gorgeous rhinestone products at wholesale prices. For those of you seeking to add a little (or a lot) of glam to your invitations or decor, you’re in for a treat!

We love how enthusiastic Totally Dazzled are to work with you, our do-it-yourself couples. They understand you’re on a budget and offer a wide variety of rhinestone embellishments that are affordable for most in our lovely DIY community.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect rhinestone brooches, ribbon buckles for your invites, stunning napkin rings, diamante buttons, or flatback crystals, Totally Dazzled has over a thousand choices to help you create the your oh-so-glam one-of-a-kind wedding.  And, if you need some inspiration, do check out their blog, where they share how to creatively incorporate their sparkly wares with some great tutorials.

Let’s talk pricing because, let’s face it, rhinestones can be kind of on the spendy side. We were very pleasantly surprised by Totally Dazzled’s pricing which is often better than other wholesale-to-the-public shops online. Rhinestone ribbon slide buckles, for example, start at $0.75 each and go up to $1.75 at the top end.  If you’ve shopped around for rhinestone buckles recently, you’ll know that’s a great deal.

All Totally Dazzled products ship out within 1 business day of purchase direct from the USA. And, rest assured dear readers, they provide their customers with an excellent return policy if they are unsatisfied for ANY reason.

We hope you enjoy browsing the Totally Dazzled catalog and we can’t wait to see the gorgeous creations you make with Totally Dazzled products!

Please do visit the Totally Dazzled Facebook Page and sign up for their newsletter for their latest news and offers.




Montage Photo Book Giveaway!

Yesterday we introduced you to the awesomeness that is Montage. Today we’re so excited to bring you the opportunity to win a FREE medium-size Montage Photo Book, valued at $70.00!  The giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older, and the prize winner will work directly with Montage for delivery.

How to enter? Just enter your name, email address, and a comment in the form below before 2/10/2015. Easy-peasy!

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Create Stunning Photo Books With Montage

For those of you who are newly engaged be warned: you will have approximately eleventy billion photo-taking events between now and your honeymoon. Your engagement, engagement party, bridal shower, bachelor(ette) parties, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and honeymoon are guaranteed to yield an extraordinary amount of photos from friends and family — in addition to the ones you snap on your own. Instead of letting all of these amazing memories languish on a hard drive or in the cloud somewhere, why not create beautifully bound photo albums that you can display in your home or even give as gifts? (Pro tip: Parents dig photo albums of their children.)

Great idea, right? The folks at digital-to-photo album experts, Mixbook, thought so too and have brought an easy way for you to create a modern, streamlined photo book with minimal hassle and price points that are within reach of almost everyone. The service is called Montage and it works like this:

1. You decide what images you’d like to include in a Montage book and upload them via the web application.

2. Choose one of Montage’s 13 pre-designed layouts or themes.


3. Montage will automatically sort and arrange the photos into perfectly sized and organized pages. The technology knows when your photos were taken and organizes them by date and importance. Seriously, they couldn’t have made the process more user-friendly and intuitive.

4. Preview your book. At this point, you don’t have to do anything – unless you want to swap out images, shuffle placement, edit text, or change a theme. Captions are limited to 120 words and only one text box per spread. The font choice, size, and alignment are predetermined by the theme.

5. Save and check out. The whole process of creating a wedding photo book takes about 15 minutes once you’ve selected your images and books ship in about 4 days. Seriously, they couldn’t have made the process more user-friendly and intuitive.

Let’s talk details:

Pricing starts at $39 for a small (6-inch) book. Medium (8.5-inch) is $59 and the large (12-inch) is $119. Albums are able to accommodate up to 180 photos and 70 pages. The small books would make great gifts to your bridesmaids, for example, or as thank you presents to your wedding party.  The larger books are perfect for gifts for parents or significant others or for your own mementos of the day.


Montage albums are made of quality eco-friendly leather binding and have fantastic lay-flat pages.

Lay flat pages detail.  No fighting with the book to keep it open while you browse your photos.



The great folks at Montage are offering Free Shipping for DIY Bride readers. Just use this link to save some dough on an already awesome product.

Want to find out more about Montage? You can find them on Pinterest and Facebook. And stay tuned for a special giveaway for our DIY Bride community!

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