Natalie & Jamey’s Colorful Engagement

Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity for you and your beloved to showcase your personalities and have a little fun. Natalie and Jamey did just that, creating a shoot that’s full of playfulness and some lovely little details like the cute miniature cake and their soon-to-be wedding bands.

Natalie and Jamey met while she was a nanny for some of Jamey’s family in Colorado. She is from Austria, he is from Cincinnati and, together they make a gorgeous and oh-so-lovely international couple.


Natalie & Jamey
Cincinnati, OH
Event Date: April, 2014

Captured by Roselle Photography


Kylie & Mike’s Urban-Organic Engagement

Oh, just about everything from Mike and Kylie’s engagement shoot is perfection. Location, lighting, and a lovely couple all aligned to make this one of my favorite submissions this year – and I hope it’s one of yours as well.

Photographers Cory + Jackie said: Michael and Kylie wanted their engagement session to have a mix of an organic & urban feel; Locally Grown gardens was the perfect location for their session. It’s part restaurant & part local market. Quite the unnoticed gem in the city. We photographed the sessions with a mix of digital & medium format film shot on our Contax 645.

Well done!



Kyle & Mike
Event Date: February, 2014

Photographer:  Cory + Jackie //Restaurant:Locally Grown Gardens // Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jessie & David’s Engagement Session

From photographer Kristine Marie Photography:

Funny how you find love in unexpected places. Funny how a family friend becomes a fiance. Funny how there are so few people who can coax the carefree in each of us and can make us laugh and dance freely like no one is watching. David does that for Jessie. “He is the only person on this planet that can get me to step out of my comfort zone. He is the only person who can get me to get up and dance,” Jessie said. It was really sweet to see their affection for each other during our La Jolla Shores beach engagement. The water was cold and the waves lapped up at our feet. David takes Jessie’s hand and leads her closer to the ocean. She protests, while still laughing. He holds her close and they dance until the next big wave came. Within a year of working together, feelings grew. Jessie and Dave have been dating for about three years, and last summer, David proposed to Jessie right here along La Jolla Shores beach. She was so surprised that all she could utter was, “Really? Really?” Jessie said that she remembers David standing there, holding open a box with the most beautiful ring that she has ever seen. Jessie loves how David is so caring and always makes her feel like a lady. One of her favorite moments with David is during one of their romantic dates at Bertrand at Mister A’s in San Diego. While enjoying dessert, she remembers feeling like the luckiest girl as they watched the planes take off and land from the twelfth floor… Special note: The bride, Jessie is wearing a handmade flower crown with red roses. She made it herself, especially for our beach engagement photoshoot. She wanted a bohemian, hippie look.

La Jolla Shores Beach, California
Event Date: Jan, 2014

Photographer:  Kristine Marie Photography//Other Location:La Jolla Shores Beach//Makeup Artist:Sparrow Artistry//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Becca + Mike’s E-Session at Valley Forge National Park

Today’s Fall E-session from Lindsay Docherty Photography is gorgeous with all the gold and browns. How can it be not when the weather was great and the Valley Forge National Park had all the amazing colors.

According to the photographer Lindsay Docherty, Becca + Mike is, in a way, total opposites. She’s petite and he’s a “big lug”. She loves and is good at shopping, while he’s awesome at mowing stripes on the lawn. I love that they share how when they first met at a mutual friend’s party years ago, Becca basically Facebook stalked him and messaged him before they went out on their first date. I love it because let’s face it, who doesn’t do that these days???

The love between the two is apparent and combined with the gorgeous setting, you get one awesome e-session.


Photographer: Lindsay Docherty Photography//Shoot Date: 11.06.2013//Other Location:Valley Forge National Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Debora + Kyle’s Lovely Date Night Engagement Shoot

We’re featuring a gorgeous couple’s “Lovely Date Night” engagement session on this lovely Saturday. Shot in the midst of winter this year in Maryland, Debora + Kyle’s love and natural ease with each other was showcased beautifully by Daysy Photography. Can’t wait to see how beautiful their wedding will be!


Photographer: Daysy Photography//Other Location: Frederick Historic Downtown//Shoot Date:02.02.2014//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Chelsea + Zac’s Quirky and Adorable E-Session

Chelsea + Zac’s engagement shoot is one of the most adorable photo shoot I’ve seen recently. Lots of great contrasting colors and choice props (big balloons!), the awesome talent behind Unlost Photography did wonders. It also certainly helps, too, when one part of the Chelsea + Zac couple is a future neuroscientist and the other is a playwright and actor(ess?), totally amping up the nerdy, quirky, and cute factors. See if you can figure out who’s what!

Photographer: Unlost Photography//Shoot Date:02.01.2014//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jennie + Morgan’s Great Outdoors Engagement Session

Jennie + Morgan share a mutual love for the great outdoors, so it’s a no-brainer that when it comes time to do their engagement shoot, they chose Clear Lake in Oregon, as it is one of the places they love to hike. One of the coolest part of their engagement shoot by Simply Kissed Photography is that apparently, they brought their own “engagement canoe” for the shoot. I can’t wait to share with all you awesome readers this all-American, great outdoors engagement shoot!


Photographer: Simply Kissed Photography//Shoot Date:05.18.2013//Other Location:Clear Lake State Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Grace + Eric’s St. Augustine Engagement Sesh

Grace + Eric chose the beautiful St. Augustine, Florida as their setting for the engagement session with Robert J Hill Photography. When you have a place naturally gorgeous and filled with so much history like St. Augustine, there is really not that much more that you need to do to make your photos look super romantic!


Photographer: Robert J Hill Photography//Engagement Shoot:09.28.2013//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Margo + Chris’ Beautiful Rustic Summer Engagement Session

This Summer engagement shoot by Daphne and Dean has got to have one of the most props I have ever seen. Margo + Chris have lots of gorgeous vintage pieces for their table decorations and big window panes hanging as one part of their backdrop in their beautiful engagement session. Check them out!


At the time of submission, Margo + Chris’ photography team Daphne and Dean told us that they’re prepping for their barn wedding. If they put in this much detail into their engagement shoot, I absolutely cannot wait to see what their wedding would be like!


Photographer: Daphne and Dean//Shoot Date:08.25.2013//Event Venue:The Dudley Farm//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Kassie + Chad’s Swoon-Worthy Historical Park E-Session

Kassie + Chad definitely hit the jack pot with their engagement shoot location. George Ranch Historical Park, a 20,000 acre working ranch near Houston, Texas, features historic homes and buildings… and horses. Swoon-worthy photos by Dana Fernandez Photography, this engagement shoot is gorgeous to boot. It certainly helped when they were able to shoot at this picturesque location with no one else around (it was closed on Sunday, the day they had the shoot) since Kassie’s dad knows the owner of the Park.



What a dreamy location! I love all the buildings, the trees, and the space! I also adored their use of props- the sign on their dog, the gold-painted ampersand sign, and “I’m marrying him” chalkboard sign. Although we haven’t seen their wedding, but I can already picture just how sweet their wedding must have been!!


Photographer: Dana Fernandez Photography//E-Session Date: 05/19/2013//Event Venue: George Ranch Historical Park//Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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