Real Wedding: Sarah + Matt’s Colorful Chicago Wedding

Today we bring you Sarah + Matt’s colorful Chicago wedding. They got ready in their apartment before walking just a few blocks over to Palmer Square Park to say ‘I do’ in a very relaxed and intimate ceremony with friends and family.

Sarah + Matt didn’t want to spend a lot of money on their wedding, so they used a lot of DIY elements to add color and personality without breaking the bank. Sarah made a ton of colorful tissue paper pom-poms, and they made a huge impact on the stage framing the stage where the band played.

Sarah also made tissue paper flowers for the centerpieces. They put them in wine bottles that the collected throughout the year.

Matt is great at graphic design so he created escort cards. He also created sweet note labels for their succulent favors which were planted in cans collected by the couple.

If you’re noticing a piñata theme, it’s because there was one and it was adorable! They had a huge piñata to give away as a prize for their dance contest.

We love all of their personal touches and think this wedding really captured Matt + Sarah as a couple.

We hope you loved Sarah + Matt’s wedding details as much as we do! Let us know what you’d like to recreate in the comments!


Ceremony: Palmer Square Park | Reception: DANK Haus German American Cultural Center | Caterer: Cocina Fusion | Day-of Coordination: Anticipation Events | Photographer: Allison Williams Photography | Bakery: MaddieBird Bakery | Band: Tiny Cover Band | DJ: DJ Merk One | Transportation: Acrosstown Charter | Rehearsal Dinner: Wishbone | Make-up: Nika Vaughan | Hair: Debbie Petrielli |Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn | Officiant: Paris Coffey, St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church 


DIY: Winter Boutonniere

Making your own boutonnieres are not only a great way to save money, but also an easy way to incorporate personal touches into your wedding day. Read below for these simple instructions on how to create your own DIY boutonniere.


  • Flowers
  • Cotton Ball
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape


  • 15 Minutes


  • Level 2 on the difficulty scale.

To make our DIY winter boutonniere, we selected a mini poinsettia, some berries, and greenery. Trim off the bottoms of your stems making each item about 2 inches long. Cut your flowers at an angle, with a knife not scissors, and place in warm water with some sugar for 30 minutes to help them last longer.

Use the floral wire to puncture the stem of the flower and thread through. Wrap the wire around 3-4 times to keep in place. You will also want to leave excess of the wire to create a thin stem to the boutonniere.

Dip the cotton ball in water and put it at the base of your flowers to give them water.

Wrap the wire in floral tape to keep in place.

Repeat the process for each piece that you are adding into the boutonniere. Arrange the boutonniere and wrap the entire stem with floral tape.To finish you can either leave the floral tape exposed or wrap with a ribbon or twine.

Did you make your own boutonnieres? Maybe you used something other than flowers! We would love to see your work. Share your photos on Instagram @DIYBrideBlog or email us at

DIY: Pinecone Bouquet

This fall bouquet is an elegant way to incorporate pinecones into your wedding decor.


  • Floral Wire
  • Flowers
  • Pinecones
  • Twine


10-15 minutes per bouquet.


Anyone can assemble this bouquet. It just takes some patience as you will want to try a few options as to what looks best.

First, wrap the floral wire around the pine cones a few times. You can tuck the wire into the holes of the pinecones so it is unseen.

Once you have wrapped the wire around a few times, leave excess wire hanging from the pinecones so you can use it to affix the flowers to the bouquet.

Now you will want to start assembling the flowers. I found it easier to place the flowers in a jar when creating the bouquet.

After you have the arrangement looking the way you want, place the pinecones into the flowers and feed the wire down into the stems. Once all of the pinecones are in place, wrap the wire around the flower stems to keep the flowers and pinecones in place.

Use your twine of choice to cover the wire. You can either use a drop of hot glue or just tuck the end of the wire into place like I did once you are happy with the amount of twine used.

Just like that you are finished. Don’t forget to keep your bouquet in water to keep them looking fresh.

Did you use pinecones in your bridal bouquet? Sending us your photos to or tag us @DiyBrideBlog!

Groomsmen Love

Today we’re celebrating those under-appreciated pals; those great guys who stand up for (and with) your groom and without whom the wedding would be incomplete: The Groomsmen.  Here are some of our favorite shots of groomsmen goodness.

[foogallery id=”152599″]

Inspiration Wednesday: Handmade Wedding Signs

One trend we’ll never get tired of seeing is handmade signs at the ceremony and reception. They’re a clever way to do anything from guiding guests to their seats, pointing them to activities, displaying a menu, or serving as cool photo backdrops. Who says practicality can’t be fun? Here are some of our favorites from real DIY couples.



Header: Photo By Gannon
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