The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Backyard Wedding

Getting married is a major life event that you’ll never forget. If you’re planning to walk down the aisle with that special someone, a backyard wedding is a great way to say your vows and tie the knot on a budget. Whether your outdoor space is large or small, it’s easy to plan a backyard wedding if you know where to start. From summer celebrations to a beautiful autumn ceremony, read on to learn how you can plan your wedding for a special moment right in your own backyard.

How to Get Started: Review the Logistics

Before you pick out favors and décor, start with the logistics. How successful your wedding is will depend on where you live, the time of year, and the weather. Try to nail down a date where you feel confident the weather will hold out for a glorious day. You should also determine whether or not you need a special license to get married in your backyard, as some locations still require a permit to perform official ceremonies in a private space.

You’ll also want to find out how to get the right amount of power for music, lighting, and more. An extension cord might do the trick but be aware that it also poses a trip hazard. Determine how much equipment will be needed for the wedding so you can get the proper power source set up. You’ll likely need a generator to create power for things like speakers and catering equipment.

In addition to permits and power, now is the time to clean up your yard and get it ready for the big day. Get rid of old dead plants, tree branches, and weeds to create a clean slate for your ceremony and reception. Come up with a layout for seating and the stage now so it will be easier when it’s time to set everything up.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is wedding insurance. You might not think you need it in your own backyard, but it’s good to see what’s covered in case a guest gets injured on your property. Other things to consider include parking, notifying your neighbors in advance, and creating your official wedding program.

Once you’ve listed all of the logistics, the fun part begins. Think about the special features you’ll want to include in your backyard wedding. From a specific theme to your flowers, write down a list of ideas and tweak them as you go.

Do you want an outdoor dance floor or stage? How about separate tables and chairs for the reception?

Think of planning your backyard wedding the same way you would in any other venue. If you love music, add outdoor speakers so everyone can dance to your favorite tunes. A beautiful fountain can add a nice touch to an outdoor wedding, too. Brainstorm several different features you’d like to see so you can start planning ahead as early as possible.

Benefits of a Backyard Wedding

While a formal venue is always nice, there are plenty of awesome benefits to getting married in your backyard. First and foremost, you’ll save a ton of money on the cost to rent a venue which can run you into the thousands of dollars. That fact alone makes considering a backyard wedding worth the effort! Aside from saving money, here are some other benefits of hosting a backyard wedding:

  • If your pets are part of the family, you can enjoy their company at the wedding. Most venues won’t allow pets, but you can certainly enlist your pooch to be the best man if you decide to get married DIY.
  • Aside from the wedding itself, you can also host a backyard rehearsal dinner. Have casual food like barbecue catered in, or just cook some food on the grill for your wedding party to enjoy.
  • Since your backyard probably has limited space, that means you can keep your guest list small, too. The fewer guests you have, the less money you’ll need to spend on things like food and entertainment.
  • Backyard weddings give you the flexibility to choose any date you want to get married. Instead of planning around the “wedding season” to find an open slot, you can pick any day you like when you host your own backyard wedding.
  • You might be nervous about getting married but doing it in a familiar place is a great way to calm those nerves and help you feel more relaxed and at home.

Have A Plan B in Place

There’s no way you can predict the weather to a T, so be sure you have an alternate “Plan B” in place just in case the storms roll in. Weather can change in an instant which means you might end up dealing with unexpectedly cold temperatures or a dangerous rainstorm. Draft up a reasonable Plan B where you can move everyone inside your home. If you’re insistent on keeping the celebration outside, reserve a tent that you can use in case of an emergency. Make sure someone can pick the tent up just in case you need it in a pinch. Ensure that the sides of the tent are covered to protect everyone from the rain. If the weather happens to be unseasonably hot, have plenty of fans available to keep the air circulation. If it’s cold, stock up on outdoor heaters. Having these safeguards in place will keep your stress level low and the wedding moving along.


Wedding planners are experts at creating the perfect timeline. If you’re doing everything on your own, it’s crucial to make sure you create a timeline that works. Do your best to schedule the ceremony somewhat early so the skies don’t get dark before you’ve said your vows. Try to avoid too much downtime between the ceremony and reception since the guests won’t need to travel between venues. If possible, try to schedule your wedding photos before the ceremony begins so you can mingle and visit with guests directly after the ceremony is over. If you can’t get pictures beforehand, consider a few fun backyard games or activities to keep everyone entertained while they wait. Finally, remember to be mindful of your neighbors and try to agree on an official time when the reception is over. You can always move the party to a local bar or another hot spot later in the night.

DIY Décor and Inspiration

If you’re planning a backyard wedding, you’re likely already working on other DIY ideas when it comes to themes and décor. Doing everything yourself gives you the freedom to create almost any style décor using any theme imaginable. Here are some suggestions to inspire you and prompt you to create a memorable theme with beautiful décor that’s all done DIY:

  • Hang outdoor string lights throughout your backyard to create a warm, magical glow when the sun goes down.
  • For autumn weddings, focus on beautiful colors like orange, red, and gold for décor, flowers, and bridesmaid dresses.
  • Place clear glass vases on each table and fill them with freshly cut flowers you picked from your own yard.
  • Laminate some of your favorite photos of you and your better half to protect them from the weather, then display them on rope or string and hang them from a tree or around a fence line.
  • Consider jewel-toned plastic goblets in lieu of glassware. It’s a great way to serve beverages in a beautiful way without having to worry about broken glass.
  • Use texture and patterns outdoors by adding beautiful printed tablecloths or runners over tables. A pair of sheer curtains can add a gorgeous, romantic touch to the stage, too.
  • Get creative with seating and place a few vintage sofas and chairs outside. You can also use some hay bales as seating if you’re aiming for a wedding with a rustic or farmhouse theme.
  •  Instead of paying tons of money for custom invitations, consider printing some at home or through a local printing service. Create the layout and design using a simple program, then print them in full color on heavy cardstock paper.

 Sentimental Value

Besides saving money and enjoying a smaller guest list, having a backyard wedding carries quite a bit of sentimental value, too. Imagine saying your vows right in the place where you grew up. If you don’t still live in the same house from your childhood, you likely still have plenty of wonderful memories from this special place. Your guests will probably feel sentimental as well, especially if they’ve spent a lot of time at your home and in your backyard. Have your furry friends join in the celebration, which is another great way to make this day more sentimental and special. Getting married in this place can create a very meaningful moment for you and your new spouse. Remember to enjoy the moment and capture the memories with lots of photos, family, and friends.

(Blog Contributor: Isabella Caprario)

5 Ways to Feel Glowing and Confident on your Wedding Day

When you’ve dreamed of your wedding day, you probably always envisioned yourself as a glowing and happy bride. Now that you’re engaged and in the thick of planning, you may be feeling more stressed than “glowing.”

That’s okay and completely normal! Though you may feel that way now, there are plenty of changes you can make to your daily routine and mindset to feel your happiest and healthiest on your wedding day.

1. Love the skin you’re in

Feeling happy and confident starts with you! Are you giving into the noise in your head that tells you that you’re not thin enough, that your hair isn’t long enough, or that your skin isn’t clear enough? Challenge yourself to ignore that deceitful voice that shows up without your permission and really try to open your mind to your unique and beautiful qualities that made your spouse-to-be fall in love with you in the first place. 

With that said, it never hurts to practice self-care and develop a daily routine before the wedding. We all feel an extra boost of confidence when we actually make the time to take care of and pamper ourselves and make our personal health a priority. Self-care can be as simple as making sure you floss every day or as extensive as getting your teeth straightened and whitened. Your skincare routine can be as intense as having a strict regimen that you follow every day, or as relaxed as simply drinking more water and taking flax oil supplements. No matter how you choose to practice self-care, just be sure to do it out of self-love and care for your body, not out of shame, embarrassment, or punishment.

2. Make others feel appreciated

When it comes down to it, this day is about you and your spouse. That’s why elopement has become a popular trend in recent years. But if you’re choosing to go the more traditional route of a large gathering to celebrate your marriage, consider what you can do to make the people in your life feel special during this momentous occasion by showing them gratitude and appreciation. Whether it’s a special gift with a personal touch, a heartfelt hand-written thank you letter for even the smallest gestures, or a special shout out or dedication during the reception, helping others feel appreciated helps to boost your mood, happiness, and confidence. 

3. Focus on what’s important

Whether we realize it or not, society puts huge amounts of pressure on us to have a wedding that looks a certain way. We often get so caught up in the details– the projects, the objects, what we have and what we don’t have– that we forget what this day is really about; celebrating the life-long love that you’ve found.

There’s nothing wrong with finding joy and excitement in designing your dream wedding and seeing your vision come to life, but remember to take a step back and realign your focus if you ever start to feel like getting married is becoming more about putting on a show for everyone else and less about marrying the love of your life.

4. Feel good from the inside out

Your upcoming wedding is a great motivator to develop a new healthy lifestyle, as long as it’s not coming from a place of self-hate and punishment. Getting married means you are committing yourself to your partner for life and starting a family may be in your near future, if you haven’t already. You’ll want to be healthy for both your spouse and future children for as long as you can, and this means adopting a healthier diet and including more physical activity in your day-to-day. Plus, focusing on your health feels good, and feeling good translates to a glowing, happy, healthy and stress-free bride!


There are plenty of ways to bring health and fitness into your life, even with your busy bride schedule. The two things you need to think about are nutrition and exercise. Both can seem daunting, but investing in different health programs can take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. For example, consider joining a flexible diet plan with community support to help you learn the ins and outs of a balanced diet. For exercise, keep it simple yet effective by downloading an at-home workout app you can complete from the comfort of your own living room or joining a local group fitness. 

5. Accentuate your favorite qualities

Find the physical attributes you love most about yourself and accentuate that on your wedding day! If you love your eyes and their color, tell your make up artist that you want to use a style and color that will make your eyes pop. If you love your legs, consider a tea-length dress or one with a slit. If it’s your hair you’re proud of, find a style and accessories that will showcase it perfectly. Happiness and confidence will come from focusing on the positive, so let your favorite qualities shine on your wedding day!




Elegant, relaxed and a touch of rustic wedding – Holli & Richard

Holli & Richard

Bride’s Maiden Name: Wilson
Occupation: Retail Logistics Manager
Groom’s Full Name: Richard Suddes
Occupation: Physiotherapist

Contact Email:

Wedding Date: 23.06.18
How many guests? 96 day 190 evening
Wedding Budget (Optional):

The Team

Wedding feature thanks to: Adorn
Wedding Invitations: Dandelion Stationary
Dress: Badley Mischka
Veil: The Bridal Collection Harrogate
Makeup: Megan Bulmer
Hair: Laura Collett-Bradley
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bridesmaids Dresses: Ted Baker
Groom’s Suit: Paul Smith
Groomsmen Suit: Ted Baker
Cake: Made by a family friend!
Food: Taste Cuisine
Flowers: Leafy Couture
Photographer: Lumiere Photographic
Ceremony Venue: Priory Cottages
Reception Venue: Priory Cottages
Entertainment: Jonny Ross Music + Simply Strings + Marcus Songs
Celebrant: Harrogate registrars
Transport: None
Wedding Favours: Krispy Kerme Doughnuts
Any Other Vendors: Balloons by Funky Muppet

The Details

How did you and your partner meet?
We met working together at Ted Baker when Rich was at university and I was just out of school.

How did he propose?
We were on holiday in Costa Rica. He had set up with the hotel that we won a romantic meal for two on the beach so I didn’t suspect! It ended up raining so they moved in into a wine cellar in one of restaurants. He had chosen my favorite food and I thought it was strange how the hotel had known! Little did I know he was about to propose 

Length of Engagement?
2 years

What do you love most about your partner?
His humor

How would you describe your wedding in one or two words?

Tell us about your wedding gown and how you chose it.
It was the last dress I tried on at The Bridal Collection in Harrogate – it was the first time I had ever tried on dresses and I knew I wasn’t going to be one of those people who went from shop to shop! When I first put it on a wasn’t 100% but my bridesmaid said why don’t I try a belt and it completely changed the dress and I loved it! I felt so comfortable which is something I really wanted to make sure of and I felt amazing in it 

Did you do a ‘first look’ before the ceremony?
No – it was all a surprise!

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?
We didn’t want to make it too formal. We wanted everyone to feel as relaxed as possible so kept things quite simple but with a touch of elegance. I didn’t want it to become to country themed with it been in a barn so made sure the flowers and the decoration didn’t fall into that and brought out a little bit of glamour!

How did you come to choose the location and venue?
It was the first and only venue we looked at. I loved that we could all stay at the venue and has access to the whole site for 2 days and the amazing courtyard! This made the wedding as all our friends and family could enjoy the run up and be together to celebrate with us for as long as possible! The day ended up been really warm so our singer and string quartet ended up been outside in the courtyard and it was amazing. We are both very laid back so as soon as we went to look we knew it was the one so went for it! 

Can you describe what type of ceremony you had and how you were able to personalise it. 

  • Any readings? Yes we had both our sisters do a reading each. 
  • Vows – did you write your own vows, if so, would you be willing to share them in the feature. If you didn’t write your own vows, can you share what you said or were asked by your officiant? We didn’t write our own we stuck to the standard ceremony 
  • Were any of your guests involved in the ceremony in any way? No but my flower girl (my niece) decided half way through that she wanted to come up and hold my hand so we had a little guest stand with us for part, which was very cute!
  • How did you enter your wedding ceremony? (Accompanied? Together? Solo?)
    I walked down the aisle with my dad

  • What made you choose the type of ceremony that you had? We wanted it to be simple and short. It’s a lot of pressure to stand in front of everyone saying your vows, so we wanted to make sure we both felt as relaxed as possible, but not putting too much pressure on ourselves 
  • Do please share any other thoughts or feelings that you have about your ceremony, which might help inspire others. We had an amazing string quartet who were playing at the ceremony. 

Describe the cake (including the flavors) and cake topper.
We had cupcakes and then just a small cake at the top! The small cake was made by Richs mum. They love fruit cake and this was a really nice touch for her to be involved with the making of the cake! The cupcakes where made by a family friend. I didn’t want a huge cake that no one would eat, so went for cupcakes and I didn’t even manage to get one as they all got eaten that quick! We had white chocolate and lemon flavor with a few different icing designs, it was really affective and looked amazing!  

What flowers did you use in the bouquet and at the venue?
We opted for an all-white colour theme with touches of blush and ivory for contrast and to tie in with my dress and the bridesmaids. My bouquet was white roses, peonies and blush colored stocks with some tiny eucalyptus, we had two amazing floral columns at the ceremony made from white lisianthus, big white roses, white peonies, green bell and white hydrangea. 

How did you choose your table décor?
We decide to go for half the tables decorated with an arrangement of candles which we did ourselves and the other half with big floral center pieces that where high and had floating candles to tie in with the other tables.

What was the menu for the reception?
We had an informal BBQ type menu. We didn’t have starters and we increased the number of canapés. For main we had the taste surf & turf grand skewer which included, smoked rib eye steak, Giant Szechuan king prawns and Butter grilled chicken with Chunky hand cut chips, Classic Caesar salad and garlic and tomato herb breads. For dessert, we had sticky toffee pudding and a cheese board. 

What were your favorite moments from the day?
The speeches. They were all amazing and I don’t think these was a dry eye in the room! 

Name your wedding soundtrack (aisle entrance & exit, reception entry, first dance songs):

  • Aisle entrance: Can’t Help Falling In LoveElvis Presley (played on the string quartet) 
  • Exit:Think I Want To Marry You – Bruno Mars (played on the string quartet)
  • First dance: Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran 

Any DIY décor elements?
We decorated part of the ceremony room ourselves. There was a large opening which we wanted to fill so thought what’s better than flowers. My mum loves flowers so we ordered from a wholesaler and got some vases and it looked amazing! We also did half the table decorations ourselves which were simple but affective 

Any sentimental personal touches?
My bridesmaids were my cousins who are my best friends. We have grown up together so for their gift we got them a picture of when we were younger and framed into a lovely frame with a nice message at the bottom. 

How did you save on costs?
By doing some of the decoration ourselves. I have a very creative family which helps but where able to make it look like it was done by a professional by just keeping it simple and setting it all up at home until it looked perfect!

In hindsight, anything you would have done differently?
Absolutely nothing 

Where did you go on honeymoon?
Mexico – we spend the first week on our own and then family and friends came to join us for the second week to extend the celebrations!

Any tips that you can give to future brides?
Don’t overthink it! The little things that you stress about are not worth the stress! It was all work out perfectly

If you could sum up your wedding in one sentence, how would you describe it?
Best day of our lives!


Ballet Wedding – Zara & Daniel, Dancing Into the Night

Bride’s Full Name: Zara Bartley (now Convery)
Groom’s Full Name:Daniel Convery

Wedding Date: 4th January 2018
How many guests? 80


Wedding feature thanks to: Giant Invitations
Photographer: Rick Liston
Videography: Michael Braun (a friend of the bride & groom)

Celebrant/Officiant: Andrew Redman
Florist: Victoria Whitelaw
The Dresses: Milva Russia


Photography by Rick Liston

Shoes: Ralph and Russo
Styling: Zara and Daniel
Groomsmen’s suits: Arthur Galan

Hair: Sammy Fyfe
Make-Up: Victoria Jade
Ceremony Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley (Chapel)
Reception Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley (the Barn)
Catering: Stones of the Yarra Valley
Cake: Miss Lady Bird Cakes, Melbourne
Entertainment: Saxophonist and DJ from Rutherford Entertainment

Personal Information

Photography by Rick Liston

How did you and your partner meet?
We met 4 years ago when Daniel came to dance for my Ballet School in Canberra.

How did he propose?
It was Christmas day and he took me on a very long walk around a beautiful part of Melbourne. When we arrived back at his parent’s house, he took me into a quiet room and knelt down on one knee and asked would I marry him. I cried and laughed and jumped into his arms. Mind you, at first, I was just as excited thinking he had adopted a dog for us and that I was going to get it as a present. But a diamond ring from my wonderful man more than made up for the lack of a dog that Christmas day.

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day (in terms of venue & décor + styling)?
We love design and we started by choosing our colour pallet which was soft rose pink & rose gold. We went for a rich, warm rustic Italian inspired vibe following a trip to Italy and falling in love with the Tuscan countryside.

How did you choose your venue?
We chose The Stones purely based on how much it made us feel as if we were back in Italy.

Tell us about your wedding gown and how you chose it:
My gown was made in Russia by a beautiful designer, Milva, who I found online following my first local dress fitting, after which I felt a tad despondent about how much I’d have to alter all the dresses I tried on in order to even remotely resemble and reflect my taste. When I searched on Pinterest to find more of what I was after, I came across this gorgeous design. It took hours to locate this picture to the designer but finally I managed to track down the website and immediately got in contact with her via email.

After seeing her range of very unique and stunning dresses, it was so hard to choose the exact one for me, especially as I wasn’t able to try any of them on. But Milva was able to describe each of the dresses I loved and how I would feel in them on the day. She also asked me lots of questions about the setting of the venue so she could picture exactly what I was after. I finally made a decision to purchase a beautiful soft pink gown with a milk lace overlay. The dress felt very elegant to wear and the quality of the fabrics were divine. As I wanted to dance all night, I also decided to get a very pretty and more fun inspired short wedding dress made by the same designer.

As for my husband’s attire, he has been an Arthur Gallan fan for some time, and he was beside himself when he inadvertently walked up the stairs of a ‘local tailor shop’ in a little side street in Toorak near the same corner of Arthur’s boutique store to then be greeted by Arthur himself. Daniel couldn’t say no, hehe, and the rest is now history. He wore a stunning tailor-made pink (that his dad preferred to call salmon) suit designed and made by Arthur himself with fabrics ordered from Russia and Italy to complement the wedding dress.

What was your favorite moment from the day?
Everything! But a few very special highlights were: Seeing each other for the first time that day as I entered the Chapel, and our first dance as husband and wife! Amidst a lot of smiles we also cried a lot.

Any tips that you can give to future brides?
Elope haha I’m so kidding. But just remember to plan your day never losing sight of why this day exists. That is, to mark the beginning of a life with the person you love the most.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Personalized vows make for a very special and emotional moment that you and your guests could never forget given the verity of words coupled with a moment of raw emotions that just cannot be anticipated. We would also love to especially thank Rick Liston, Andrew Redman, Nick and team from Rutherford Entertainment, Victoria Jade, Milva and Arthur Gallan, for going above and beyond in so many ways and bringing our dreams for this wonderful special day to fruition.

Given our line of work and the number of hours we commit, we are not often ‘out there’ kind of people, however, these wonderful people truly made us feel comfortable and worthy of the attention that such a day bestows on you.

A great wedding is made up all those who special and who love and support you. And for this we would also like to acknowledge all our family and friends who very presence contributed to such an amazing day and evening.

Big & Modern Macedonian Wedding– Natasa & Jason

Jase & Tash

Bride’s Maiden Name: Natasa (Natasha) Lukic

Occupation: Account Manager

Groom’s Full Name:  Jason Ploeg

Occupation: Carpenter


Contact Email:


Wedding Date: 23rd September 2017

How many guests? 190

Wedding Budget (Optional): 80,000


The Team

Wedding feature thanks to: Giant Invitations
Dress: Enzoani with alterations
Veil: Rosa & Marys Bridal
Makeup: Tanielle Jai MUA
Hair: Evalyn Parsons Hair
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Accessories: Mimco
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jadore from White runway
Groom’s Suit: Male Manor
Groomsmen Suit: Male Manor
Cake: Studio Cakes
Food: Moda Events
Flowers & Event Styling: Stylised
Photographer: Pelizzari
Ceremony Venue: Newstead Park & The Macedonian Orhodox Church, Newfarm
Reception Venue: Moda Events Portside
Entertainment: GM Events & Macedonian Band
Celebrant: Michelle Anderson
Transport: Mercedes C200 & Chrysler Limos
Wedding Favours: Engraved stemless wine glasses

The Details 

How did you and your partner meet?
We met through mutual friends whilst attending a music festival on the Gold Coast.

How did he propose?
Jase surprised me when I arrived home from a week long work trip. He surprised me with flowers and made the room look amazing. He prepared a will you marry me tick a box (I had told him how cute I thought it was in school when boys would pass around notes to ask a girl out and include a tick a box at the bottom) so he made sure I got to tick yes for last time!!

Length of Engagement?
1 year- together 5 years

What do you love most about your partner?
He is the most genuinely caring man- sometimes he thinks he covers this up but you can see it in his eyes every day.

What’s your most important piece of advice for creating and maintaining a strong relationship?
Talk to each other and be real. Too many people speak to everyone else but their partners about how they feel when that is the person they should go to first.

Tell us about your wedding gown and how you chose it.
I loved so many gowns but I was forever drawn to anything with a hint of colour outside the usually whites and ivory. The lace was intricate and detailed and the exposed boning and buttons perfection.

Did you do a ‘first look’ before the ceremony?
No, we had so much going on bringing together a traditional wedding with Macedonian cultural wedding. Plus, I wanted Jase to see me for the first time walking down the aisle.

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?
I wanted a soft romantic style with punches of glam. Charlie for Stylised made this happen combining Grey and Gold to perfection.

How did you come to choose the location and venue?
Coming from a big family I have been to so many weddings in Brisbane and Jase and I wanted ours to be different so we chose a location that not only suited our style but was one that we hadn’t been to before.

Did you have any symbolic gestures during your ceremony i.e. a hand-fasting, candle ceremony, wine ceremony or something else?
We had a many of these elements in the Macedonian ceremony including; the crowning, ring & wine and first steps as husband and wife wrapped together with a beautiful piece of chiffon.

Did you have a wedding party? Did they do anything special during the ceremony?Nothing special- My sister Branka Lukic as MOH, Cousin Katrina Bogoevski & Best friend Jessica Millman

Were any of your guests involved in the ceremony in any way?
Godparents Brad & Jacinta Ploeg

How did you enter your wedding ceremony? (Accompanied? Together? Solo?)
With my step dad for the traditional ceremony and with Jason for the church ceremony.

What made you choose the type of ceremony that you had?
We chose to do both as having a traditional ceremony was important to me and I didn’t want Jase to miss out on a wedding as he knows it.

Describe the cake (including the flavors) and cake topper
he wedding cake was a simply designed 4-tiered cake with brushed gold accents and 2 large white magnolia style flowers. We had 2 different flavours a white chocolate caramel tier and an almond & coconut mud which we served the following day at my parent’s place.

What flowers did you use in the bouquet and at the venue?
Cream blooms mixed with abundant greenery

How did you choose your table décor?
Grey and gold theme- Charlie went to great lengths to source the table cloths in a beautiful grey that matched the bridesmaids’ dresses.

What was the menu for the reception?


Pork belly

Pork belly, seared scallop, cauliflower puree, 5 spice sauce 

Moroccan, Spatchcock supreme

Moroccan, Spatchcock supreme, pumpkin puree, pepitas, petit salad


Fillet of beef

Fillet of beef, garlic mashed potato, sweet corn salsa, and red wine jus

Breast of chicken

Breast of chicken, parmesan polenta, roast onion, chorizo, salsa Verde


Sticky date pudding

Sticky date pudding, ripple ice cream, vanilla sauce

Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwich, marshmallow and praline.

Tea & Coffee

What were your favorite moments from the day?
The super excited feeling of getting ready with my girls and my mum in the morning, reading a letter from Jase in the morning, seeing him as I walked down the aisle and off course partying the night away.

Name your wedding soundtrack (aisle entrance & exit, reception entry, first dance songs)
Isle entrance was Angels by The XX- First dance- XO John Mayer (Beyonce cover)

Any DIY décor elements?

Any sentimental personal touches?

What was the biggest splurge of the day?
Wedding Stylist

Where did you go on honeymoon?
Europe- Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Florence & Berlin

Any tips that you can give to future brides?
Start planning early

If you could sum up your wedding in one sentence, how would you describe it?
Perfect would do it again in a heartbeat!!














DIY Wedding Tip: The Search for the BEST Wedding Venue

Wedding planning is really exhausting. You have a long list of things to do and to accomplish and to decide on. From the date of the big day, the number of guests to be invited, who will be part of the entourage, the gowns and suits, the foods and cakes and most importantly, the wedding venue and reception. Wedding is really tiring but surely worth every sweat. Well, maybe you have ticked off a lot of things from your long list already but one of the biggest thing to figure out is the wedding venue. You may like to have a beach wedding set up but your future husband says he prefers a garden wedding. Which will you choose and consider? Will it be your choice or his? Before you decide and finalize your wedding venue and probably the design and set up, there are a lot of things to be considered in choosing the perfect wedding venue for your big day. Ask the following questions and take time to ponder:
  1. Is the wedding venue that you’re interested in available on your desired wedding date? If no, what are the available dates?
  2. Is the venue big enough to accommodate the number of guests that you plan to invite?
  3. How much is the rental fee? Are there any inclusions once I rent the place? How many hours is included in the fee?
  4. What’s the deposit/cancellation/ refund policy?
  5. Is the parking space big enough?
  6. Can the wedding ceremony be held in the same place? If yes, is there any additional charge or fee?
  7. Is the location of the venue accessible for the guests? How much travel time will it take them?
  8. Is the venue perfect for your wedding theme?
  9. Are alcoholic drinks allowed? Is there any fee for bringing drinks?
  10. Did you fell in love with the place the moment you visited and saw the place?
Choosing a wedding venue is never easy. It’s as complicated as choosing what dress to wear on your big day. Aside from the location, the wedding venue should also be budget friendly. In order to enjoy your wedding venue, here are some mistakes not to make when choosing your wedding venue: Not asking about all fees. Before choosing a wedding venue, make sure that it suits your budget. You might end up being surprised once they give you the over all cost which is way beyond your budget. Don’t be afraid to ask. Be practical. You can still enjoy  your big day within the budget. Choosing a venue that doesn’t fit all your guests. Yes, the location of your desired wedding venue maybe something that you always imagine, the price is right and is within your budget. But, is it big enough to bring comfort not just to you but also your guests? Make sure that the venue is spacious and can accommodate all your guests, allowing them to enjoy and be comfortable especially when the real party starts. Thinking you can take it all on (when you can’t) Remember, you still have a long list of things to do. It’s okay to ask help from your wedding planner or even to your closest friends when you’re trying to decide which wedding venue to choose. Their suggestion and opinion surely matter a lot. Pick the right venue. Consider not only your choice but also think about your guests. Will they be comfortable? Will it be convenient for them? Or it will give them trouble because the venue is too far and doesn’t have enough parking space? Never let your guests experience this kind of trouble.  Be wise in choosing the best wedding venue! Related Post: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Megan Flan and Mark Batson’s Intimate Wedding

Event Info

Location: Yucaipa, CA, US Event Date:  Nov 11, 2017

Client Info

Name: Megan Flan & Mark Batson

Album Story

Megan and Mark we some of the cutest people ever. When we met up for their engagement session, they were so nervous, but so excited to be on this journey together. When getting to know them, I resized they loved to eat and drink, but then again, who doesn’t? Right? They laugh all the time, they laugh when they are together, they laugh when they are apart… they truly just enjoy life and enjoy each other. They got married in a family members back yard with a beautiful view. Directly after an intimate ceremony, Mark & Megan had a  photo session and then they were off to their favorite restaurant, for a thanksgiving feast and coffee…. yes coffee. Many of the details from this day include Megan & Marks favorite things. Incorporating their unique personalities allowed the guest to enjoy their love stories and learn more about them!

Associated Vendors

Venue: Private Residence Beauty: Dani B Make up Apparel: Sewcal Pros Dress Store: Beloved Couture Bridal Photographer: Laura Marie Photography


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Event Info

Location: Yucaipa, CA, US Event Date:  Nov 11, 2017

Client Info

Name: ♀Megan Flan & ♂Mark Batson

Album Story

Megan and Mark we some of the cutest people ever. When we met up for their engagement session, they were so nervous, but so excited to be on this journey together. When getting to know them, I resized they loved to eat and drink, but then again, who doesn’t? Right? They laugh all the time, they laugh when they are together, they laugh when they are apart… they truly just enjoy life and enjoy each other. They got married in a family members back yard with a beautiful view. Directly after an intimate ceremony, Mark & Megan had a  photo session and then they were off to their favorite restaurant, for a thanksgiving feast and coffee…. yes coffee.

Associated Vendors

Venue: Private Residence Beauty: Dani B Make up Apparel: Sewcal Pros Dress Store: Beloved Couture Bridal Photographer: Laura Marie Photography



Shannon and David: DIY Destination Wedding

Never discount the boy next door, he could be your EVERYTHING!

David and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party 5 years ago and I completely dismissed hm. Not in a mean way, but seeing as how I thought it was a “Ladies Only” soirée,I basically utilized him as the token camera man for the night! Okay, yeah maybe that’s a bit rude. Funny thing was that we had the same circle of friends. However, I could never recall meeting him even though we had met several times. The thought of me not remembering him was so bad that even our friends would state “Shannon, you’ve met him like 7 times already!”

Needless to say, this phenomenon kept happening for a few months but then “IT” happened. He sent me a friend request on Facebook and my initial reaction was “WHO IS THIS?” Intrigued by the request, I strolled through his pictured to realize that it was David, the guy who all my friends knew and, from my church. YEP! He went to my church too. So, I added him and from there, we shared laughs via social media and when I would see him at church,  I actually remembered him. He became my very best friend a month later and now my husband! Man, God has a sense of humor.

IG Handle: @Ferventlychic


Venue: Cafe Julia, Honolulu, Hawaii

Wedding Coordinators: Natalie Christensen from Aloha Bridal Connection (@abcweddings)

Photographer: Michael McDermott (@vivirphotography)

Wedding Signage: Lisa Miller (@handwrittenaloha)

Makeup: Sarah (@Whikd_weddings)

Flowers: @Watanabe

Floral Arrangements: Shannon Crawford (@ferventlychic

Table Decor: Shannon Crawford (@ferventlychic)

Veil: Eartha Kelly

A Beautiful DIY Wedding: Tiffany and Omar

Imported From

Event Info

Location: Chino Hills, CA, US
Event Date:  Oct 19, 2018

Client Info

Name: ♀Tiffany Huerta & ♂Omar Perez

Album Story

I promise, this is the best DIY wedding you’ve seen! For almost a year now I would see fun DIY projects that Tiffany and Omar were working on for their wedding. From painting and staining wood to making their guest hotel bags. I saw it all and Tiffany’s Instagram only made me more and more giddy as time went by.

When I say this wedding was a DIY wedding, I mean it! Their vendor list isn’t very long because Omar and Tiffany with the help of their friends and family created 90% of the beautiful details you saw on their wedding day. Omar hand painting the figurines on their cake. Tiffany’s dad made the arch that went over the sweet heart table. Tiffany printed their programs. The hotel bags, thank you gifts, entry mirror at the venue… all Tiffany. Their center pieces were created by hand and stained by them as well. So much work went into this wedding by the bride and groom and let me just say that it was AMAZING. I was blown away by their creativity and attention to detail… If I ever planned a wedding with all DIY projects it would be a disaster. True story. I’m pretty sure Tiffany can start a career as a wedding planner without a hitch. I sure would be the first to recommend her ;).

My favorite part of their day was their first dance. If I’m completely honest, i’m not a huge emotional person and yet Tiffany and Omar’s first dance made me tear up with happy tears. The danced to the tune of UP. You know, the beginning of the movie when they play the super cute love story? yes. That song. They definitely got me!

Associated Vendors

Reception Venue: Vellano Country Club
Photographer: MFD Photo




Sara and Jeremy’s Southern California Backyard Wedding

Sara and Jeremy are the sweetest, most kind people you’ll ever meet, and we are so happy to be able to spend their beautiful day with them! Their wedding was in Sara’s parent’s backyard, and was beautiful, cozy, and love-filled event.

From the Couple:

How did you two meet?

– Jeremy and I met through a mutual friend! On the night we met, he taught me how to slackline and it was an instant connection from there! We continued hanging out a bunch. Going on hikes, running around the Rose Bowl and talking for hours on my front porch. The rest is history!

How did he/she propose?

– Jeremy and I were in Washington State with my family. My favorite hike in the world is the hike up to Tolmie Peak Fire Lookout in Mt. Rainier National Park. Jeremy said he really wanted to do that hike since he has never done it before. Little did I know, he had planned an epic proposal on our hike AND given my dad the ring before the hike so I didn’t accidentally find it in our backpack. When we got up to the lookout, we start taking pictures infront of the incredible view and Jeremy asks to take “one more picture”… Then he drops down on one knee and proposes! My dad was our secret photographer and it turned out he had done the entire hike with a bottle of champagne in his backpack so we could have an engagement toast! It was so perfectly “US.”

Why did you choose the theme of your wedding? 

– We are both extremely laid-back people. We don’t like big fuss or anything fancy. So we know we didn’t want some expensive, fancy wedding . It ended up being a wonderful, laid-back nights filled with tacos, margaritas , and barefoot dancing!

What made you pick your venue?

– We planned our wedding on a very tight budget. We both come from big families so we needed a cheap venue. As we searched and went on countless tours of too-expensive venues, it hit me that there was nothing else I’d rather get married than the house where I grew up! So we got married in the front yard of my house.

Did a particular moment in your day stick out to you personally?

– Obviously, our first look was so amazing and absolutely memorable. Also, seeing Jeremy wait for me at the end of the aisle was a moment I’ll never forget. Also, my sweet Uncle Jack was our officiant which was just so amazing for me. That helped calm my nerves! As someone who is extremely close with their family, another memorable moment was saying goodbye to my parents before we left for our honeymoon. I kept saying to myself “This will not be like the Father of the Bride! I will say goodbye to my Dad!” And thankfully, my dad and I shared sweet hug before we hopped in our getaway car.

What kind of personal details did you incorporate into your wedding?

– One of my favorite details was wearing a ring from my grandma who passed away a few years ago. It felt like she was there with us which made the day even more special to me. Another detail we LOVED was having our canoe out! We both love the outdoors and we wanted that to show in the details of our wedding. The canoe was the perfect addition to our rustic-y wedding decor!

Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding?

– Our advice is to not go into major debt for one day. Now we do not judge anyone’s wedding dreams, but we both feel that a wedding is supposed to be about the marriage of 2 people and not about the decorations, flowers, favors, etc. We feel so much better knowing that we didn’t start our first year of marriage in major debt from our wedding. We tried to keep that mentality during our planning and it helped remind us that it’s our love that we have for each other and not the material things.

Anything you want people to know about your wedding?

– Our wedding was completely DIY through the grace of our wonderful friends and families who put in hours of work for our wedding! Everything from the flower to the decorations were all done by us!!And it made it even more special. And not to toot my own hom, but I’m proud of myself for making and arranging my own bridal bouquet!

Venue: Private Residence

Hairstylist: Brittany Leavitt @electroflapper

Florist: DIY flowers from The Los Angeles Flower Market and Costco

Caterer: Fiesta Tacos

DJ/ Live Band: iDj Entertainment



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