The Style Guide to Customized Bridal Party Gifts

No matter how large or small your wedding party, giving each participant a token of appreciation is a tradition worthy of upholding. The size and cost of the gift really doesn’t matter, so long as the gift shows genuine gratitude for being part of your wedding. And most importantly, selecting gifts for the wedding party doesn’t have to create more stress in your wedding planning process. If something unique products and on the latest trends is the idea you’d like to go for your bridal party gifts, you can check My Wed Style. Start shopping now to find the perfect gifts for your groomsmen and bridesmaids. And not all that, they also offering unique products designed by them and personalized by you isn’t that exciting well at least you can put your personal touch to your gift just to make it more meaningful to them.

This site My Wed Style is highly recommended to the future Brides-to-be’s. Wedding is the most important event in your life, so you must also treat the people who make your wedding possible and memorable. And their mission to make their customer happy and seeing them smile specially the Brides and Grooms. And their passion to make sure that each and everyone has a wonderful and unique shopping experience while their on this website.

And the most important is that you find your perfect compliment to your wedding style. When you visit My Wed Style site you will feel special why? Because they make it easy for you to find the most stylish, unique, and fun wedding items out there. They are passionate about hand picking unique vendors and designers, and then curating their best products right here in this site. They spent a lot of time finding them, so you don’t have to. It’s like that searching the most stylish  and lovely wedding products they can possibly find anywhere and them bring them here and making them available to their most amazing brides and grooms.

Here’s some of the personalized gift ideas and they are the best sellers.


First on the list that you can give to your special bridesmaid.  Robes make great gifts, and you can all use them as you prepare for the ceremony as the wedding photographer snaps away.


Accessories, on the other hand, are pretty and useful gifts that your entourage can wear on your wedding day.



You can opt to give different gifts for each bridesmaid, but it will be a lot easier to come up with a special gift that you can customize and give out to the bridal party. One of them is these stunning personalized sunglasses.

Mini Bottle Flavors

Customize your Mini Liquor Bottles and use them as the most bad-ass wedding favors ever! Add custom labels to mini liquor bottles and give your guests something to truly appreciate.



Wedding Tank Tops

These are the perfect stylish shirts for the Bachelor Party or just hitting up the Bridal Expos with your girls! My Wed Style ribbed tanks use the best quality of crystals, so all of the items are sparkly and shiny!  (The cheaper versions you see sold use dull, flat stones and are poor quality.)


Our I Love My Wife T-Shirts are absolutely adorable for those loving married couples. For white shirts the text color comes in black.


All you have to know about weddings in the Dominican Republic

There is probably no need to remind you about how astonishing the Dominican Republic is, especially as a wedding destination. You`ve probably already seen gorgeous photos of happy couples enjoying the white-sand beaches, endless turquoise sea and luscious nature of the island. In addition, the Dominican Republic offers comfortable flight connections, affordable accommodation options, all-inclusive resorts, appealing wedding packages and much more. It is hard to find any reason why not to get married in the Dominican Republic.

Here we present some key information to help ensure your wedding in the Dominican Republic is a success. However perfect the wedding destination, it won`t plan itself!


Regarding the climate, you`ve chosen an ideal location for whenever you choose to plan your wedding. The weather in the Dominican Republic is nice and sunny all year round. The most popular time among tourists is summer, especially July and August. Therefore, the best time is probably from December to late February, when the temperature is optimal and there are more booking options. Also keep in mind that August to September is the hurricane season.


There are quite a few options to choose from. If your plan is a beach wedding in all its classical charm, maybe you should consider Punta Cana. It is known for its picture-perfect beaches. On the other hand, Santo Domingo is a vibrant colonial city for a more cultural experience. Puerto Plata will thrill active tourists with a wide range of activities from Damajagua waterfalls to the kite surfers` hot spot of Cabarete. In the region of Samana there is a beautiful national park, Los Haitians whilst in La Romana you can go snorkeling near Catalina island.

Wedding photographer

One of the key persons at your wedding will be your photographer. They are the one who will capture all those precious moments. As with any vendor, recommendations can help you choose the best one. Familiarize yourself with their style, see if you have similar ideas and talk with the person beforehand to make sure you will feel comfortable in their company throughout your big day. This Punta Cana wedding photographer knows the island like the back of their hand and their style is elegant and fresh.

Dominican Republic wedding traditions

It does not hurt to learn a little about the culture of the country. You may even like to incorporate some wedding traditions for an authentic touch. They have a fun ceremony which is called Cantada. Instead of a band, guests sing throughout the wedding. So, if your nearest and dearest are fans of karaoke go for it.

Another one is called Arras which demonstrates the couple`s willingness to provide for each other. A young boy passes a tray with 13 coins to the priest. The priest blesses the coins and passes it to the groom, for him to give it to the bride.

If it is all too complicated just prepare some merengue music and have fun dancing with your guests.

Legal requirements

In the Dominican Republic you have to have two witnesses with passport photocopies for you to get married officially. If you can`t decide on who will be your witnesses, many resorts provide this service.

Documents-wise you should prepare:

  • Valid passport as well as copies
  • Original birth certificate
  • Notarized Single Status Affidavit for each one
  • If previously married, copy of legalized/sealed Divorce Act or Death Certificate.
  • Please be advised that there is a 10 month waiting period for a woman after divorce
  • Certificate of adoption or parental authorization if applicable
  • There may be some translation fees involved as well as a fee for the marriage license. Consult the Dominican Republic embassy for more precise information.

Key considerations for destination weddings

Setting the date
As we discussed earlier you have the luxury of choosing any season for your wedding in the Dominican Republic. Also, the day does not necessarily have to be on a weekend as long as you and your guests need to take some days off anyway. So, you can use the opportunity and choose the low season and get good deals on flights.

When to inform the guests
Whenever you have set the date you can start preparing your invitations. The earlier the better to guarantee that more guests will be able to make it. Anytime between 12-6 months in advance is typical.

Thanking the guests for coming
A nice touch would be to organize a brunch after the wedding. It will help your guests to feel that you appreciated their efforts to attend your wedding and you can relive the best moments with your closest people.

Dress transportation
The only suggestion would be not putting it in your check in bags, but rather taking it with you on the plane. Ask a flight attendant to hang it up for you.

The vendors
It is not easy to choose your vendors from a distance. Research can help so, read all the comments and recommendations you can to find those that are the best fit.

The whole point of getting married in the Dominican Republic is to be able to stay there for your honeymoon and avoid additional travel and stress. There are tons of things to explore and the beaches are some of the best in the world. Ask your resort if they offer special rates for honeymooning couples.


Megan Wilson is a Content Manager at She has been working to combine her skills and professional background to bring higher-level perspective into her work. Currently she is sharing her experience and vision on the hot topics from the world of photography.

Spring 2017 – Kennedy Blue Bridesmaid Dressline

We are excited to announce the launch of ​Kennedy Blue​’s Spring 2017 bridesmaid line. Kennedy Blue was founded to change the wedding industry; offering high-quality designer dresses, a better shopping experience, and affordable prices.

With their new Spring bridesmaid line out now, Kennedy Blue is stepping away from the traditional and extending their brand to be more fashion-forward and trend-setting for the modern bride and bridesmaid.

With a color palette of soft and sultry but textures that catch the eye, Kennedy Blue is staying on top of the trends at an affordable price.

Along with the many attributes that set Kennedy Blue apart, Kennedy Blue realizes convenience is a huge deciding factor for soon-to-be brides. With the At Home Try-On process Kennedy Blue offers, shopping for wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses has never been so accommodating and enjoyable! There have been countless Kennedy Blue Brides throwing “At Home Try-On” parties with their maids and having a blast. Will you be next? Click​ here​ to see the full collection. More dress ​styles​, ​fabrics and colors here​.

DIY: Wedding Decorations

Guest Post: Keti P. 

Sure, everyone is excited when it comes to their wedding day. It’s that special day in your life when you’re celebrating the love between you and the person you’re about to marry. Of course, you want everything to be perfect so it will be a wonderful memory to recall for many years to come. A marriage ceremony means gathering your good friends, family and loved ones and sharing wonderful moments with them accompanied with snazzy tunes, tasty treats and an enchanting atmosphere.

Planning a wedding, however, also involves endless details, deadlines, stressful situations and not to mention the expenses. But is it possible to plan a wedding party that will create memories for a lifetime without robbing a bank? 🙂 No need to worry, the answer is yes. There are plenty creative ways to save money and organize the perfect wedding on a budget. And here are a few tips on how to succeed in that endeavour.

Firstly, instead of renting a building or hall for the ceremony, you might consider organizing the wedding party in your house, or the house of a parent. It will surely save you a lot of money. You just need to decorate the place and voila, you’ve resolved number one on your wedding planning list.

As for decorations and all the small details which seem to be cheap, but actually cost a small fortune, here is Labeley, a free online label creator, that will help you save a lot of time and money.

Use Labeley to Create:

House Decorations

An important part of every party is decorating the house or any other place where the wedding will take place. Labeley can come in handy for creating various types of labels that can be used for creating wedding banners. Just create a few designs, attach labels to a string and hang the banner above the doorway or loop it around a bannister.
Instead of spending a lot of money on flowers, you can just pick a few flowers from a garden and and place them around the house. You can also create some labels with love notes and decorate the flowers with them.


With a home printer and Labeley, you can create stylish invitations without any expenses. The tool offers so many different forms, backgrounds, colors, fonts, graphics etc. Just play a little and create the best design for your wedding invitation.

Food and Beverage Decorations

Food and drinks are also important for a good celebration. You can, of course, decide to order catering from a restaurant, but you can also ask for help from your family. They can prepare the food and you can decorate it. Again, Labeley is here to help. Create some fun notes and use them to decorate the dishes. As for the drinks, imagine how thrilled the guests will be when they see drinks labeled with beautiful wedding-themed labels.

Escort/ Place/ Table cards

Once you figured out who is seating where, you’ll need cards to help your guests find their spots. Labeley can help you create a set of escort, place and table cards with the same style. Place fun escort cards at the entrance of the reception room, colorful table cards that identify the tables and place cards at specific seats so guests know where to seat.

“Advertising cards” in exchange for reduced rates

A wedding is not a wedding without music or photographers, which can be very expensive, of course. What if you try to make a deal with them for a discount and offer to advertise them in exchange? Labeley can help you create small cards with all the service information and put it at every person’s sitting place. Businesses will gladly take this opportunity and you’ll save a few more dollars.

Decorating gifts

Although giving gifts to bridesmaids and groomsmen is considered a custom, writing them special “Thank you” notes can be even more sentimental. Think of what the notes might look like and create them with Labeley. The guests will appreciate your effort to create something unique for them.

Hopefully, these tips will help you plan your wedding with pleasure and without stressful situations. The tool offers many elements for custom label designs, such as wide range of shapes, variety of free borders, ribbons, graphics and fonts and an option to fully personalize the label by uploading any photo from your computer. Just visit and start designing the wedding from your dreams.

Bridesmaids Gifts for a Hitch-Free Wedding

Guest Post: Jessica James 

Besides the groom, your bridesmaids are some of the most important people on your wedding day! From all the pre-wedding planning help, the early morning hair and makeup session, to the choreographed dance to your favorite guilty pleasure song, they’ve been and will be by your side to make sure your special day will be perfect and unforgettable.

For all these reasons and more, it’s important (and should be fun!) to really put some thought into their bridesmaid gift. Bridesmaid gifts are a perfect opportunity to say thank you in a unique way.

Get Practical

For the bride and bridesmaids alike, being in those dresses and shoes all day can quickly cause discomfort and, as a result, lower levels of confidence. A quality set of intimates or underwear that provide comfort and support to the body, but also flatter without disturbing the way the dress falls, would be a wonderful gift. With the constant changing of the styles of bridesmaid dresses, it’s important to pair the proper undergarment to ensure you remain comfortable and confident in your dress all day long. For more information on pairing the right underwear and dress check out this graphic from Adore Me.

And finally, a pair of sleek flats to go along with the undergarments would be the perfect finish. Everyone can wear the proper shoes down the aisle, but then be able to dance the night away with their feet protected and comfortable.


When you get to gift buying, your budget will probably be pretty tight, but this doesn’t mean your gift has to skimp on quality or meaning A great way to come in under budget while still putting in meaningful thought is to mix a few diy gifts into the mix! Think of homemade friendship bracelets, bottled cocktails, shoe clips, embellished ribbons, and so on.

Going the DIY route is also an excellent way to customize your gifts for each person. Aside from simply engraving their name on something cute like a clutch, wine glass, or notebook, you can also think of ways to decorate using their own style — flowers for the more feminine one, or a bold and colorful design for the tattoo aficionado. The options are endless, and you can even turn it into a craft activity for you all to do together!

Go Traditional

You can’t go wrong with anything that can be labeled as “classic” or “timeless.” First on that list? Jewelry. Whether they are for the wedding day or not, jewelry is always a welcome idea. The piece you choose can accent their dresses, such as bracelets or rings, and are perfect for giving each bridesmaid a touch of glam or a way to show off their personality. Necklaces are also a great option and you can even personalize them for a gift they will never forget (and hopefully be able to wear again)!

Lip balms, face washes, and the like are also timeless bridesmaid gift ideas. Homemade lips balms made with essential oils are an easy diy item. It’s a great cost cutter and a way to add a unique scent reflective of the season or favorite flavor.

A face wash or scrub will come in handy too, especially the morning after. It’s a great way to help rejuvenate you before any next day brunch or other activities you may have planned.

Whatever you choose, consider handing out the gifts early when everyone is getting their hair and makeup done. This will certainly start the day off on a bright note. No matter what you decide to gift them, always keep in mind that these are some of your closest friends and relatives and it’s important to show them the same amount of love that they are giving to you. After all, weddings are all about expressions of love, so be sure to share that love with your bridesmaids!

Menguin Tuxedo + Your Dream Wedding= PERFECT FIT

Menguin is the perfect place for grooms and brides to choose a tuxedo style that works for them (they can match any wedding palette!). With tuxes starting at just $89, and at the highest quality, they offer an incredible deal. Menguin ship their tuxkits 10-12 days in advance of the event, to each groomsman’s door.

They have thousands of colors for you to choose from in their inventory. They know that finding the perfect hue is a necessity when it comes to weddings. That’s why you can order up to 5 free swatches. Even more, Menguin offer a Tux Trial program, allowing you to try out the entire Menguin process, from start to finish, well before the event.

Their most popular styles are Zurich, Roma, Brooklyn and Madrid (in order below):


The Zurich is a Super 130’s Venetian wool suit with notch lapels by Michael Kors.
The midnight navy suit has two buttons, a side-vented back and slim-fit styling for the ultimate in sophisticated casual.


This cool slate gray tuxedo is a one button, single breasted style with a non-vented back and peak lapels
It is tailored in a soft, super fine wool blend with contrasting black satin peak lapels


This wool medium gray suit is a two button suit, single breasted, with a stylish side-vented back
The Brooklyn features a slimmer notch lapel, double-besom pockets and bone buttons



The Madrid is a black, two button, single breasted style tuxedo with a non vented back
This tux features a slim satin notch lapel and satin covered buttons

Bradford Exchange: The Perfect Ring for Your Special someone!

When it comes to shopping for an engagement ring, it should be a fun and stress-free process. Browsing online can be a great place to gather inspiration and even purchase the perfect ring for that special someone. Now, when it comes to selecting the ring, determining what perfect is can be a hard task. Is it a unique ring that cannot be bought at just any store? Is it a ring that showcases her personality? Is it a ring that is made from high quality materials, but is still affordable? Or maybe it is a ring that is personalized with a message from you to your one true love. If all of those things sound like they are what you are looking for, then Bradford Exchange is the perfect jeweler for you!

So, now that I have your attention you can feel free to browse their gorgeous selection of Wedding and Bridal ring sets! Their fine jewelry designs are truly original and cannot be found anywhere else. Each ring is carefully handcrafted with the finest materials, including gold like the ring below and platinum-plated solid sterling silver.

They also have a large selection of  genuine diamonds, gemstones, and their exclusive Diamonesk® simulated diamonds. Diamonesk gives you the flawless shine of a genuine diamond, but at a fraction of the cost. I mean, who doesn’t love saving money?! One of my favorite Diamonesk rings I found on their siteis below. Click here to learn more about this beauty!

Their gorgeous wedding and engagement jewelry even arrive in elegant gift boxes, perfect for the unforgettable proposal you’ve planned! But there’s more! Bradford Exchange offers free personalization with each wedding ring set.

So whether you are looking for that perfect ring to pop the question or are looking for a set of wedding bands to showcase your personality and include that one of a kind special message, Bradford Exchange has got you covered. Happy shopping!



*This post is brought to you by Bradford Exchange. We stand behind all of the products and companies we promote, and truly believe they can help make your special day a little more spectacular.

MyRegistry- The Modern Wedding Registry

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had conversations with my girlfriends about what I would possibly register for when the day comes for me to get married. I am in my late 20s, own a home, and have already upgraded most of my college apartment stuff. There isn’t anything for my home that I necessarily need. It’s companies like that have really started to revolutionize the wedding registry game.

With MyRegistry, you can register for any item on any website. That means you can register for plane tickets to your honeymoon destination, a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant, or even cash.

You also aren’t stuck with one store, you can register from any number of stores you choose.

MyRegistry makes registering so simple, fun, and personalized. Weddings are changing so much from how they used to be, and I’m so glad there are companies out there like this to cater to these changing times.

I, for one, love having options. I can’t imagine buying all of my clothing from one single store, registering for your wedding should be the same way.

Although wedding registries have gotten a bad rap in the past, they now get to be fun! I hope this opened your eyes a little bit to the possibilities of what your registry could really be and maybe even got you a little excited to start yours!



*This post is brought to you by We stand behind all of the products and companies we promote, and truly believe they can help make your special day a little more spectacular.

Mens Rings Online: A Fun Way to Find Your Perfect Ring!

Does the idea of walking into a jewelry store and sitting across the counter from a high pressure salesman have you break into a cold sweat? Mens Rings Online takes that step out completely. You can find a unique ring that will truly showcase your groom’s personality from the comfort of your own home (even in your pajamas if you want!) Plus, you get full control in picking everything from the perfect metal to the design that will fit your lifestyle and personality.

They offer free shipping on all orders over $60.00 and ship daily so there is no need to wait around forever for your ring to arrive. Here in the states, we take free shipping for granted, but they even offer free express shipping to Australia. Check out their dedicated Australian site here.

Check out their entire selection of wedding bands here. Maybe traditional bands are not your style. No worries, they have you covered. They offer a unique selection of rings including Koa Wood and Carbon Fiber to name a few.

Are you still weary about purchasing your wedding band online? Don’t be! Mens Rings Online offers free returns and exchanges up to 60 days after your purchase date!

Mens Rings Online ships to The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Are you a groom from outside any of those countries? No need too worry about that, just contact them to see what other options are available for you.



*This post is brought to you by Mens Rings Online. We stand behind all of the products and companies we promote, and truly believe they can help make your special day a little more spectacular.

DIY Uplighting: Transform Your Venue in Minutes

Whether you’re getting married in a rustic chic barn or a renown 5-star venue, lighting is essential. It is one of the items that is often times overlooked, but for all the wrong reasons. Lighting can set the mood for any event, and can make over any plain room into a majestic and romantic setting.

When I saw the below before and after photo, I knew DIY Uplighting was something our readers needed to know about. Lighting is a game changer to any event, and with the right lighting, your guests will be blown away.

DIY Uplighting makes transforming your wedding venue ridiculously simple.

Here’s how it works:

1. Head to their website, and reserve your lights with a $25 deposit. Check your availability, and reserve early so you can make sure you can get exactly what you want!

2. Your lights will arrive 2-3 days before your event with your remaining balance being charged when they prepare your shipment. Lights start at just $17/per light.

3. Once you receive the lights, simply plug them in, choose your color, and enjoy!

It really is that easy.

Every single venue, no matter how boring and drab it starts out as, can be revamped into something spectacular with the addition of uplighting. Check out some of the samples below.

I hope you’ll check out DIY Uplighting and let them help you transform your big day!



*This post is brought to you by DIY Uplighting. We stand behind all of the products and companies we promote, and truly believe they can help make your special day a little more spectacular.

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