Six Easy DIY Wedding-Centerpiece Ideas

Who said planning a DIY wedding is close to impossible?  It may be true that the thought of doing things on your own can be nerve-wracking (hello, budgeting and scheduling), but it’s a very rewarding thing to do.

When it comes to DIY-ing your nuptial, you have the freedom to personalize the specific details of the big event and make it more memorable for you and your guests. What’s more fun is that you can create, make, or build your own giveaways and decorations.

Speaking of which, one great project is to create a centerpiece. There are options that you can choose that don’e demand too much of your time, budget, and skill set. If you’re up for it, here are some easy DIY centerpiece projects you can tackle and have fun with.

Faux Flowers in a Vase

Image Credits:Craftberry Bush

Remember how to make papier-mâxhé flowers? Well, you can buy crepe paper (with a color that matches your wedding theme), glue, and artificial stem from old silk flower. Put the spotlight on a handful of handcrafted blooms placed in a cute vase.

Geometric Candlesticks

Image Credits: BLOGLOVIN’

If you’re into geometric patterns, then making a candlestick with artistic edges may be just for you. Gather some wooden blocks, and put a coat of paint on them to create a masterpiece that is perfect for your tables. you can also do more experiments on different materials with various shapes on the side too to see where it may lead you.

Personalized Candy Mix

Photography: Lynette Smith Photography

Order personalized candies and put them in a bowl. Place it at the center of the table along with some flowers, and now you have an edible centerpiece treat.

You want one last secret? You can create your own little bag made of burlap fabric so your guests can fill it up with candies at the end of the day. There you go, a wedding favor and a piece of decor in one idea.

Crystal- Clear Lanterns

Photography: Our Labor of Love

Let your reception sparkle with crystal lanterns. To do the trick, just buy clear mason jars, and clear crystals. Glue them onto the bottom half of the container in any artistic way you want. You can even vary the arrangement of the crystals whichever way you like, so let your crafty side shine through.

Rose-Gold Wine Bottles

Photography: Libbie Holmes Photography

Don’t be too quick in tossing away your empty bottles of wine. they prove to be one of the simplest but definitely most elegant centerpieces for your reception tables.

Start by cleaning the bottles thoroughly and peeling off the labels. Once they’re clean, spray at leat two or three coatings of metallic paint on each bottle. During your big day, put a flower in it to cast a minimalist, romantic vibe.

Sparkling Baby’s Breath

Two things –  those are what you need to pull this day off. Buy a silver or gold metallic spray paint and a big bundle of baby’s breath. Spray a coat on the little buds to make a huge statement. Place these beauties on a vase so you can display a floral gem that sparkles all throughout the event.

A little Goes a Long Way

Whether your project is big or small, as long as you give it your time and effort, it becomes significant and memorable. The same thought goes when you decide to have do-it-yourself wedding centerpieces. Your guests will marvel at the thought of you working at a personalized decor and at your artsy and crafty side.

Who knows, someone will discover your knack at creating stuff. It can start as a wedding project, and the next thing you know, you’re accepting orders from others already. Don’t be pressired into perfecting every material though; what’s important is you’re having fun while taking care of it.

Photo URL: flowers-beautiful-flowers-bloom-blooming-353259


Wedding Vendor Communication Problem

This question came in from a potential client.. check it out.

I’m not personally having this problem, since I’m not at this stage of planning right now, but what do you do if a vendor doesn’t get back to you? You get in contact with them, set things up and everything is going well, but then when you need to be updated, they won’t answer you? Has anyone had this problem before? If so, what did you do about it? I like to ask in advance in case something like this happens.

You got engaged. Yay! Then you start with wedding planning. Vendors picked and contracts signed. Everything is running smoothly on the first few weeks but all of sudden, updates just stopped coming.

Wait! What? Oh no no no, don’t panic! Breathe. Count 1 to 10. Get yourself composed. Read below.

  1. Review your contract. Go over the prefered mode of communication. If via email, send an email. If via phone call, give them a call. If still no reply, proceed to #2.
  2. Keep planning and moving on while waiting for a reply. Give them at least 3 days to get back at you. However, while doing so, make sure you are still working on the other details. If after the waiting period, there still is no reply, don’t lose hope, you can do #3.
  3. Give them an ultimatum to reply within the next day. You should emphasize the urgency of the reply from them. When this time lapses and nothing came through, it’s about time to do #4.
  4. Visit their office or shop. Sit down with them.Be nice to ask what improvements they can do in regards updating you. Make sure you’ve agreed at everything.

Everything can be resolved with an honest to goodness conversation. However, if none of the above worked, then it is a sign for you to find new vendors. 

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How To’s of Wedding Planning!

Every bride has her own dream wedding. Where to start is probably one of the hardest to do while the least you want to feel is burned out and pressured. So here’s some How To’s that will truly benefit you. Learn how to make your wedding a story.

How to wow your guest

The moment you announce your engagement, you could be hearing expectations on how great your wedding would turn out to be. And the day you give out your save-the-date cards or the wedding invitation, you’d surely want to hear a compliment, what more on the day itself right?  

You could have an endless list of ways for your guest to commend your wedding — who wouldn’t right? Consider some of these tips.

  1. Set up an interactive bar with wine, champagne and liquor tasting. Have a beverage expert offer your guests a sample and a little knowledge on the flavors.
  2. Get lively on the dance floor. Either get friends to teach guests different dances or hire dance instructors.
  3. Hire your favorite celebrity’s impersonator to jazz up the moment by performing, interacting and doing photo ops.
  4. Think of unique and classic acts during events like caricaturists, fire dancers or singing waiters and hire these experts. Just think of how “guests will talk about the experience for hours afterward,” says Maxine Andrew, of Instead of You Events, in San Francisco.
  5. Keep your flower girls and ring bearers and the youngest guests entertained. The parents and guardians would surely enjoy if someone is designated to take care of them. Get a puppeteer or magician or play kid’s movies.
  6. Put up a “Starbucks” stall or a specialty after-dinner coffee bar manned to serve your guests cappuccino and other espresso drinks giving them option to personalize which delicious toppings they prefer to add fun.
  7. Assign an official wedding hashtag. Have it made as a standee with a photo of you and the groom at the reception where guests can take their photos and post in their social media.
  8. Photobooths are a hit where everyone can pose all they want and bring home the photos as souvenirs.
  9. Sweeten the dance floor with sweets falling down in mini-parachutes, the “Oscar’s” way!
  10. End the festivities fabulously with a grand fireworks display with your wedding motif.

How to incorporate family and bridal party

Even before you start the wedding planning, there will surely be family members and friends giving you feelers they want to be a part of your big day. To add, you think of either following tradition or creating your own. Keep in mind to follow your hearts on who will be there in your bridal party.

So go ahead, make your bridal entourage and you’ll have plenty of activities and  roles to fill in. Read on to get ideas on how your wedding can be an all-inclusive event of your family and friends.

  1. Pre-Wedding Activities
    1. Engagement Party – kickstarting your wedding events, usually this is a very intimate closest family and bridal party gathering hosted by your or your groom’s parents.
    2. Bridal Shower – this is all about fun and gifts for you hosted by any of your friends or workmates, however these days also by your mom or your sister.
    3. Bachelorette Party – hosted by your maid or matron of honor with help from your bridal attendants, this is your time to bond with your girls.
    4. The Rehearsal Dinner – a celebration for your VIPs  right after your wedding rehearsal usually hosted by your groom’s family.
  2. Ceremony Proper
    1. Honor Attendants – you can assign to friends or family members who is not included in your official entourage whom you’ve asked to dress similar to your wedding party though could be a different shade and are seated near the front of the ceremony or reception.
    2. Ceremony Helpers – from the choir, or special song number to the readers and offerers, these roles you can assign to relatives, friends or work mates
  3. Reception
    1. Guestbook Attendant – great for cousins who’s friendly and outgoing to get everyone to sign your book
    2. Program Attendants – from the emcee to song or dance numbers, you can be as creative as you want and can include as many of your friends or relatives you want
    3. Ushers and Usherettes – they can be your teenager nephews and nieces guiding your guests to their assigned tables and seats

How to stay stress free

Wedding is one of the most wonderful moments in your life so stay sane and follow these how to’s:

  1. Research the web. You’ll get a whole lot of resources online that can help you jumpstart your wedding planning until you have a clear view of what you want your wedding to be.
  2. Create a realistic timeline and checklist. You have to prioritize and give yourself deadlines. In line with this, your checklist will guide you on what needs to be done.
  3. Designate a go-to person who knows every detail of the wedding as much as you do. This can be your maid or matron of honor. You shouldn’t be the “helpdesk” of your wedding.
  4. Delegate tasks to family or friends you trust. You can’t do everything as much as you want to.

How to accomplish everything you need for the day of the wedding

Your checklist should include the Wedding Day Must-Haves. A week before your wedding, get heads up on all vendors and prepare the important things you’ll need on the day to save you from last-minute panic.

Here’s a sample of the Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist from Martha Stewart Weddings.

  1. For the Getting-Ready room:
    1. Food and Drink
    2. Music
    3. Wipes, sanitizer and tissue
  2. For the Emergency Kit:
    1. Safety pins
    2. Fabric tape, to fix any fallen hem
    3. Bobby pins
    4. Clear nail polish
    5. Bride’s color nail polish
    6. Nail file
    7. Earring backs
    8. Face powder
    9. Eye drops
    10. Aspirin
    11. Antacid
    12. Bandages
    13. Tampons
    14. Breath mints
    15. Hand lotion
    16. Fragrance
    17. Double-sided tape
    18. Krazy Glue
    19. Sewing kit
    20. Anti-dust white chalk, to cover any dress stains
    21. Scissors
    22. Tissues
    23. Phone charger
  3. For You:
    1. Button-down shirt, to wear while getting hair and make up done
    2. Dress
    3. Veil
    4. Shapewear
    5. Undergarments
    6. Shoes
    7. Jewelry
    8. Hair accessories
    9. Hair styling products and tools
    10. Makeup and beauty tools
    11. Mirror
    12. Deodorant
    13. Toothbrush and paste
    14. Floss and mouthwash
    15. Extra pair of contact lenses, if you’re wearing one
    16. Straws, for drinking without ruining lipstick
    17. Comfortable flats
    18. Something old, new, borrowed and blue
  4. For Your Groom:
    1. Suit or tuxedo
    2. Underwear
    3. Socks
    4. Shoes
    5. Shoe polish kit
    6. Shaving tools
    7. Hair styling products and tools
    8. Deodorant
    9. Toothbrush and paste
    10. Lint brush
    11. Fragrance
    12. Cash
  5. For the Ceremony:
    1. Programs
    2. Unity candle or ceremonial equivalent
    3. Copy of the vows
    4. Copy of the readings
    5. Rings
    6. Marriange license
    7. Ring pillow and fake rings
    8. Flower-girl basket
    9. Aisle runner
  6. For the Reception:
    1. Signage for guests
    2. Menus
    3. Table cards
    4. Place cards
    5. Table numbers
    6. Favors
    7. Photo booth props
    8. Guest book and pens
    9. Toasting glasses
    10. Cake topper
    11. Cake knife
    12. Garter

How to get healthy for your big day

It’s important that you’re fit and fab during your wedding. There are so many options for you from enrolling in a fitness program to religiously just follow fitness tips over the internet to creating your own health routine. But seriously, there’s no fast way to lose weight so you’ll have to be really committed on which option you prefer.

Here’s the most basic and general ways for you to do so.

  1. Eat healthy food on time. Real food – not processed and canned foods. More on veggies and rich in protein. On time means breakfast, lunch, dinner and at least one snack daily. Do not skip meals.
  2. Exercise daily. If you’re busy, well, make time for this. You gotta put in your work for at least 30 minutes of sweating. Apart from achieving your desired weight, you actually are burning calories which increases blood flow that helps in blood circulations giving your skin a healthy glow. On top of it, it can help reduce your stress.
  3. Get enough sleep. In times like this, don’t compromise. Make it in your priority list to at least get 7 hours of sleep and no less. You’ll need to be well-rested to get the energy you’ll need for the next day’s activities.
  4. Keep hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Hydration is linked to metabolism and skin health.
  5. Pamper yourself. You deserve this! Take the time to have your facial, manicure and pedicure and hair treatment.

Start with this Wedding Checklist because we certainly wish you a stress-free wedding!



DIY: Yarn Table Numbers


Piece of wood (Lowe’s will cut it to the size you want for free)






5 minutes per table number


As long as you can use a hammer, you can do this DIY!


This can be used for really anything. I think it’d be super cute to make your initials to go on your nightstands or above your bed. It could also be signs at your wedding, the ideas are endless!



DIY: Painted Vow Books


  • Small Notebook
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Marker


  • 5 Minutes


The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your one-of-a-kind vow books.


Use stickers or painters tape on your notebook, paint over them, then peel away for beautiful and creative designs.


Did you make your own vow books? Be sure to tag us on Instagram using @DIYBride or email us at!



DIY: Tinted Mason Jars

The mason jar companies have finally got the memo and started making colorful jar. However, being DIYers we wanted to figure out a way to replicate that look on our own. Read below to see how you can make your own tinted mason jars!


  • Mason Jars
  • Mod Podge Or Glue
  • Food Coloring
  • Stirrer


  • 5 Minutes per jar (Not including dry time)


The hardest part about this is waiting for them to dry so you can use them!


First pour Mod Podge into the mason jar.

Add food coloring into the glue. The more dye you use the darker the color will be.

Use your stirrer to totally incorporate the food coloring into the Modge Podge. Be sure to mix well because any spot left behind will dry on the jar.

Swirl the color and glue mixture around until it has totally coated the inside of the mason jar.

Flip the jar upside-down on a paper plate allowing all access glue to pool on the plate for about 30 minutes.

Then place right side up in a cookie sheet in a warm oven for 30 or so minutes. If the color is slightly pastel it means the glue is not dried completely.

After 30 minutes, time is up, handle with care as the jars will be hot.

After they have cooled they are ready for use!

What did you do with your tinted mason jars? Email us your projects at or tag us @DIYBrideBlog

DIY: Gold Glitter Bowl

These glitter bowls would add sparkle to any table in need of some glitz. Check out below to see how balloons and glue can make an eye-catching piece.


  • Glitter
  • Balloon
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush


  • 20 Minutes (Not including drying time)


They were not difficult, but certainly messy and a bit of a pain to create.

First, you will want to pour the Mod Podge into a bowl and mix in the glitter. You will need much more glitter than glue, make that a ton of glitter. The texture shouldn’t be runny, but rather chunky from the glitter.

Inflate the balloon to as big as you would like your bowl and place in a shallow cup or bowl to keep the balloon in place.

Paint the glitter and glue mixture over the balloon. I found it easier to pour the mixture on the balloon and spread with the brush.

Let it set over night. Deflate the air from the balloon. Cut a small slit in the end of the balloon and slowly let the air out.

Flip the glitter bowl over and you’re done!

What did you do with your gold glitter bowls? Learn how to submit your projects by clicking here.



Recipe: Cinnamon Bun Stuffed Apples

These cinnamon bun stuffed apples would make a yummy breakfast treat or a beautiful addition to any brunch spread.



  • 8 Apples
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Cinnamon
  • Brown Sugar
  • Butter


  • Prep: 20 Minutes
  • Baking time: 45 Minutes


  •  8


These were very simple to make, but be sure to read the tips below to see what I learned when making these yummy treats.

Cut the top off of your apples.

Use a spoon to scrape out the insides of the apple, leaving enough flesh to not puncture the sides and bottom.

Use the melted butter to coat the inside of your apples with the brown sugar and cinnamon.

Place a cinnamon bun inside of each apple.

Put all of your apples onto a cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes at 350°, then cover with tinfoil for another 15 minutes. Drizzle with frosting and let them cool slightly before enjoying!

*If you do not cover the cinnamon buns with tinfoil for the last 15 minutes, they will over bake and get a hard and overdone on top. Also, you really do not need to scoop out very much of the apple flesh. If you do they will split and become a pile of gooey goodness.

Did you try out this recipe? Send us your photos to or tag us @DIYBrideBlog on Instagram.



DIY: Vegetable Stamped Cards

Today on the blog we are combing two things that you may not think go together, vegetables and stationary. Nature is a beautiful thing and we are putting it to use with our DIY vegetable stamped cards.


  • Blank Stationary
  • Ink Pad
  • Radicchio or Romain Lettuce Bunch


  • Minutes!


  • This is another simple and impressive DIY.

Take your radicchio or romain lettuce bunch and use a rubber band to hold the leaves together.

Slice the bottom stem off and use a paper towel to dry any moisture that may form. I left it cut side down on a paper towel for about 10 minutes.

Press on ink pad, test stamp to get off any excess ink, and press onto your stationary!

*Be sure to test stamp on plain paper before committing to your stationary! You may also test to see what side of the cut lettuce looks better when stamped, whether that be the top like I used or the stump end.

Okra stamps little flowers and celery bunches also make cute impressions. Take a walk around your produce aisle for more inspiration; we would love for you to share your veggie inspiration. Send us your photos on Instagram or Facebook, and be sure to tag @DIYBrideBlog!

DIY: Ombré Candles

These DIY ombré candles would make beautiful gifts for your wedding party or easy favors for any shower.


  • Glass jar or vase
  • White Candle Wax (We used soy wax)
  • Colored Wax
  • Candle Wicks
  • Scented Oils (optional)
  • Disposable jar or can to melt the wax in


  • 3-4 hours including hardening time


  • It is hard to mess this one up.

We chose to use a double boiler to melt the wax because this is the safest option when heating wax to such a high temperature. We used a mason jar to melt the wax, but you can also use a cleaned out tin can. This will allow you to throw out the vessel once you are finished and you will not need to worry about trying to get all of the wax out of the jar. The darkest layer should be at the bottom of your candle so be sure to add the most amount of color to this batch and start melting it.

While your wax is melting measure and trim your wick to fit the correct size of your jar.

Warm up a small amount of the candle wax in your hards and press it to the bottom of the jar to keep your wick in place.

Pour your first layer of wax into the jar. Place in the refrigerator and let hardened for about 1 hour.

Melt more wax and add a little less color this time around. Once the first layer is hardened pour the next color layer onto. Repeat the steps until you are a few inches from the top of the candle. Let harden completely, light, and enjoy.

*To avoid cracking in the wax allow the candle to harden on its own rather than in a refrigerator. It is also hard to tell the true color the wax will be once it hardens, so test a small layer in another jar to get the colors just right!

What did you do with your DIY ombré candles? Share with us on Instagram @DIYBrideBlog.

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