DIY Calla Lily Bouquet

Supplies Needed :
• Flower bucket to hold flowers
• Vase to hold finished bouquets
• 15 – 20 mini calla lilies
• Floral knife
• Clear rubber band
• Satin ribbon
• Round-head pearl pins


Directions :
1. Fill a floral bucket with warm water to help the blooms open a bit. This makes a fuller-looking bouquet.

2. With a floral knife, strip leaves calla stems. Then cut the stems straight across with a floral knife, and plunge into the bucket of water. (Freshly cut stems allow the flowers to drink more water.)

3. When ready to assemble your bouquet, gather all of your callas into your hand and simply arrange them until the bouquet head looks full and

4. Gently band the stems with the rubber band, being careful not to break, bend or cut into the stem.

5. Starting at bottom, attach the ribbon perpendicularly to the stems with a straight pin. Then, holding the bouquet with one hand, wrap the ribbon upward using your other hand, taking care to overlap the ribbon evenly. Pin the ribbon in place at the top of the stems, just beneath the flowers.

6. Trim the excess ribbon, leaving a length several inches long. Wrap the ribbon around the base of the buds and secure with straight pins.

Tips :
• This bouquet should be made the day of the wedding to help it stay fresh and vibrant.
• If using white callas (or any other white flower), be extra careful to not bend or tear the petals. White flowers bruise and discolor very easily.
• Mini calla lilies are available in a multitude of colors and shades. Have fun mixing and matching these gorgeous flowers!

Details for this project :
Mini Calla Lilies, 20 stems: $60.00
Satin Ribbon, 2” wide, 1 yd.: $03.00
Floral pins: $02.00
Floral tape: $03.50
Total Cost $68.50

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