Eco-friendly décor

You don’t have to compromise on your perfect décor just because you’re trying to make your wedding as green as possible. There are a number of clever techniques you can use to remain sustainable without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your big day.


Make the most of the daylight while you can. Setting up solar panels during this period can help to make a big difference later in the day. Collecting enough energy at this point could mean your entire evening is lit by a sustainable source.

Failing that, you could employ the use of hundreds of beeswax candles. These can hang from the ceiling and provide natural lighting for the reception.

Place cards

Any form of paper signage which you use can be sourced ethically, or even replaced altogether. When it comes to place cards, bamboo or recycled options are the best way to go.

For your wedding invites, think instead about sending out electronic save-the-dates, and asking people to confirm their attendance online. If you know particular guests are not computer-savvy, reach out to them via the phone.


There’s a relatively easy alternative to traditional confetti that comes in the form of biodegradable, dried out petals. These not only retain the aesthetic appeal of the original product but break down naturally in the environment without doing any damage.

Other natural materials

From the tablecloth to your napkins, there are a series of decorations which you can find made from materials like hessian, hemp or pure linen.

When it comes to tableware, consider using rustic natural wood, sourced from sustainable forests. This extends to the likes of tables, bowls and even cutlery.


Eco-friendly wedding venues

Yes, even the decision of where to host your big day can have a big impact on how sustainable it is. Once again you have a selection of options to choose from.


Having your wedding take place outdoors means you’ll be able to make the most of natural sunlight. You’ll be able to find botanical gardens and refurbished barns, which offer the perfect venue for anyone looking to ensure their wedding locale is having the minimum impact possible on the surrounding ecosystem.

Centralised location for ceremony and reception

Hosting both events in the same place means there’s minimal need for guests to travel from one place to the next. It sounds simple, but it’ll make a massive difference to your wedding’s overall carbon footprint.

Green hotels

Some hotels are greener than others. They’ll have a strong recycling policy in place, use energy-efficient appliances and operate using a lot of biodegradable products. These are all questions you can ask a potential host venue before you make a decision.


Sustainable and organic food and catering

This is another factor we often overlook at a wedding. While it’s common to take guests’ dietary needs into account, not much thought is given to where and how our food arrives on the plate.

If food wastage and sustainability matters to you, you can find a catering company who keep all of the following in mind:

Locally sourced

We’ve already discussed the benefits of localised sourcing when it comes to mileage. But it also helps smaller farming communities to thrive. In the process, it increases the likelihood of others being able to get produce from their local community in the future.

Organically produced

While pesticides have their benefits, they also carry harmful chemical pollutants which can have a negative impact on the environment. Make sure to ask your caterer if their products conform to the certified standards.

Tableware offered
You can always provide this yourself, but if you are relying on a catering company for everything, make sure they offer sustainable products. That means their cutlery is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Food waste policy
Ask them what their policy is regarding food that is either unused or not eaten after being prepared. Most sustainable catering companies should offer food that hasn’t been cooked to food banks or charities. Meanwhile, food that didn’t get consumed can be turned into compost.


Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your caterers. Ask what their policy is on all of these factors before you make a final decision.

Elegant, relaxed and a touch of rustic wedding – Holli & Richard

Holli & Richard

Bride’s Maiden Name: Wilson
Occupation: Retail Logistics Manager
Groom’s Full Name: Richard Suddes
Occupation: Physiotherapist

Contact Email:

Wedding Date: 23.06.18
How many guests? 96 day 190 evening
Wedding Budget (Optional):

The Team

Wedding feature thanks to: Adorn
Wedding Invitations: Dandelion Stationary
Dress: Badley Mischka
Veil: The Bridal Collection Harrogate
Makeup: Megan Bulmer
Hair: Laura Collett-Bradley
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Bridesmaids Dresses: Ted Baker
Groom’s Suit: Paul Smith
Groomsmen Suit: Ted Baker
Cake: Made by a family friend!
Food: Taste Cuisine
Flowers: Leafy Couture
Photographer: Lumiere Photographic
Ceremony Venue: Priory Cottages
Reception Venue: Priory Cottages
Entertainment: Jonny Ross Music + Simply Strings + Marcus Songs
Celebrant: Harrogate registrars
Transport: None
Wedding Favours: Krispy Kerme Doughnuts
Any Other Vendors: Balloons by Funky Muppet

The Details

How did you and your partner meet?
We met working together at Ted Baker when Rich was at university and I was just out of school.

How did he propose?
We were on holiday in Costa Rica. He had set up with the hotel that we won a romantic meal for two on the beach so I didn’t suspect! It ended up raining so they moved in into a wine cellar in one of restaurants. He had chosen my favorite food and I thought it was strange how the hotel had known! Little did I know he was about to propose 

Length of Engagement?
2 years

What do you love most about your partner?
His humor

How would you describe your wedding in one or two words?

Tell us about your wedding gown and how you chose it.
It was the last dress I tried on at The Bridal Collection in Harrogate – it was the first time I had ever tried on dresses and I knew I wasn’t going to be one of those people who went from shop to shop! When I first put it on a wasn’t 100% but my bridesmaid said why don’t I try a belt and it completely changed the dress and I loved it! I felt so comfortable which is something I really wanted to make sure of and I felt amazing in it 

Did you do a ‘first look’ before the ceremony?
No – it was all a surprise!

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?
We didn’t want to make it too formal. We wanted everyone to feel as relaxed as possible so kept things quite simple but with a touch of elegance. I didn’t want it to become to country themed with it been in a barn so made sure the flowers and the decoration didn’t fall into that and brought out a little bit of glamour!

How did you come to choose the location and venue?
It was the first and only venue we looked at. I loved that we could all stay at the venue and has access to the whole site for 2 days and the amazing courtyard! This made the wedding as all our friends and family could enjoy the run up and be together to celebrate with us for as long as possible! The day ended up been really warm so our singer and string quartet ended up been outside in the courtyard and it was amazing. We are both very laid back so as soon as we went to look we knew it was the one so went for it! 

Can you describe what type of ceremony you had and how you were able to personalise it. 

  • Any readings? Yes we had both our sisters do a reading each. 
  • Vows – did you write your own vows, if so, would you be willing to share them in the feature. If you didn’t write your own vows, can you share what you said or were asked by your officiant? We didn’t write our own we stuck to the standard ceremony 
  • Were any of your guests involved in the ceremony in any way? No but my flower girl (my niece) decided half way through that she wanted to come up and hold my hand so we had a little guest stand with us for part, which was very cute!
  • How did you enter your wedding ceremony? (Accompanied? Together? Solo?)
    I walked down the aisle with my dad

  • What made you choose the type of ceremony that you had? We wanted it to be simple and short. It’s a lot of pressure to stand in front of everyone saying your vows, so we wanted to make sure we both felt as relaxed as possible, but not putting too much pressure on ourselves 
  • Do please share any other thoughts or feelings that you have about your ceremony, which might help inspire others. We had an amazing string quartet who were playing at the ceremony. 

Describe the cake (including the flavors) and cake topper.
We had cupcakes and then just a small cake at the top! The small cake was made by Richs mum. They love fruit cake and this was a really nice touch for her to be involved with the making of the cake! The cupcakes where made by a family friend. I didn’t want a huge cake that no one would eat, so went for cupcakes and I didn’t even manage to get one as they all got eaten that quick! We had white chocolate and lemon flavor with a few different icing designs, it was really affective and looked amazing!  

What flowers did you use in the bouquet and at the venue?
We opted for an all-white colour theme with touches of blush and ivory for contrast and to tie in with my dress and the bridesmaids. My bouquet was white roses, peonies and blush colored stocks with some tiny eucalyptus, we had two amazing floral columns at the ceremony made from white lisianthus, big white roses, white peonies, green bell and white hydrangea. 

How did you choose your table décor?
We decide to go for half the tables decorated with an arrangement of candles which we did ourselves and the other half with big floral center pieces that where high and had floating candles to tie in with the other tables.

What was the menu for the reception?
We had an informal BBQ type menu. We didn’t have starters and we increased the number of canapés. For main we had the taste surf & turf grand skewer which included, smoked rib eye steak, Giant Szechuan king prawns and Butter grilled chicken with Chunky hand cut chips, Classic Caesar salad and garlic and tomato herb breads. For dessert, we had sticky toffee pudding and a cheese board. 

What were your favorite moments from the day?
The speeches. They were all amazing and I don’t think these was a dry eye in the room! 

Name your wedding soundtrack (aisle entrance & exit, reception entry, first dance songs):

  • Aisle entrance: Can’t Help Falling In LoveElvis Presley (played on the string quartet) 
  • Exit:Think I Want To Marry You – Bruno Mars (played on the string quartet)
  • First dance: Tenerife Sea – Ed Sheeran 

Any DIY décor elements?
We decorated part of the ceremony room ourselves. There was a large opening which we wanted to fill so thought what’s better than flowers. My mum loves flowers so we ordered from a wholesaler and got some vases and it looked amazing! We also did half the table decorations ourselves which were simple but affective 

Any sentimental personal touches?
My bridesmaids were my cousins who are my best friends. We have grown up together so for their gift we got them a picture of when we were younger and framed into a lovely frame with a nice message at the bottom. 

How did you save on costs?
By doing some of the decoration ourselves. I have a very creative family which helps but where able to make it look like it was done by a professional by just keeping it simple and setting it all up at home until it looked perfect!

In hindsight, anything you would have done differently?
Absolutely nothing 

Where did you go on honeymoon?
Mexico – we spend the first week on our own and then family and friends came to join us for the second week to extend the celebrations!

Any tips that you can give to future brides?
Don’t overthink it! The little things that you stress about are not worth the stress! It was all work out perfectly

If you could sum up your wedding in one sentence, how would you describe it?
Best day of our lives!


DIY Wedding Tip: The Search for the BEST Wedding Venue

Wedding planning is really exhausting. You have a long list of things to do and to accomplish and to decide on. From the date of the big day, the number of guests to be invited, who will be part of the entourage, the gowns and suits, the foods and cakes and most importantly, the wedding venue and reception. Wedding is really tiring but surely worth every sweat. Well, maybe you have ticked off a lot of things from your long list already but one of the biggest thing to figure out is the wedding venue. You may like to have a beach wedding set up but your future husband says he prefers a garden wedding. Which will you choose and consider? Will it be your choice or his? Before you decide and finalize your wedding venue and probably the design and set up, there are a lot of things to be considered in choosing the perfect wedding venue for your big day. Ask the following questions and take time to ponder:
  1. Is the wedding venue that you’re interested in available on your desired wedding date? If no, what are the available dates?
  2. Is the venue big enough to accommodate the number of guests that you plan to invite?
  3. How much is the rental fee? Are there any inclusions once I rent the place? How many hours is included in the fee?
  4. What’s the deposit/cancellation/ refund policy?
  5. Is the parking space big enough?
  6. Can the wedding ceremony be held in the same place? If yes, is there any additional charge or fee?
  7. Is the location of the venue accessible for the guests? How much travel time will it take them?
  8. Is the venue perfect for your wedding theme?
  9. Are alcoholic drinks allowed? Is there any fee for bringing drinks?
  10. Did you fell in love with the place the moment you visited and saw the place?
Choosing a wedding venue is never easy. It’s as complicated as choosing what dress to wear on your big day. Aside from the location, the wedding venue should also be budget friendly. In order to enjoy your wedding venue, here are some mistakes not to make when choosing your wedding venue: Not asking about all fees. Before choosing a wedding venue, make sure that it suits your budget. You might end up being surprised once they give you the over all cost which is way beyond your budget. Don’t be afraid to ask. Be practical. You can still enjoy  your big day within the budget. Choosing a venue that doesn’t fit all your guests. Yes, the location of your desired wedding venue maybe something that you always imagine, the price is right and is within your budget. But, is it big enough to bring comfort not just to you but also your guests? Make sure that the venue is spacious and can accommodate all your guests, allowing them to enjoy and be comfortable especially when the real party starts. Thinking you can take it all on (when you can’t) Remember, you still have a long list of things to do. It’s okay to ask help from your wedding planner or even to your closest friends when you’re trying to decide which wedding venue to choose. Their suggestion and opinion surely matter a lot. Pick the right venue. Consider not only your choice but also think about your guests. Will they be comfortable? Will it be convenient for them? Or it will give them trouble because the venue is too far and doesn’t have enough parking space? Never let your guests experience this kind of trouble.  Be wise in choosing the best wedding venue! Related Post: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Best New York wedding venues to have your DIY wedding.

1.  If you’re looking for a gorgeous outdoor space full of character the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum is just for you!
2.  If you’re looking for place providing an amazing view the New York skyline Terrace on the park is just for you! The Crystal ballroom will surely make the wedding an amazing extravaganza.
3.  Remember that fairytale wedding you always dreamed of as a little kid? well you can finally live it out at Lyndhurst Castle. With a beautiful view of the Hudson river and a breathtaking setting, your dreams are bound  to come true!
4.  Looking for a laid-back country feel venue in the Big Apple? Well look no further, HayLoft Grove is just the place for you. On 100 country acres of land, and a cottage, you are sure to have an amazing day.
5.  Looking for beautiful indoor venue to say your “I Do’s”? Well look no further then the Unitarian Church Of Al Souls. This venue is both elegant and charming.
6.  Looking for small cozy place for your small wedding? Then checkout Arrow Park Lake&Lodge. You will fall in love itch this rustic, yet romantic setting.
7. Looking for a totally out of the ordinary, untraditional indoor venue to say “I Do”? Try AP Creative! AP Creative is a modern spot that has the perfect combination of elegance and fun.


RTR solves age-old wedding challenge ensuring women never have to buy another dress they won’t wear again!

New York, NY (February 20, 2018) — Rent the Runway announced today that it is doubling down on its eight years of deep experience and data dressing women for weddings with the launch of RTR Wedding Concierge, a new service making dressing for the full range of wedding events — from the engagement party, to bridal shower, to the big day — easier for the bride, her wedding party and her guests.

Since its founding in 2009, Rent the Runway has been the sustainable, cost-efficient go-to for women who don’t want to buy another formal dress they won’t wear again. A quarter of new customers are using RTR for wedding events and starting today, the company is formalizing this relationship with a brand new program that includes a full-service concierge, at-home try-on, personal styling, access to an unmatched range of styles and accessories, and more. With 75% of new users referred by a friend, Rent the Runway is now allowing brides to register their weddings with RTR to give guests access a 20% off discount code.

“Women rely on Rent the Runway during the most important moments in their lives, so it’s a natural step for us to offer a highly-personalized, full-service experience to make dressing for a wedding easier and more fun,” said Jennifer Hyman, Rent the Runway Co-Founder and CEO. “We have unprecedented data on wedding attire and trends and are thrilled to leverage what we’ve learned directly from our 8 million+ users to provide this enhanced experience.”

The RTR wedding program features:

  • Special Discount for Wedding Guests

Every couple that registers their wedding will receive a custom code for all wedding guests to receive 20% off. Plus the bride will receive a complimentary month of RTR Unlimited when 15+ guests use her promo code.

  • Dream Closet

Access to thousands of designer dresses and accessories from the best names in the business including Badgley Mischka, DVF, Jill Jill Stuart, Kate Spade, Marchesa Notte, ML Monique Lhuillier, Nicole Miller, Trina Turk and more.

  • At Home Fittings

For the first time ever, RTR is offering the bride and her wedding party exclusive at-home try-on to ensure the perfect fit before big wedding events.

  • Wedding Concierge

A dedicated member of the concierge team will help the bride with all logistics, from fittings to shipping, so she can focus on the fun.

  • Personal Styling

Access to personal stylists for the full range of wedding events. Our wedding trend experts will curate on-trend and complementary bridesmaids styles for the wedding party since many brides are favoring non-matching looks, and make sure that each person is beautifully styled.

  • Partner Perks

For any couple that registers their wedding with RTR, a welcome package includes exclusive perks from RTR’s favorite wedding brands including Minted, Black Tux, Oasis, and Zola (valued at more than $300).

For more information, visit

About Rent the Runway
Rent the Runway is transforming the way modern women get dressed – and in turn disrupting the $1.7 trillion fashion industry – through the concept of renting over buying clothing. Founded in 2009 by Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, RTR pioneered the ‘closet in the cloud’ and believes that women everywhere will soon have a subscription to fashion, making renting an indispensable utility while also empowering them to feel like their best selves everyday. RTR carries hundreds of thousands of pieces of apparel and accessories by 550+ designer partners with options for work, weekends and special occasions. The company has built proprietary technology, one-of-a-kind reverse logistics operation, and retail stores of the future that bring the dream closet to life. RTR has raised more than $200M from top-tier investors, has more than eight million users, and prides itself on the entrepreneurial, dream-big culture at the company which employs 1,200 people — 70% of whom are women and 71% are minority/non-white. In 2015, the co-founders launched the Rent the Runway Foundation, supporting tens of thousands of female entrepreneurs in building and scaling their businesses.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Picking the right wedding venue is probably the single most important choice you’ll make when planning a wedding — because it affects everything else. It helps set the mood, the tone, it’s where people will dance and toast and celebrate. You want it to reflect you, your partner, your choices — but also be within budget. I know, it’s a lot. But it’s important not to get swept away by something that looks perfect as soon as you step into it — without taking a closer look. Here are seven mistakes to avoid when choosing a wedding venue, because it’s about a lot more than first impressions.

  1. Choosing A Venue Based Off Of The Pictures

You really need to go and look at the venue in person — sure, something can look perfect on the internet, but we all know just how powerful photoshop can be. Make sure that you take a look around to see what it actually looks like.

  1. Not Looking At The Bathrooms

It’s an issue you might not even think about, but if the bathrooms are subpar then it can totally change an evening. Make sure there are enough of them and that they look great.

  1. Assuming You Can Make Big Changes

You need to ask what you can and can’t do as far as design. There’s nothing worse than putting down a huge deposit assuming you can make big changes — and then finding out that’s a no-go. Better safe than sorry.

  1. Not Asking About Repairs

Find out if they’re planning any major repairs or upgrades and when the work is being done — you don’t want your wedding to look like a building site, or worse yet, for the terrible sound of construction noise to override your sweet vows.

  1. Not Tasting The Food

If you’re getting your catering from the venue, actually taste the food. Food is another crucial component that can look great in the picture but be a total disappointment in real life. Set up a tasting.

  1. Not Asking About Payment Plans

Make sure you check with them about what payment plans are available. If there aren’t any, don’t be shy about asking if you can create one. Some venues can be really accommodating.

  1. Forgetting To Check When The Venue Opens

A tiny detail, but an important one — because you don’t want your wedding cake showing up at 9 am… only to discover the venue doesn’t open until noon. Make sure you know if the venue will be available to you.

And Finally…  

Once you think you’ve found the perfect venue — you’ve checked every bathroom and looked at the price breakdown — you’re not quite done. If you want your wedding to run as smoothly as it possibly can, you need to ask the venue these seven very important questions:

  1. Do you need insurance? Do your vendors need insurance?
  2. Are you responsible if anything breaks?
  3. Is there a bathroom attendant—do you need to provide one? Do you have to refill toiletries or will the venue handle it?
  4. Will the venue box your wedding cake for you at the end of the night? If not…make sure to assign your planner/coordinator to the task.
  5. Will they assist with guest seating?
  6. Ask what you need to do at the end of the night for the venue—are you responsible for cleaning up?
  7. Can you drop items off a week before the wedding to get it out of your way while you are prepping for the wedding?

I know, it’s a lot. But it’s crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” that makes the real difference. Finding the perfect venue and knowing exactly how things will work on the day will take off so much of the pressure. Because when it comes to the actual wedding day, you want to be able to enjoy it if you are doing all of the work!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Unique Destination Weddings and Honeymoons With Terrasenses & Etica Events

Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico … Destination beach weddings are super popular, and couples who go this route might have the difficult task of choosing which gorgeous part of the world to say their I Do s. †But there’s one country that is amazingly gorgeous that you may have not considered before: Ecuador.

Ecuador is a small country in South America that sits on the equator and has a tropical climate along the coast and a mild climate in the mountain areas. The language is predominately Spanish and the currency is the US Dollar, so there are no confusing cost conversions to deal with when budgeting for your wedding. †Ecuador is also the home to the Galapagos Islands, famous for giant turtles, Charles Darwin, and now, beautiful weddings.


For the last five years, Terrasenses and Etica Events have created luxury and environmentally responsible destination weddings and honeymoons in Ecuador for couples seeking something a little different and adventurous.  They take on a limited number of weddings every year so every event gets their full attention. They strive to create an event that is unique and personal to each couple, and they love working with DIY brides to bring their vision to life. Your wedding package includes everything you need for your big day, including your hotel stay, ceremony and reception venues, photography, food, cake, hair and makeup, and decor. Plus, we love Terrasenses and Etica Events for their commitment to the environment. Everything about your wedding is locally sourced in Ecuador – from the food to the flowers – and with certain locations you can even plant a tree in your name!


There are several wedding locations available, from the beach to the forest to the Amazon jungle to the Andes Mountains to the Galapagos Islands. AND, if you package your wedding event with a honeymoon in Ecuador, you can experience everything this diverse country has to offer. Take a look at their Destination Weddings and Honeymoons e-brochure on their website and gasp over the beauty of, well, everything. Seriously, every single wedding package looks like a fantasy. Choosing a wedding or honeymoon in Ecuador is the easy part – the hard part is deciding which location.

And because Terrasenses and Etica Events love DIY Bride readers, they have some special offers just for you:

  • Book a honeymoon with Terrasenses and Etica Events and receive†one massage or spa treatment of your choice per person at the Papallacta thermals + Turkish bath at the Thermal Steam Cave.
  • Complimentary hair styling, make-up, manicure, and pedicure if you book a wedding or vow renewal package over $10,000 (a $535 value).
  • Complimentary photography package (bride and groom getting ready, details, ceremony, and beginning of reception) if you book a wedding or vow renewal package over $15,000 (a $899 value).

Mention DIY BRIDE with your booking.

Be sure to follow Terrasenses and Etica Events on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date news about their wedding and honeymoon packages, and for the pretty pictures they post.


First and last photo credit: Juan Carlos Paredes Photography
Remaining photo credit: Terrasenses – JosÈ Luis Agualongo



DIY Bride has a financial relationship with Terrasenses and Etica Events, meaning we may have received compensation for this content and/or related content. We firmly stand behind our review and recommendation, and are committed to promoting only those companies we feel offer our community excellent products, ethical business practices, and outstanding customer service.

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