DIY: Tinted Mason Jars

The mason jar companies have finally got the memo and started making colorful jar. However, being DIYers we wanted to figure out a way to replicate that look on our own. Read below to see how you can make your own tinted mason jars!


  • Mason Jars
  • Mod Podge Or Glue
  • Food Coloring
  • Stirrer


  • 5 Minutes per jar (Not including dry time)


The hardest part about this is waiting for them to dry so you can use them!


First pour Mod Podge into the mason jar.

Add food coloring into the glue. The more dye you use the darker the color will be.

Use your stirrer to totally incorporate the food coloring into the Modge Podge. Be sure to mix well because any spot left behind will dry on the jar.

Swirl the color and glue mixture around until it has totally coated the inside of the mason jar.

Flip the jar upside-down on a paper plate allowing all access glue to pool on the plate for about 30 minutes.

Then place right side up in a cookie sheet in a warm oven for 30 or so minutes. If the color is slightly pastel it means the glue is not dried completely.

After 30 minutes, time is up, handle with care as the jars will be hot.

After they have cooled they are ready for use!

What did you do with your tinted mason jars? Email us your projects at or tag us @DIYBrideBlog

DIY: Distressed Mason Jars

It’s amazing what a little paint and sandpaper can do to really transform a piece. Check out what we did below to create these distressed painted mason jars.

















  • Mason Jars
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Sandpaper
  • Nail File


  • 15 Minutes per jar (not including dry time)


Since these jars end up getting distressed there is no need for perfection here!

We chose corresponding colors to paint these mason jars. You can choose totally different colors or make them all the same, the choice is yours. We only did one coat, but if you prefer a deeper color feel free to do a second coat once the first coat dried.

If you are impatient, hit the jars with a blowdryer to speed up the drying process.

It is key to let these jars totally dry before beginning to sand them. Use the sandpaper to sand off any of the raised areas like the rim. For the thinner details, you can try using a nail file for more precise sanding.

Once you are happy with the distressing, you’re done! If you feel like you took too much off, you can always repaint and start over.

*If you are not using brand-new mason jars you will want to clean and dry them before any painting starts!

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DIY: Gold Dot Favor Jars

It is amazing what a few dots can do to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Though there really isn’t much need for an explanation to this simple DIY watch below to see how these glass jars transform into gold dot covered favor jars.


  • Glassware (We choose screw top jars)
  • Oil Based Permanent Markers
  • Ribbon to finish them off


  • 2 Minutes per jar


  • I don’t think anyone can screw this up!

You will need to use an oil based sharpie for this DIY. If the marker is new out of the package you will need to get it started by pressing the tip multiple times until the paint fills the tip. Let your creativity fly and start sporadically covering the jars in dots.

When you are complete, use a ribbon to finish off the jar.

You are now ready to fill these babies up. Whether that means office supplies, goodies for a favor, or lotions and scrubs the possibilities are endless.

What did you fill your gold dot favor jars with? Send us your photos on Instagram Facebook. Be sure to tag @DIYBrideBlog!


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